Student visas to Poland.
Residence permit and permanent residence in Poland for students. Visas for study in Poland.
Student visa for Poland & mdash; the easiest and most reliable way of immigration to Poland for students and school graduates. Diplomas of most Polish universities are highly rated in all European countries, as well as in the US and Canada, so with a Polish diploma, graduates will be able to work all over the world. Obtaining a student visa means obtaining a residence permit in Poland. If your goal is & mdash; get quality education abroad and residence permit in Europe, we recommend doing this in Poland. Universities in Krakow, Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan have been considered one of the best in Europe for many decades. Student visa and residence permit in Poland on the basis of training & mdash; The guarantee of your success in the future.
Students who have entered Polish universities, institutes, colleges, as well as students of preparatory departments receive a special long-term visa D for the purpose of training. It is intended for students, pupils and teachers who intend to study (teach) in Polish schools / universities for more than 90 days. Students usually have a D visa for a period of one year. For those who plan a short education in Poland (up to 90 days during the half-year), a short-term Schengen visa is required.
The long-term student visa D is issued for a maximum of 1 year and entitles you to reside in Poland and visit other Schengen countries during this period, where you can stay up to 90 days during the first half of the year. The visa D is renewed for each following year with the successful transition of the student to the next year. Visa D is actually a residence permit in Poland for students and students. Further on the basis of student visa D you can get permanent residence in Poland, but the period of residence in Poland on a student visa is counted in the period necessary to obtain permanent residence with a coefficient of 1/2, ie every year, lived in Poland for student visa gives only six months of experience for obtaining permanent residence in Poland. This is the main difference between student residence permit under visa D from other variants of residence permit in Poland, for example, business residence permit or residence permit based on employment in one’s own company.
However, a student visa allows you to legally immigrate and move to Poland for those who by virtue of their young age, experience and qualifications do not have the opportunity to use other options for obtaining residence permits in Poland. During the training, young people are given the opportunity to fully adapt to life in Polish society, to understand the advantages and peculiarities of the European way of life, to get acquainted with the Polish and European culture. The students of the last courses usually receive offers and invitations to work from local employers even before graduation. This allows graduates to immediately get a good job in Europe and to make a new residence permit on the basis of a working contract with a Polish or European company.
Contact us! The company EuroResident will provide you with qualified assistance and assistance for successful admission to the Polish educational institutions we will help in choosing the appropriate university in Poland, we will select, if necessary, good preparatory and language courses. We will help you in completing the application and other documents for admission to the selected educational institution, and we will help you to complete all necessary documents for submission to the appropriate Polish consulate for obtaining a student (study) visa to Poland.
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These are completely different documents and should not be confused. VISA is a sticker in a foreign passport that gives the right to visit the country one or more times within a certain period. The residence permit is usually a plastic card that confirms the right to stay in the country for a period of 1 to 5 years.
How to get permanent residence and citizenship in Europe?
On the citizenship of Poland, the Czech Republic or another EU country, as a general rule, the owner of a residence permit who has lived permanently in the country that issued a residence permit for at least 5 years and who has observed other rules of his residence permit category may claim.