Singing in China. How creative youth earns in the Middle Kingdom.
What is the value of talent in China and how do Russians teach English in schools.
What are the dance contracts with which Russian girls go to work in China, how much they value a good voice in the Middle Kingdom, how foreigners from Russia teach English in schools and kindergartens & mdash; about this and many other things. “Business environment & raquo; said 26-year-old Amurchanka Alena Barsukova, who for several years successfully worked as a singer in Shanghai. The girl grew up in Belogorsk and never thought that she would live abroad. To work, she left after graduating from the Philological Faculty of the AmSU.
About dance contracts.
I decided to go to China simply because I did not know who to work in Blagoveshchensk. How to apply in the city English and German, except for teaching? In parallel, I was engaged in dancing, and in the fifth year I was offered to go on a contract to Shanghai to dance and sing in a group.
In general, it is not so difficult to leave a contract for a dancer in China. In Blagoveshchensk there are people who conclude such agreements with mediators from the Middle Kingdom. But what you are offered will depend on external and dance data. In fact, the contract has no legal force, so a one hundred percent guarantee that everything will be as you wanted, no one will. Situations are different. The hotel where you are lodged may be awful, or in the apartment where you live, another 15 people spend the night. It happens that the working conditions are hard – for example, many outlets per night – if you work “go-go” at the club. But horror like “I went to dance Russian folk dance, and forced a striptease or something worse” I have not met. If you invited to dance the Spanish dance – this and you will earn.
Foreigners for the Chinese married almost do not go. Chinese men are some kind of infantile, not capable of romantic or strong deeds. But foreigners married to Chinese women are not a rare phenomenon.
Another thing is that the girls themselves determine how and, accordingly, how much they are willing to earn. If a few years ago, the Chinese did not care how you dance, the main thing – a foreigner, now they have become more selective. In Shanghai, for example, in the clubs are working chic beauties – not a gram of cellulite, an ideal figure and a beautiful face. Because very high competition among girls. If you dance at an average level and the figure is not bad – they will invite you to the city easier. Dancers of “amateur level” and average appearance can count on the place of hostess in KTV – these are karaoke bars, very popular in China, they are here on every corner. The task of the girl is to dance, sometimes to sing something, if the Chinese invites to drink – sit at the table. But not anymore.
The level of your work depends on the payment. For example, in the CATV it is possible to earn about eight thousand yuan a month (at the rate of about 82 thousand rubles yesterday). This is in view of the fact that you will be paid for moving and living. Dancers of the highest level earn in two, and even three times more.
About freelancing and vocal career.
I was lucky – I went to work not in the unknown, but to friends I knew. It was a very interesting project – three singing and dancing girls with the same figures. Conditions were good, payment too. We successfully performed for several months, but then the group broke up – other participants had their own interests, someone returned to Russia, someone decided to go into business. But I really enjoyed working in China, and I decided to stay.
Since I like to sing more than to dance, and the competition among the dancers is mad, I decided to earn a vocal. At first, of course, it was very difficult. Little acquaintances – few contracts. But with each job both of them became more and more. For example, I perform at a concert, agents see me, ask for contacts. Then they call back and offer a new job.
Most of all, the Chinese love Chinese songs so that they can sing along, or those with interaction with the singer. For example, you need to do the movements together – to clap, stomp. Or I sing “ole-ole” – and they repeat. If there is just a foreign repertoire, no matter how gorgeous your voice is, they will not be appreciated. We work at festivals, corporate parties, weddings. They have 2 thousand people at the wedding – a common phenomenon. But this is not for the middle class, of course.
Alina Barsukova, an Amurcan, lives in Shanghai.
In general, freelancing earns more than a contract. But this is if you are popular in your business. It happens that money is barely enough, and sometimes you can earn a good holiday abroad in a month. I will not mention the sums, these are the unspoken rules of work here. But the work is hard. For example, recently I conducted German beer festivals. Five exits for 50 minutes per night. The voice is very easy to break. But when work is a favorite, it’s worth it. I usually have weekend nights, sometimes even in the middle of the week I go out.
