Student visa.
Student Visa to Canada (Study Permit)
Student visa (Study Permit) allows foreign students to come to Canada for higher or professional education. Also, a student visa allows foreign students to work in Canada while studying, provided that the applicant enrolls in a training program lasting at least one year.
If the applicant has a family, then she can enter and live in Canada for the entire training period. Similarly, the spouse / spouse of an applicant has the right to obtain an open work visa in Canada (which in the future will give an advantage and opens the door for immigration and permanent resident status for the whole family).
If the entrant has children, then they have the opportunity to go to free public schools.
After completing your studies and obtaining a Canadian diploma, you and your spouse / your spouse can get a work visa for an internship and work in Canada for an additional 2-3 years, which gives you the opportunity to apply for permanent residence under the immigration program Canadian Experience Class.
To obtain a student visa, you must enroll in a Canadian educational institution (University or College), complete all necessary documents and submit them to the Canadian Embassy at the place of residence.
Criteria for obtaining a student visa to Canada.
If the applicant is denied a student visa, the first thing you need to check & # 8212; it’s the creations of its reception. In order to study in Canada, future foreign students should:
be accepted by an accredited institution in Canada; prove that you have enough money to: pay for training, pay daily expenses for them and all family members who intend to live with him / her in Canada. be a law-abiding citizen and not represent a criminal threat to the inhabitants of Canada. a certificate of non-conviction is required; be healthy and undergo a medical examination if necessary; and convince the visa officer that you do not intend to apply for refugee status or work illegally in Canada.
Refusal and appeal on a student visa to Canada.
It often happens that applicants are denied a student visa to Canada. However, not many know that the decision of a visa officer can be challenged and filed for appeal or for the revision of your application.
If a student visa was refused in Canada, this decision could be challenged and reviewed. more.
Immigration to Canada.
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Student visa.
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