Sports schools and clubs in Slovakia.
If your child wants to become an athlete,
he has two alternatives:
1. go to a sports club in Slovakia of one or another direction and choose the nearest to this club general education school. In Slovakia there are countless sports clubs, you will have a huge choice here. The most developed sports destinations in Slovakia include hockey, tennis, skiing, snowboarding, football.
But there are a lot of other sports clubs and schools in Slovakia: a school of golf, basketball, various wrestling, gymnastics, sports shooting, swimming, equestrian sports and even such rare sports as American football, pentathlon, baseball, etc.
Study in Slovakia, in the secondary school can be combined with sports activities in the sports club of Slovakia, as training in clubs usually in the afternoon and on Saturday. If your child is talented and highly appreciated by his coach in Slovakia, then he has the prospect of getting citizenship in Slovakia, which his coach can apply for with the goal that the child perform at international competitions for Slovakia. Such cases are frequent, for example, with guys-hockey players.
2. choose a sports gymnasium, thereby combining sports and study in Slovakia to obtain secondary sports education in Slovakia. There are fewer specialized gymnasiums than sports clubs.
offers the following specializations after graduation:
sports manager, coach of the II level. Physical training takes place in different sports: swimming, football, skis, floorball.
You can combine study in this school with classes in an independent sports club.
Tuition fee: 1000 euros per year.
Duration of study: 4 years.
State sports gymnasium in Bratislava.
also prepares trainers and offers the following sports destinations: judo, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, volleyball. Duration of training: 4 years.
Private gymnasium in Bratislava with the possibility of external training.
This sports school is suitable for those athletes who are very busy in training in their sports club or they often have to go to sports competitions, and they almost do not have day time to study.
Duration of training: 4 years.
Form of training: full-time, part-time.
Tuition fee: 50 euros per month.
Gymnasium in Banska Bystrica.
Directions of the sport: mountain skiing, skiing, skiing, track and field, basketball, bicycle, hockey, football, judo, karate, tennis, volleyball, running, gymnastics, table tennis, handball, figure skating, modern pentathlon.
Duration of training: 4 years. Just 150 meters from the gymnasium there is a school hostel, a 5-minute walk from which you can get to the bus stop and the railway station. Eight teacher-educators carry out control over the students in the hostel, in particular, for observing the strict hourly routine of the day and supervise their studies.
In Slovakia, the government allocates subsidies for school meals and the training process, which allows educational institutions and canteens to have very low rates.
For example, the cost of living in a dormitory at this gymnasium is only 25 euros.
Gymnasium in Zhilin.
Directions: hockey, football, volleyball, archery, swimming, karate, judo, athletics, gymnastics, cycling, tennis, table tennis, downhill skiing, auto racing.
In the case of frequent out-of-competition competitions, an individual curriculum is developed for the student.
On the territory of the school there is also a school hostel, the cost of living in which is 23 euros per month. There is also a school cafeteria (breakfast costs 71 cents, lunch – 1,19 euros, dinner – 90 cents).
In this hostel there is an opportunity to receive and visiting relatives for an additional cost of 8, 50 euros per day.
Gymnasium in Trencin.
Sports: athletics, swimming, cycling, canoeing, volleyball, triathlon, handball. The school also has a hostel.