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One of the easiest ways to move to a permanent residence in Europe is & ndash; immigration to Slovakia. You can list several advantages for those who want to move to this state:
Slovakia & ndash; Member of the European Union with all the following consequences: currency & ndash; euro, there is no need to issue a visa to the countries of the Schengen area; comfortable conditions for opening own business, thanks to which the immigration to Slovakia of entrepreneurs is constantly expanding; There are not so many immigrants in the country, so there is no competition in obtaining permanent residence; language close to Russian; thanks to a small territory and high national homogeneity, there are no interethnic, territorial and religious conflicts; Permit is easy enough.
There are several ways to obtain residence permit, and then Slovak citizenship.
Labor immigration to Slovakia is possible for any foreigner, regardless of the country of permanent residence. Work permits are issued by the employment office in the event of an employment contract. Get permission before the employer is found, it is impossible, it is provided only if there is a specific place of work. The working visa is issued for 1 year with the permission of its further extension. The minimum visa period is & ndash; 2 months. Simultaneously with work on a visa, a foreigner has the right to receive education.
Immigration to Slovakia for educational programs is attractive in that a residence permit is granted not only to students studying in Slovak universities, but also to students in secondary schools and even courses in the Slovak language. It is possible to obtain confirmation from the educational institution and to issue documents in the homeland, but you can do this on the territory of the country. Term of registration of papers & ndash; 30 days. Getting an education & ndash; the simplest way to get a residence permit in Slovakia. But the student is required to attend lectures and seminars. Also, students can work without special permission 10 hours a week or fully engage in business.
Immigration to Slovakia for entrepreneurs is quite simple. To do this, you just need to confirm your financial solvency: to acquire a ready-made business, to register a new company or to purchase real estate. Special requirements for financial investments do not exist, it is enough to have a legal address of the enterprise. But without fail the founder, if he wants to get a residence permit, must be the director of the newly opened company. Additional requirements: absence of problems with the law, formalized medical insurance, availability of purchased or rented housing.
Immigration to Slovakia for the purpose of marriage.
Immigration to Slovakia under the Family Reunification Program & ndash; quite a popular way of moving. Since the residence permit for a spouse of a citizen or a citizen of Slovakia is issued almost immediately after the application for receiving it has been received, some residents of the state who offer a fictitious marriage for a fee use it.
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Immigration to Georgia is not too common among our compatriots, but if you decide to take such a step, you can provide yourself with comfortable living conditions and the opportunity to find high-paying jobs.
Finland & ndash; a country of vast forests and deep lakes, ultramodern buildings and ancient castles. Its main wealth is forests, they are called the “green gold of Finland”. This country is famous for its achievements in the field of architecture, as well as industrial design. Being one of the youngest states of Europe, Finland, however, managed to acquire rich cultural traditions.
Bonaire is an island in the Caribbean Sea, which belongs to the leeward group and is part of the Male Antilles archipelago. Bonaire is a community and possession of the Netherlands, but it does not belong to any of the Netherlands provinces. Second province name & ndash; The Caribbean Netherlands.
New Zealand is a beautiful country that is famous for its stunning natural landscapes and “100% pure and green image”. The largest city in the country Auckland with a population of about 1.2 million, according to the international survey of Mercer, was recently recognized as the fourth city in the world in terms of living standards and prosperity of the population. New Zealand is exactly halfway between the equator and the South Pole. The northern island lies closer to the equator, in the active volcanic belt. In this region, geysers are beating, volcanoes are periodically erupted and hot mud baths are smoking. The landscapes of the North Island are less mountainous, and the temperature here is much higher: it is here that three quarters of the country’s population live. Along the western part of the South Island are the snow-covered mountain ranges of the Southern Alps and glaciers, descending from the slopes directly into the sea abyss, dotted with giant beach fjords. On the endless plains of the eastern part of the island are fields and vineyards.
At the end of the XIV century. Prince Sumata, fleeing from the storm, landed on a sovem ship on the island of Temasek. As a result of an optical error, he saw on the island’s territory a terrible mystical creature with a red body, a black head and a white breast – it seemed to him a lion. That’s why the prince named the new island “The City of the Lion”. (& quot; Singa Pura & quot;), deciding to subsequently establish a settlement on this island. The town of the prince, thanks to its favorable geographical position, began to develop rapidly – by the 12th century. the island became a flourishing center of commerce. Today Singapore attracts not only traders, but also businessmen, investors and immigrants wishing to find work in a prosperous region.
The United States of America is one of the largest states in the world. The USA occupies the fourth place in the world in size after Russia, Canada and China, and also the third in terms of the number of inhabitants after China and India. At the same time, out of 50 states united under the star-striped flag, 2 – Alaska and Hawaii – do not share borders with the rest of the state. The capital of the USA is Washington.
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