The applicant’s dream is to become a programmer to leave for Europe or the USA.
On Thursday, January 9, the Open University Day was held at the Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Technologies of the Belarusian State University. During the event, the applicants shared their dreams and views on career prospects.
In pursuit of quality of life.
A survey of schoolchildren who arrived showed that after receiving a specialty, most of them plan to emigrate to the West.
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Russian-Belarusian relations are cyclical, so the period of a conflict-free alliance will inevitably end after the election of the Russian president.
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The Center for Legal Transformation (Lawtrend) and the Assembly of Non-Governmental Democratic Organizations prepared a survey of the freedom of association and legal status of NGOs in Belarus in the period 2017.
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No one will deny that today the phrase “who owns the information, owns the world” is more urgent than ever. Good education, self-improvement is the key to success in life.
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The fact that our society is painful, almost everyone knows since perestroika.