The average salary of a programmer in the US.
The sphere of Internet technologies is one of the most popular in the world today. And also knowledge in this sphere is one of the highest paid, because the work of the programmer requires a lot of knowledge and narrow skills.
The salary of a programmer in the US is considered quite high, so many Russian specialists are looking for opportunities to earn abroad or work for American international companies. You should know how much programmers in the US receive for their work, depending on the specific vacancy, so that the Russian specialist understands what can be expected.
Features of earnings programmers.
It should be noted that one of the biggest pluses of programming is that an employee in this field is usually not limited to work at the place of residence. The Internet has no territorial boundaries, so the programmer will always strive to find beneficial working conditions from foreign employers. Jobs programmer is very in demand in Germany, Denmark or Malaysia, but the best option for IT workers find employment in America or an American company, there are a number of reasons:
A large list of the largest Internet companies, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, etc. The experience of programming in America or their company is a good addition to the resume. When registering a work visa in the United States, the chances of obtaining a green card increase. According to statistics, it is the programmer in the US who receives the highest revenues in comparison with all other countries. Many rapidly growing IT companies today in America, for example, in Texas, Seattle, New York are large companies such as “3D Systems”, “EPAM Systems” and IPG “Photonics.”
Google (Google) – the most successful Internet company in the world.
If an employee from Russia manages to get into the ranks of an American company, then this becomes a new stage in career growth and making money.
Dependence of the salary of the programmer in the USA.
Approximately 80% of the working people in America, programmers, according to the latest data, receive within 37-87 thousand US dollars per year without taking into account the payment of taxes. By percentage, the division of earnings:
Approximately 15% earns within the limits of 37-45 thousand US dollars a year. Half of the IT people gets in the range of 45-71 thousand dollars a year. Another 15% – within 71-87 thousand dollars a year. The remaining 20% – more than 87 thousand dollars a year.
Factors affecting the amount of wages: knowledge of programming languages and a position in the field of Aichi technology.
For example, programmers in leading positions have a salary above the average salary, about $ 93,000. Those employees of the ati-sphere, whose knowledge is not based only on the average statistical programming languages (C ++, C-), and they know, net, PL \ SQL and Java, can fully expect a salary above the average. Knowledge Visual Basic, Microsoft Access and PCP are evaluated somewhat lower, since these are simpler programming languages.
And also one of the decisive aspects in the payment of labor is the working experience. The higher the work experience, the higher the earnings. As a percentage of the number of employees in the IT sphere, in terms of experience, you can derive such values:
Up to 1 year of work – 15%. Within 1-4 years of work – 40%. 5-9 years of seniority – 20%. 10-19 years old – 16%. Over 20 years of labor – 9%.
Salaries of programmers in the IT industry.
For example, if a programmer works for a company for less than 5 years, then his average salary per year will not exceed 49 thousand. If it works up to 10 years, it will receive up to 63 thousand, about 20 years – 71 thousand. And also take into account the deduction of taxes from the amount received, and the percentage of taxation for Americans is high.
For example, if an American company offers a Russian employee a salary of 80 thousand dollars, then real money can be earned in the range of 48-60 thousand dollars, since taxes will take on average 25-40% of the amount received. The amount of taxes varies and depends on many social factors: the presence of the family, children, the city of residence, the state.
Real and fresh proposals for salaries in the US for the current year.
You should consider the most popular vacancies in the US in 2018 in the field of programming. They include three levels of qualifications: junior, middle and senior – as well as knowledge of the most common programming languages: java, php, CSS, C ++, Java Script and others. The hottest vacancies in America look like this:
Pay per hour in Sacramento for vacancies Java Developer fluctuates between 40-70 dollars. Requires full employment, work experience and knowledge of other common programming languages. Senior Ios Developer in San Francisco – $ 88 per hour. Senior PCP programmer with knowledge of Java and with ++, with experience of at least 7 years required in the US, his annual salary is 110 thousand dollars. Vacancy Senior Software Engineer in Redwood, work experience of three years, knowledgeable Syeses, Html, Java Script; annual salary – within the limits of 70-80 thousand US dollars. The junior programmer in San Juice earned $ 90,000 in 2017.
In these vacancies, the net wage is indicated, taking into account the deduction of taxes. To date, the average salary of a programmer is 64 thousand dollars a month, including taxation, excluding taxes – about 80 thousand dollars.
Earnings of programmers: specific data per year.
How much do programmers earn per year, working in leading IT companies? This issue should also be considered in detail, since there is always the prospect of getting into the ranks of such highly paid workers. The main IT companies in America are: Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Intel. Most of their headquarters are located in California. To get to this job, you need to be a truly talented worker in this field, have a great experience, have a large field of knowledge. And also the motivation of the competitor and the competition for vacancies affect this question.
All of the above companies are the largest companies and are among the top 25 high-paid employees in the world. A list of salary data for the current year, including taxation:
Intel pays developer about 100 thousand dollars a year. In “Apple” you can get about 120 thousand per year. In “Facebook” – almost 121 thousand a year. Employees in “Twitter” earn 122 thousand dollars. Specialists in the company “Google” receive the highest salary – 126.5 thousand per year.
From the above information, we can conclude that the IT workers in the United States are those whose average income exceeds the average for the country. Therefore, being an American programmer is quite prestigious.
Is the programmer able to save a lot of money?
Despite the attractiveness of large salaries, there are pitfalls in America. The problem is that, along with high salaries everywhere high prices for almost everything – food, medical insurance, leisure. Exception – clothes and household appliances, because goods of this kind often fall under the sale. Of course, if you eat wrong, cheap fast food, you can save, but in the future it will turn into a bad state of health.
Good food is expensive in America, and it can take up to 60% of the entire monthly income. Do not follow the Russian specialist in the workplace to transport the family, unless, of course, the goal is not to move to the US permanently. The best alternative is to go to work in America temporarily, work for a company for several years under a contract, and then safely return home with a large fortune.
It is important to take care of a temporary move to America for work on health insurance. Most foreign IT firms make out insurance policy to foreign employees, and in some cases, besides the standard social package, they also provide dental and ophthalmologic insurance. According to statistics, IT companies have dental insurance in 65% of cases, and only half of ophthalmic insurance. Social packages are offered by approximately 80% of foreign companies, in the remaining 20% of cases, registration is required at their own expense.