Teleworking and emigration, and how to choose the right path for immigration (legal basis)
. and something of immigration law.
Can I start working from Kazakhstan on a remote job, and continue there in Bulgaria?
Yes, you can work from any country, and even between them – on the border strip. (We can take it to the state border, as if on a line, and there it works well under the sound of waves, only the mobile Internet on the “voodoo” is expensive. 🙂
Seriously, you have to start working before you start, for in a new place, in a new country, it will not be until you study.
Work in the paper media and problems with employment abroad.
If the “working” language of foreign media is not a problem, then why not try to get a job for them, for example, as a freelance correspondent, or to collaborate with several editions as a freelance journalist?
I was looking for work in Bulgaria.
The issue is not so much finding a job, as in a work permit for hire! The employer in Bulgaria is easier to shoot himself than to straighten out documents for a working visa for a non-EU foreigner. Therefore, good advice: do not spend time looking for a company that would hire a non-EU foreigner.
Therefore: either immediately register in Bulgaria as a person in free practice, or as a Bulgarian legal entity (it’s simple and not at all expensive).
About immigration to Bulgaria. Agencies suggest that I just open a sales office there and that’s it.
That’s about “and everything” – it’s quite accurate. The answer is yes and no.
It is not clear which agencies? If you mean “bugs” that pay a fee for a set of documents (fictitious?) From a certain Kazakh company, which instructs you to open their representation, then you can open it.
a) The company must be really working.
b. Each year, it is necessary to submit documents that the company is alive, in other words, that the representation is OK.
Where is the guarantee * that the company will be alive for 5 years, that the owner will not change, that they will not want to extort money?
* – a guarantee in the Western world – a substance quite tangible in money, not childishly – “I give a tooth.”
And secondly, if you get a Bulgarian residence permit “for representation”, then you will not have a work permit for hire for more than 5 years, together with a “permanent long-term residence permit”, whose card is now called a “residence permit” “/” residence permit “or” long-term-resident in the EU “/” Long-term-resident-EC “.
And it will look from the point of view of accounting? Bulgarian legal entity – representation of the “Security Company of the Great Chinese Gas Pipe” for work for the editorial office of such and such?
Read about other options:
Possibilities of legal work for foreigners in Bulgaria.
Terms and types of residence permit, DWR, permanent residence – an allowed stay.
“The residence of foreigners in Bulgaria, obtaining a temporary residence permit, obtaining a permanent residence in Bulgaria, obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is regulated by the Aliens Act.” Actual text of the Law of 2011 is, for example, on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria – foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria (Law on Chudenzite in the Republic of Bulgaria).
For immigration to Bulgaria, look in the primary sources, and not in advertising. ”
Particularly carefully study the points of immigration law:
6.Sa representatives on the strangeness of the Turgov friendship, registering the Chamber in Turgov-Promishlena in Bulgaria;
9. In the case of foreign correspondents, the correspondents are assigned funds for Masovian informants and imitate accreditation to the Republic of Bulgaria;
15. Wish so that the effectiveness of the free practice is resolved.
Ministry of Labor and Social Policies in accordance with cl. 24a;
16. They wish yes out of the nonsense with the nestopank to the trace permission from.
Ministry for the right-handed under the conditions and under the redefinition of the definition of naderba on the minister.
on pravosedito, was interrogated from the minister at work and from the chairman to.
Dzh rzhavna agency “National Sigurnost”;
Translating to Russian language:
6. Representatives of foreign companies registered in the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry;
9. are correspondents of foreign media and are accredited in Bulgaria;
15. They want to carry out activities in free practice after permission.
Ministry of Labor and Social Policy in accordance with Art. 24a;
16. They want to carry out activities for non-commercial purposes after permission.
Ministry of Justice on the conditions and procedures established.
Minister of Justice, in consultation with the Minister of the Interior and the Chairman of the State Agency “National Security”;
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Services in registration of documents for.
>> EDUCATION in Bulgaria.
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