Of course, in Shanghai and the price tags are not blagoveshchenskie. For example, we rent a house with a friend – a three-room apartment for 6,000 yuan. Plus the bill, plus the cost of transportation, food, clothing. And still postpone with my earnings is quite realistic. It’s unrealistic – with my character (laughs) – note AP.
On the teaching of English by the Russians.
A well-known fact – almost all foreigners speak English better than the inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom. That’s why foreigners-teachers of English are so popular. A couple of years ago I met a girl in Shanghai and found out that she works as a teacher in school. And also caught fire – because I have a diploma of an English teacher and foreign literature. She took her contacts, signed with an agency that offers Chinese teachers foreign teachers. By the way, my diploma did not interest anyone. The only condition is the level of the language, sufficient to calmly conduct a dialogue.
I got a job in the “primer-cheekbones” – primary school. This is an ordinary city school. I did not put any estimates, I did not ask my homework. I did not have to explain the rules, to disassemble the grammatical constructions – this is done by Chinese teachers. It was not required to write any plans, notes of lessons. Just come, they tell you – today you take it from page 27 to page 28. I chew words, tell them in what context they are used. But I was not long enough. In my understanding, a good teacher is one that can interest a student so that he himself begins to learn the subject.
The Chinese are all aimed at making the child learn. I brought additional materials, tried to interest children. But I had no leverage. A Chinese teacher can yell at the student, take him by the collar and throw him out of the classroom. He puts the evaluation, in the end. I was not a teacher, but rather a friend – we could talk about the film, music, but the students quickly realized that I was not right to force them, and we were bald in school. In the end, I left. Although teacher’s salary is enough for living in Shanghai – I received 150 yuan for the lesson and conducted three classes a day.
You can work as an English teacher not only at school. My friend, a Ukrainian, got a job in a kindergarten. Every day from eight in the morning until five in the evening she is in a group and must constantly speak with the children in English, for example “you like this ball” or “what a beautiful dress you have.” The payment is not bad, an average of about 10-12 thousand yuan a month, but the work is exhausting.
In the karaoke bar, you can earn about 82,000 rubles a month at the current rate.
Generally to earn – the basic idea with which musicians, singers, dancers come here. China in this regard is a fertile country. At home in our homeland, none of us as much a favorite business does not work. They come for half a year, for a year, and stay for several years. Such a life is very addictive. But, in fact, there is no prospect of remaining here. You will never get citizenship, even if you save their president. Even if you get married, have a child – he will be a full-fledged citizen of the Celestial Empire, and you only have a family visa, which you can not work on, and a residence permit. So you will never get a pension either. I do not understand girls who are 34 years old, and they continue to dance in clubs. No family, no prospects.
I plan to return to Russia in a few years. Of course, I understand that it is not possible to earn a decent vocal at home. Therefore, I study Chinese. With such luggage – English, German, Chinese – I will always find a job if not an interpreter, then at least a foreign language teacher in my country.
Alena Barsukova: “The most difficult thing is that I can not often see my family. In the rest I am satisfied. ”
The Chinese are different. No better or worse, just a different mentality. It’s harder to work with them. Because we are in business as we communicate – facts, facts, facts. And with them you need to talk about business for half an hour. Repeat a hundred times, explain, in order to achieve the exact result. And it’s not in the language. This is the logic of thinking. They have the term “guanxi”. It’s hard to translate … you can say the environment that they create around their whole life. They do not just have friendship or just business. You conduct business with a person – be sure to be friends with him. And in friendship, the Chinese are also trying to find a mutual benefit, the options are “bash to the bash”. It is very important whether you ate and drank with the Chinese. If not, you will not be dealt with. We are asked: “how are you?”, They have “you ate?”.
In everyday life, the Chinese are much less finicky. Often, they do not get heated at home in winter. They open the windows and walk in sheepskin jackets and hats at home. Not only because it’s saving bills. Just another attitude to the house. They do not have, like Russians, the desire to create comfort – rugs, napkins, printed photos. They do not need it.