The aged “Canadian” Alexei Serebryakov gave a rare interview about emigration.
On television, the series “Doctor Richter” – the Russian adaptation of the world-famous “Dr. House” is on the way. Alexei Serebryakov in the painting, too, limps. Fans also noticed that he looked like an old man.
On television, the series “Dr. Richter & quot; – the Russian adaptation of the world-famous “Dr. House”. Alexei Serebryakov in the painting, too, limps. Fans also noticed that he looked like an old man.
The main male role in the project “Dr. Richter” was performed by 53-year-old actor Alexei Serebryakov. Russian doctor Kadi, as in the series “Dr. House”, the head of the clinic, was played by Anna Mikhalkova. For a long time the fans did not have to get used to this couple: the actors are all eminent and have extensive experience in various TV pieces.
We add that recently Alexei Serebryakov also played in the TV series “McMathia”, which was filmed in London. The main roles were also performed by James Norton (“War and Peace”), Russian stars Maria Shukshina and Maria Mashkova – the daughter of Vladimir Mashkov.
And the other day in Moscow with a pompous premiere of the epic blockbuster Janik Faiziev & quot; The Legend of Kolovrat & quot; with the participation of Serebryakov. Fans began to gossip on the web, as in life, and not just on the screen, the artist looks very old.
I really love him! An ingenious actor! Very strong, but for some reason it looks very bad. “He’s only 53, Dmitry Pevtsov is just a boy still – 54”, “Yes, gangster Petersburg, lawyer. cool actor “,” Although in Canada lives, and the pain of Rus-mother on his face “,” I adore and respect the amazing actor Alexei Serebryakov. ” I stare at him and I understand how the years go by. & quot ;, – subscribers of Instagrams write (Spelling is saved-author).
Not so long ago, in his blog in Instagram, director Yegor Konchalovsky said that Serebryakov, who has been living with his family in Canada for six years (his wife has relatives there), adopted two children: “Lesha is one of my favorite actors, by the way my father too !! At me he acted in film in Antikiller-2, in Escape and in Canned food. A man of complex destiny, real and powerful. I took two children from the orphanage, in my opinion! ” Surprising facts about the beloved many actor few knew. The press only wrote that Serebryakov emigrated to Canada with his family, but in Russia only works.
The star of Russian cinema Alexei Serebryakov once said that he moved to Canada in 2012 for one reason: “It is often said in Russia that smiles in Western countries are artificial. But for me it’s better to have artificial smiles than sincere anger. Unfortunately, here, no matter how I isolate my children from rudeness and aggression, they can not be defended. It’s in the air. Ham won. ”
Recently Alexey Serebryakov gave an interview in the program of Fyodor Bondarchuk “Cinema in details”, where he told that he lives in two countries, but he works for one. Shooting took place in the suburban suburban house of Alexei.
I live in two countries, yes. My children are studying there. When there is an interesting job – I’m here, when not – I’m flying to Toronto to my family to hold, somehow, a hand on the pulse. Moreover, now they have a transition period, a rather complicated psychological period and one must be close. I realized that I have time to be near them, to recognize them, to play with them, “Serebryakov says.
Publication from Nadezhda Rodionova (@kinovdetalyah) Nov 19 2017 at 1:50 PST.