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How to go live in Cyprus & # 8212; that how much it costs, how to get a job and apply for a visa to Cyprus for a year.
I continue to collect stories of successful emigration of other people on my website. Already there was a story about Spain and France. Today we will talk about Cyprus.
Once we ourselves wanted to move to Cyprus for such a visa.
Then tells the man who moved to Cyprus:
What is the pink slip of Cyprus.
Immediately make a reservation that it will not be a full-fledged emigration, but a temporary residence permit (a slip-up slip, in a popular way) is a temporary residence permit, a Cyprus visa for a year that allows you to reside in Cyprus, but does not give you the opportunity to work.
It is understood that you have income from abroad and some financial cushion just in case.
Theoretically, it is possible in 5-7 years to convert this visa into Long-Term Residence Permit, that is, a permanent residence permit that allows you to work in Cyprus (and in theory and throughout the EU), but in practice you will be put in the wheel and in every possible way try to keep your status as a sponsor of the Cypriot economy.
Personally, my story with Cyprus was somehow spontaneous: I came to winter in 2013, in March, some strange movements started in Russia, and as a result, it was decided not to return to my homeland.
A little bit about Cyprus itself.
Cyprus & # 8212; the former English colony. The English are very fond of him. Constantly on the island live about 17 thousand British.
Also the island is very popular among Russians & # 8212; on the island there are about 40 thousand people from the Russian Federation.
The total population of Cyprus is about 900 thousand, the Greeks & # 8212; 650 thousand, Turks & # 8212; 160 thousand.
The currency is the euro. The official language is Greek, but almost everyone speaks English.
Movement – left-handed. Flora and fauna are meager and, in general, safe.
In Schengen is not included, so that a visit to continental Europe requires visas. From Paphos and Larnaca, a lot of airlines fly, including discounters EasyJet and RyanAir, so that in some Athens you can fly for 30 euros round trip.
Regions of Cyprus.
On the island of Cyprus, de facto, there are two countries: the unrecognized Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (a kind of Crimea Nash performed by Turks) and the Republic of Cyprus.
The Republic of Cyprus, in turn, is divided into 4 districts:
1. Nicosia – the capital and business center;
2. Larnaca – the main airport of the island and tourist-tusovochnye cities such as Ayia Napa, completely endangered in winter;
3. Limassol is the largest city and main port of the island, inhabited roughly equally by Russians and Chinese, with a rare interspersing of other nationalities.
4. Paphos – the second airport and a quiet district in the west of the island, inhabited mostly by the British.
Highlands Akamas, Polis neighborhood.
About the climate of Cyprus.
The temperature in the summer months on the coast can be kept around 30-35 degrees. In winter, within a couple of months, there may be temperature dips up to +5, and at 300-400 meters above sea level, it may even snow.
In the mountains (maximum altitude 2 km) in summer it is rarely hotter than +25, and in winter you can even go skiing on several routes.
There is a lot of sun and from May to October rains practically do not happen, because of what in the summer the island turns into a burnt desert. In winter, rains mostly go at night, but a couple of times a year can be prolonged up to one week.
Spring in Cyprus, tangerines.
What documents need to be formalized in Russia.
The first step is to issue power of attorney to do business on your behalf. At a minimum, you will need a power of attorney to transfer information to the tax. Also, collect information on income (preferably in English, so you do not have to translate).
Visa to Cyprus for Russians.
A citizen of the Russian Federation to enter Cyprus is very easy – fill out the questionnaire downloaded from the website of the Cypriot embassy, send it to the e-mail address indicated there and wait for a visa from a couple of hours to a couple of days.
Please note that such rules for entry into Cyprus apply only if you fly directly from Russia.
If you are flying from another country, you need either to pre-arrange a Cypriot visa at the embassy or have an open Schengen visa.
The received pro-visa must be printed, since Russian airline employees can not let you without it on the flight. With this visa you can once enter the island and live there for 90 days.
How to rent a property in Cyprus.
First of all start looking for real estate. For the first time it is better to use the services of realtors: they will find and pick up a house, help with the registration of the contract and reissue accounts for water and electricity in your name. The services of realtors for applicants are free.
In Pafos District, a furnished house with 3 bedrooms and a swimming pool can be rented for � 600 + / month. Apartments can be found for 200-300 euros.
The price depends more on the size of the house and less on its physical condition, so that for a thousand euros one can find both the freshest house with good repair and appliances, and something from the architectural style of the late apocalypse.
Streets of Polis.
How to choose a good house in Cyprus.
