US President Donald Trump is mostly right when he points out that there are problems in Sweden.
Last Saturday Aftenposten published an article on eight pages about problems in Sweden.
Police do not dare to appear in certain areas of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmo, the country has dramatically increased the number of murders committed with the help of firearms and explosives.
Aftenposten reported that the number of such murders increased from 13 in 2012 to about 30 in the past, and in the year before.
Sweden no longer keeps statistics on the relationship between immigration and the growth of crime & mdash; ostensibly, because criminologists have known since 1974 that in criminal circles immigrants are more than abundant.
Several reports have been published showing that the Swedish state has lost control over certain urban areas, and this is very worrying. The most important role of the state & mdash; To exercise control within a geographical area and ensure the safety of residents.
Sweden will send thousands of migrants.
Sweden needs its own Islam.
Jews of Sweden are afraid of threats of Islamists.
In the evening on Monday in Rinkeby again there was excitement, the police opened fire on stone-throwing young people who set fire to cars.
When Donald Trump first spoke about Sweden, the impression was as if he had decided that a terrorist attack had taken place in the country the day before.
Gradually it turned out that Trump had in mind the television program, which talked about what problems Sweden has with immigrants.
You can think about Donald Trump anything, but he is absolutely right that Sweden has big problems with its numerous residents of foreign origin. And it’s just amazing that former Prime Minister Carl Bildt feels the need to call Donald Trump “the least informed person in the world”.
In Malmo, for example, there are representatives of 174 nations, and unemployment in the city is almost twice as high as in Sweden as a whole.
It’s good when the media put Trump in the spotlight when he’s wrong, but in the affair with Sweden the reaction seems almost hysterical. It is clear that Sweden has great problems with immigration. Recognition of this is now being supported even by the Swedish political elite. After a monstrous wave of immigration in 2015, they pressed the brakes, but this does not prevent the country from having big problems.
The American organization Edelman Trust measures people’s trust in state institutions and the media. In Sweden, people’s confidence in both state institutions and the media is at a very low level. The majority of the population has great distrust.
First, Donald Trump’s words were interpreted as if he were talking about a terrorist attack in Stockholm the day before, but then it was clarified that he meant the growth of crime in Sweden.
Former Prime Minister Carl Bildt asked how it was stoned by Donald Trump, in the social media there was a mass of reports that the day before in Sweden nothing happened.
A fierce reaction to the statement of Donald Trump gives reason to think that he is ” no matter what & mdash; pressed on the sick corn. The danger is that the reaction will be repulsed, and that the public will think that Donald Trump is right, but the media are mistaken.
It is possible that the US president in his first commentary on Sweden was not sufficiently cautious.
But by and large he is absolutely right.
Gunnar Stavrum & mdash; chief editor of Nettavisen. Previously, he worked at the NRK television station in Southern Norway, the newspapers Freddievennen, Bergens Tidende, Kapital, Dagens N & aeligringsliv and on TV channel 2. The author of several books. He considers himself to be a liberal, an ecologist and independent of any political party, although he voted for the party Venstre (& laquo; Left) in the last two elections.
Basically, Trump is right, as for Sweden.
“Friends” Navalny want to make him “political prisoner number one”?
The Americans are against the war.
Back to God’s chosen.
All comments.
The good-natured.
Jktu Cnfybckfdjdbx.
Is it possible to reach the beginning?
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