The business plan should contain the following information:
Documents supporting the financing of the enterprise must also be submitted.
We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the program for obtaining German citizenship through business immigration.
Program for obtaining German citizenship.
The enactment of German citizenship is governed by the Citizenship and Nationality Act (Reichs-und Staatsangehoerigkeitgesetz) of July 22, 1913 (RGBL, I S. 583), which was last amended by the Law of June 18, 1997 (BGBL. 1430). Par. 8 of this Law determines the conditions for the admission of a foreigner into citizenship (Einbuergerung eines Auslaenders).
Although, on the basis of this paragraph, citizenship is enrolled at the discretion of the department for enrolling in citizenship, its execution is related to the Directive on Naturalization (Einbuergerungsrichtlinien) of 15 December 1977 agreed upon by the Federal Minister of the Interior and the Ministers of the Interior of the Lands (GMBL. 16, ber.S. 27) with changes in accordance with the circular letter of the Ministry of the Interior of the year (RdSchr. Des BMI) of 20.01.1987 (GMBL. S. 58). According to paragraph 3.2.1 of this Directive, naturalization involves integration into German society and, therefore, requires a long period of legal residence in the country, which, as a rule, should not be less than 10 years. The naturalization of foreign refugees accepted under German protection, taking into account Art. 34 of the Convention on the Status of Refugees should be facilitated and expedited (paragraph 6.4.3 of the Directive). This takes into account the complexity and the necessary time for the refugee to prepare the documents necessary for the adoption of German citizenship. In accordance with these provisions, the length of stay at 7 years for contingent refugees is considered sufficient if they are fully integrated into German society.
The acquisition of citizenship in Germany by a CIS citizen is possible in a shorter time, for example, in a marriage with a German citizen. In this case, a CIS citizen gets a residence permit (Aufenthalt) for 1 year with a further extension of up to 3 years, after 3 years a CIS citizen receives an unlimited residence permit (Unbefristet) and can immediately apply for citizenship (Einbuergerung). In the event that a joint child was born during the marriage, the filing period for citizenship is reduced to 2 years.
Under certain legal circumstances, dual citizenship is possible. Registration of marriage with a German / coy for the purpose of obtaining German citizenship wins significantly compared to such European countries as Holland, Belgium, France, England. Without going into the more subtle legal nuances of this issue, we note that, unlike the above-mentioned countries, Germany does not have an institution of so-called precincts, which allows legislation to collect operative information on all circumstances of family life and document the collected information to the foreign affairs office, which may on this basis deprive the citizen of the CIS of the status of stay in the country. The family in Germany enjoys an absolute legal presumption and not one judge in Germany will dare to take up the matter of the fictitious side of the conduct of family life: in Germany there are no clear legal criteria for the joint management of family life. All this together makes it possible to see Germany as a country – favorable for the creation of a family and for obtaining in 3 years the citizenship of that country.
And here are the advantages:
Member of the EU with all the ensuing benefits. Flexible taxation system. Mild requirements for the activities of enterprises. It is quite simple and fast procedure of registration of enterprises, under which the non-resident of Germany can be the manager, i. citizen of the Russian Federation, residing in the Russian Federation. Possibility of obtaining a residence permit for 3 years. Terms of the program – 3-4 months. After 3 years, the possibility of obtaining the status of a resident of the country – Aufenhalt unbefristet, after 7 years of obtaining citizenship (calculation from the moment of the first receipt of residence permit). The possibility of obtaining free higher education in Germany for themselves and their children. Use of health insurance, accumulative pension principle. The possibility of borrowing funds for business development.
In accordance with the Program, initially, the enterprise is registered in Germany on the client (the potential owner of the enterprise). However, there is an important condition – according to the law it is necessary to bring in the authorized capital of 25000 euros. In this case, we can help you by creating and placing on you a company with paid-in share capital. But if you nevertheless decided to allocate the nominal amount from your own funds by depositing them into your bank account, then we assure you that the documents are issued by the notary in a relatively short time, after which you can calmly dispose of them at your discretion. After registration with a notary, the firm can conduct financial and economic activities without hindrance. However, limited liability for debts and liabilities occurs only after the firm is registered with the court and entered in the Commercial Register, which usually takes about two months. The most common legal form that we strongly recommend to our clients is GmBH – Gesellschaft mit beschrankter Haftung – a limited liability company. An EU citizen or a resident with the right to work may be hired for the position of manager. To open an account, the firm needs the personal presence of the founder (s). It should be noted that there can be several founders, and only one of them will receive a residence permit, with a large share of participation.
Documents required for the implementation of the program:
A copy of the Russian passport; A copy of the passport; The application form filled in by the client (company name variants, prospective activities, knowledge of the German language, etc.).
Type of property.
Apartments (8) Apartment (15) Lease business (2) Hotel (1) Apartment houses (11) Shops (3) Shopping centers (1)
Non-residents of the country are considered loans up to 50%; of the value of real estate.
AVAILABILITY OF THE REAL ESTATE IS NOT THE BASIS FOR PROVIDING A STANDARD! If you guarantee getting a residence permit when buying an apartment – this is cheating!
The mortgage percentage of 1.35 ?, a stable income, reliability.