The Central Registration Office of Dushanbe moved from the palace to a one-story house.
And now no one interferes.
The marriage house of Dushanbe, which is also a central registry office, is now located not in the palace, but in a small one-story building in the Moscow complex Navruzgoh. Moving the House of Marriage from the Youth Center took place three months ago.
The marriage house of the executive authority of Dushanbe is now located in the capital complex Navruzgoh, in a small one-story building.
Before the move, more than 10 years, the Dushanbe Marriage House was located in the Capital Business Center, opposite the Tajik-Russian (Slavonic) University, along Mirzo Tursunzade Street. Often, this route formed kilometer traffic jams due to the fact that the wedding corteges blocked the way for traffic.
In January, the mayor signed a decision to rename the Business Center to the Youth Center. And he ordered to remove the House of Marriage from him.
The capital business center, which was formerly called the Palace of Youth, by the way, was put into operation in 2008. At the opening of the four-story center, it was reported that in addition to the Wedding House, there will be the City Department for Youth Affairs, the City Committee for Women, the Wedding Palace, the Family Planning Center, the Dushanbe Youth History Museum, the Internet Center, the Wedding Salon, the Bridal Shop, carrying out of wedding celebrations.
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The architect is June 8, 2017 20:10.
You look at the ramp! From there you can only go down like children! How does a man who pushes a wheelchair rise? Only one floor on level ground, raised by almost a meter and a half. Who designed it? THE ULTIMATE!
Dushanbe on June 7, 2017 02:38.
now the site is big for our new-cool ones, you can also arrange races on a helicopter.
Bahrom 6 June, 2017 16:12.
More than 10 years. was commissioned in May 2008. Three months ago he was moved to another building. Now it’s 2017. Question: How old was the capital’s wedding home at the above address?
Columbo Bahrom on June 6, 2017 22:58.
Eureka! America discovered a trifle.
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