Step-by-step instruction on moving to another country.
The article is not mine, but very interesting and useful. Actually, how much? “But” # 187 ;? I do not at all consider myself to be the ultimate truth. Everyone has his own way, mine is not better and not worse than all the others. We read.
I decided to write to this community, tk. other similar did not find (they in general are? Not in LJ?).
The next question, to all readers:
Do you want a detailed step-by-step instruction based on personal experience and examples, how to correctly and efficiently move from one country to another?
Key words in the question: “step by step”, “right” and “effective”. We will not go into the philosophical jungle of the definition of these words. In this context, their meaning is that you have an acute desire or more than a desire & # 8212; the need to move to another country, and it does not matter what it is connected with (economics, politics, society, children, education, love, etc.), but you do not know where to start and / or what specific steps for this to take to do not make serious mistakes, there are certain gray areas and a sense of fear of the decision, and to avoid expensive mistakes (and they are expensive not only in money, but sometimes in wasted whole years of life), reduce the risks in such a difficult and serious event, you need such an instruction.
About myself: the experience of moving from Russia to two different countries (Asia / Europe), living there for 7 years, now going to the third. Family Children. A simple Russian man, not an oligarch, not the son of someone. Post is printed from a separate, not my journal, to preserve intrigue.
So, the instruction will consist of the following items (posts):
1. Why do I need to move? And whether it is necessary in general? Purpose of the move.
2. Selection of criteria and parameters for a clear understanding of the purpose of the move. Budget. Timing. Family (wife, children, family council).
3. Choice of the country. And not just one.
4. Choice of place of residence in the country.
5. Testing the purpose of the move, country, place of residence.
6. The final decision on moving.
7. Variants of moving. A family.
8. The plan of moving. Budget.
9. Job search (study, business translation, remote work, etc.).
10. Housing search (purchase / lease).
13. Banks, insurances, transfers, money, currencies, transport.
14. Buying, renting real estate.
15. Work – a new location or a new company.
16. Registration of documents related to the move (in Russia and in the selected country). Visa. Passport. A family.
17. Moving. A family.
18. The first days in a new place of residence. Important issues of daily life and documents.
19. The first year in a new place. Primary socialization. A family.
20. Pros and cons of Russia and the new country of residence. Nostalgia.
21. Five years in immigration – a mini anniversary.
22. We plan to move on
Now we are at the stage 22, the second time (the first time out of three, moved to work, without any “turn-based” plans). But the second time, not because of “something went wrong”, but decided to try to live in another country, with a different culture, with a different language, exclusively for the development of children, and for themselves – to add drive and to overcome new challenges.
In short we liked living in different countries!
As you probably noticed, this instruction is aimed at how and where to move, and not how to leave from somewhere. All posts (instructions) will be purely practical, logical, with personal experience of Asia and Europe, on the example of our last country of residence, without any policy (well, almost).
If you are interested – vote in the comments!
If the post dials more than 100 positive (!) Comments, then I print the following posts & # 8212; items from the instruction.
If not on the beret # 8212; then no one here does not need it.
The request in the comments to write what point of the instruction is the most necessary and what is missing.
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Written by doctorvlad.
My name is Vladimir Yachmennikov, and I lived in Russia for almost half a century. In 2005 I came to America and was amazed at how little I knew about this country! On this site I just tell about my impressions. Maybe it will be interesting to you too!
4 comments & quot; Step-by-step instruction for moving to another country & quot;
The first item is & # 8212; The main point! We move to leave a sense of danger! And no matter what country!
Then it’s zero. Everything begins with him.
Good day to all ! We go all family in the US in the spring, we three are my wife and child, we are looking for a married couple preferably with children for a joint trip.