When choosing a house, you should pay attention to the presence of central heating (in winter, the temperature in homes can drop to +10) and air conditioners, as well as the insulation of windows, without which heating and cooling are blown out of the house in an hour or two.
A separate point worth mentioning is the availability of solar panels for heating water. Without them you can live (to warm an electric boiler), but with them hot water will be almost always and free of charge.
The cost of cooling / heating in the hottest and coldest periods can reach 200-300 euros per month for a small house with three bedrooms. So, for example, I have two air conditioners in the 24/7 mode to eat 350 euros a month for a month, and three hours a day, gas heating costs 150 � / month in winter.
It is not necessary to heat the pool, as in most cases it happens with the help of a diesel engine and for one heating it goes up to 400 euros. Sense is not enough, but at the cost of the house it will be reflected.
Read also an article about the real estate of Cyprus: pitfalls and possible problems.
How to open a bank account in Cyprus.
After the conclusion of the contract it is necessary to issue a local sim card (there are two operators: state Cyta and private MTN) and you can go to the bank to open an account.
Opening an account is usually free and takes a few minutes. Requisites and a card you give out on the spot, but the pin is sent by mail to the Cypriot address for two weeks.
Citizens of the Russian Federation need to register accounts with foreign banks in the tax authorities at their place of residence. The registration takes 30 days.
Here you will need a power of attorney: download the tax form from your website, fill out and send it to the authorized person for signature and delivery to the tax office.
The main thing is to get a second copy with a tax note with a note of acceptance, since without it Russian banks will not accept your transfer to your Cyprus account.
Visa to Cyprus for a year & # 8212; how to get a pink slip.
List of documents.
A Cyprus visa for a year, unlike a pro-visa, requires the submission of a certain package of documents. In general, you need:
& # 8212; an annual contract for the rental of real estate (or a paper on possession);
& # 8212; a bank guarantee for 500 euros;
& # 8212; annual medical insurance;
& # 8212; certificate of income;
& # 8212; an extract from your Cyprus account;
& # 8212; documents for your LLC, IP and other legal entities;
& # 8212; 140 euros per person collection (for the extension for the next years – 70).
Sequence of actions and costs.
Once you have decided on the housing and the account in the bank, you can register with the emigration service at the reception.
Depending on the load, the record can be either for a week or for 2 months. The biggest load is the summer months. After specifying the date of the rendezvous, you can begin collecting the remaining documents.
And to register for a rendezvous and for translation / certification of documents it is better to use the services of a lawyer. It will cost about 200 euros for the whole package.
A bank guarantee is made in your bank by freezing the corresponding amount for 3 years. The process can take up to a week, so it’s better not to postpone it.
The minimum allowable insurance will cost 200 euros per person per year, but it covers only absolutely force majeure cases, such as the expulsion of your carcass to your homeland.
A certificate of income in free form. If you are a PI, you can write to yourself. The required amount is from 2k euros per person. The family of two people should be enough for 3-4 thousand. For each subsequent throw a thousand more.
In the statement from the account there must be a balance of at least 10k euros for 1-2 people, but the larger the amount, the less you will have questions.
A bit about the cost of living in Cyprus.
Rental housing – 400 +; [quote_box_right]
Prices in Cyprus.
Milk, liter of # 8212; 1,34 euros.
Chicken breast & # 8212; 9 euros.
Eggs, 12 pieces & # 8212; 2,6 euros.
A pack of cigarettes Marlboro & # 8212; 4,5 euros.
Petrol, 95, liter & # 8212; 1,25 euros.
Ticket to the movie & # 8212; 8 euros.
Communal payments for an apartment of 85 m2 (electricity, heating, water, garbage) & # 8212; 135 euros.
Rent a car – 600+, but after getting a pinsklip it’s better to buy something, the benefit of adequate used cars on the market is complete;
The prices for products, after the fall of the ruble, are generally comparable to those in Moscow;
The technique is somewhat more expensive, and the clothes are somewhat cheaper than in Russia;
Private British school for children – 5,000 euros per year;
State Greek schools are free, but instruction is in Greek.
Submission of documents.
Prior to the rendezvous at the emigration, make sure that you have closed all cases in Russia for the next two to three months, since after submitting documents it is strongly recommended not to leave the country prior to obtaining a visa.
At the rendezvous, you will be checked by all the documents, roll your fingers, take a photo and send it all to the central office in Nicosia, where all this will be considered on average for 3 months.
Since the filing of documents, the basis for living in Cyprus is a piece of paper on the payment of the annual visa fee.
You can live on it until a decision is made.
That’s all.
Read also an article about the real estate of Cyprus and about the pros and cons of moving to the island.
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