The Australian Government reduces social payments and increases state duties.
Since January 1, 2105, innovations will affect both the inhabitants of Australia, and those who are going to become them.
Reduction of social benefits will affect:
Australian families in which there are schoolchildren.
Payments from the government – $ 422 per child studying in an elementary school and $ 842 for a high school student will be able to receive only those families with incomes of not more than $ 100,000 per year.
Payments will be valid until 2016. Such changes were part of the Tony Abbott government’s deal with the Palmer United Party to abolish the natural resource extraction tax.
Applicants who did not come to the interview with a potential employer and did not notify the employment agency (indicating the good reason for not attending the meeting) will be denied unemployment benefits. Payments can be restored only after the job seeker appears in an interview with the employer for a newly appointed time.
applicants for a disability pension (DSP / Disability Support Pension) when traveling abroad.
Applicants for a disability pension will have to receive an opinion through doctors who have special authority from the Australian government.
When traveling abroad, payments during stay outside the country (Australia) will be reduced from 6 weeks to 4 weeks per year, regardless of how many times the recipient of disability benefits travels abroad during the year.
Exception & # 8212; a trip to another camp, which was booked before May 2014, and the traveler will return to Australia before January 1, 2016.
Changes will not affect those whose health condition is permanent or classified as serious health problems, or his health status is assessed as not recoverable.
Since January 1, 2015, state fees have been increased:
& # 8212; for adults (from 18 years of age) & # 8212; $ 250 (it was $ 244)
& # 8212; passport for Australian citizens over 75 years old & # 8212; $ 125 (it was $ 122)
& # 8212; for children under 18 years old & # 8212; $ 125 (it was $ 122)
Subclass 309/100 and 300, filing outside Australia, the cost increased to $ 4,630 (it was $ 3,085)
Subclass 820/801, filing in Australia, the cost increased to $ 6,865 (it was $ 4,575)
When deciding on the issue of providing benefits for the health services (Commonwealth Seniors health care card), the state will take into account the amount of funds on the pension accounts of the citizens themselves – superannuation pension account.
Tem retirees whose pension accounts have been previously taken into account when granting benefits, benefits in the health system will be provided according to the old rules.