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I want to ask a question. Can?
Does anyone know that either about immigration to New Zealand through the island of NIUE?
Sincerely, Alexander.
Thank you for such a prompt reply. I have a couple of questions. If the answers to these questions are paid, and you live in the city of Oakland,
then my daughter can meet with you and get a paid consultation. If you can just answer my questions, then.
write an answer. Where and how long does it take to live, to receive New Zealand citizenship after 5 years? And is there a need to live on the island? It is most important.
Thankful in advance for the answer. Another question can not be on the topic? Why is the photo of the face of a North Korean leader? Or I’m wrong? Have you made out any of the Russian comrades in this way?
Sincerely, Alexander. Primorsky Krai.
P.S. I have a sad experience working with Russian lawyers (for example Ali Guliyev is a well-known person, if you know him, then say hello), so I ask you to be frank and honest in deeds and deeds.
In lichku could not send anything, so let him write on [email protected] I’ll tell her where to come.
Nothing to pay is not necessary. I’ll tell her everything, and she’ll decide for herself. In principle, I can say the following.
1) The residence can be done for a month or even less. The applicant needs a form with a photo (I can send by e-mail), a passport (or the entire family of the passport), a certificate from the police and a certificate of health + proof of kinship in the family (certificate of marriage or the birth of children). Both references are in English (can be translated here or in Russia). There are no requirements for information. We here receive a residency with stickers in your passport, and then you pay.
2) Now about living on the island. In theory, one must live there for a certain number of days, but in practice it is not quite as necessary. Let’s say you can live in Russia all this time and how to represent the interests of NIUE. By law, this term goes to a general term. Simply, to make this part successful you need to know about your plans after obtaining residence. There are citizens who have residences just living in the NZ.
1-I love this avatar and use it in all the forums I’m participating in ( for example).
2- There were citizens of other states. The predominantly Asian region. The Russian market in the initial stage. However, there are citizens who are interested in and want, including from this forum.
3- I do not know the lawyer and in general I do not know the Russian part of the NZ. There are a couple of friends only (literally 3-4 people), but that’s all.
Items 1) and 2) in your answer refer to this very island? Or 1) goes separately?
The first part is residency.
As the residence gives the right to obtain the citizenship of the NZ (the law provides), that is, the points about residence for so many days in the year with certain exceptions. Here these exceptions also need to be used. Especially in practice I can say the following. The authorities of Niue investors are very fond of and help them in obtaining the citizenship of the NZ (well, they themselves are citizens of the NZ). They also help in working with NZIS in terms of the investor’s need to be in the NZ.
For example, they were ready to give the investor (who did not invest a cent) and his spouse a special invitation under which an entry visa in Moscow can be issued in 3 days. True, the investor postponed the visit due to family reasons. I can also say that having obtained residency here and pasting all the labels in their passports (they do not need a citizen in this process at all) they helped to arrange entry visas here for citizens who were outside the NZ (to Russia these citizens had nothing to do with Russia)
“Initial costs $ NZ453,250, with $ NZ200,000 refund in five years +% & quot;
And if I die, let the red detachments, Let the red detachments pay for me.
“Initial costs $ NZ453,250, with $ NZ200,000 refund in five years +% & quot;
If there is a desire, you can read Citizenship Amendment Act 2005 (Clause 8). In addition, New Zealand High Commision on September 19, 2007 sent the following letter with reference to the above law. In order to obtain NZ citizenship, applicants with resident status must legally stay in New Zealand (and / or Niue) for five years. Visas issued by the New Zealand Immigration Service to residents of Niue who qualify for a residence in the NZ (any visa or permit) are sufficient proof for the acquisition of New Zealand citizenship. ”
One of the exercises is to come up with a name for the topic.
& quot; Talking to yourself & quot;
or “In five years or the king will die either.” & quot;
I kind of answered the citizen’s questions and did not flood.
I kind of answered the citizen’s questions and did not flood.
Sincerely, Alexander!
P.S. I correctly understood: not 453, but 253? This is somehow closer to the truth.
The only points that should be paid attention is the desire to come or not to come (To the term for citizenship flowing). It is also possible to obtain citizenship two years after receiving residence on the condition that 465 days stay during these two years. There are their own peculiarities, but this is after and above all, to set aside these terms.
& gt; Niue National Development Funds, Niue and New Zealand Education and Medical Service Bond.
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