Statuses – I miss.
I want you to call and ask how you’re a kid? I answered: I miss and only one word in return: I LEAVE 154 (1)
If the girl is writing, then she has become bored, and if she does not write, then she is waiting for you when you are bored. 109 (2)
I want to you. for tea. on the film. to talk. in the arms. under the blanket. all the same as. but only to you. 115.
To love a person, you do not have to be with him. It is enough to only look at his photo from time to time and know that everything is fine with him. 104 (2)
I am waiting. counting the days in the calendar, and this life I just adore. That my heart is given to you! See you! I’m waiting! I love it! I miss it. � 141.
The most pleasant moments in a relationship are moments after a long separation, when you can not tear yourself apart from each other! 121.
every day I miss you. every hour I miss you. every minute my heart misses you. every second of me belongs only to you. 136.
The worst way to miss a person is to be with him and understand that he will never be yours. 85.
“I miss”. This is a banal phrase, a naked fact, a characteristic of a cut in time. But I really miss. Highly. 59.
I miss the sun in the sky and the sun, which is not with me now. 39.
I am always with you. After all, above us is the same sky. ))) my boy, I was bored. 50.
Again and again this feeling. so deep and depressed. I want to go back to where I would be next to him. 75.
Her heart is still waiting for him. 55.
The two weeks spent with you are the two best weeks of my life. And now one year without you? But that we are one year old, if we had those two weeks. 40 (2)
Empty days, empty nights. A simple life, empty eyes. A pessimistic heart and soul, when everything is there, but no you. 55.
I do not need much – I just want you to be near me. Here and now. 72.
Please hold me when I leave, because I belong to you completely and completely. 26.
If you want, I’ll tell you how much I love you. But words are nothing, compared to what I feel 42.
Separation from the beloved is a painful state of mind, from which one still wants to live on, waiting for the meeting. 42.
With you I’m breathing,
With you I’m aflame,
I live with you,
And without you I’m dying. 61.
By Shchuch’e command, according to my wish. let the impossible become possible. Let that which is far be close. And let all that was very difficult, solved beautifully and easily. 42.
Far from me, but still love. I’m strong and I can manage. I miss it. 17.
I love so much, I so miss, and gently, gently I embrace! 44.
Sometimes I want to become your phone, sometimes a mirror, sometimes a lipstick. And all in order to be with you and take the main place in your life. 19.
I draw happiness to order. I paint with chalk love. I draw you in my memory. 25.
How many globes do not twist, I can not find you there. 31.
I envy those who see you every day. 107.
Lack of you drives me crazy. 72.
I miss very much for my beloved. 69.
Everybody goes on dates, they meet, they love. One I just sit and wait for his appearance. 37.
And does not matter. Nearby you or far away. I know that you love me, and I love you. And this is enough for love! 35.
When you miss a loved one, every little thing reminds you of him. 56.
I look at your photo, I see your image again, I kiss you hunting. I’m sorry, you’re not with me. 53.
I have a picture on my phone. And when I accidentally open it, my face has such a sweet smile and a desire to kiss. 47.
Waking up early in the morning, I open my eyes, and quietly repeat – I miss you! I go out into the kitchen, I pour the tea … And again a quiet echo – I miss you! I live by you alone, I do not notice others, And every minute I miss you! 42.
Sometimes it happens that the body in one city, and the heart in another.
That’s how you sometimes get bored. (1)
Hello! And my boyfriend learns far from me))) Comes every other week))) I really miss. sometimes I want to quit everything and go to him. love him! The statues are just class. (1)
And my FAVORITE flew off on a business trip today, so badly, it’s surprising that with his departure all around was empty and became not interesting! There is no connection, even at least on the phone do not talk, I’m waiting for him very much. (1)
I met a guy on the sea. I really love my Stas, I just want to be with him. I miss him terribly. I hope to see you again! (1)
And my boyfriend is in the army (I was recently taken away, the whole month is past, it’s like forever, I’ll wait for him, I love madly, and he’s me. I’ll go to him.) Thanks for the statuses. Very nice.) (3)
I love my girl. I try to give it more time) We go for a walk twice a week) But every day without it, this is for me like an abyss!
I did not know that parting with a loved one is flour. Only one thing calms: the one who loves strongly will return, the one who waits heavily will wait.
After meeting you, my life changed dramatically.
Now for happiness, I’m just missing you and hug you. �
“Are you thinking about him now?”
– Yes. . . how do you know?
“I’ve never seen pain in my eyes with hope.”
I still think about you all the same. Even if I’m distracted, I go out with friends, start new acquaintances. I just do not get you to forget.
In the shower – fog, my heart – sadness, I will not get through to you, then the number is busy, then the network failure. Do I have to walk to you?