Sights of Panama City.
The capital of Panama is Panama City & # 8212; a very unusual and contrasting city, where there are many interesting places: here you will find modern glass skyscrapers and dirty trenches, beaches, colonial areas and, of course, the famous Panama Canal. To inspect all the sights of Panama City, it is better to plan at least 2-3 days.
Panama Canal.
Panama Canal. Panama City. Panama.
This is the main attraction not only of Panama City, but of the entire country of Panama, which, moreover, brings considerable income to the country’s budget. It is not surprising, because the passage of the smallest vessel through the Panama Canal costs 700 USD! But ordinary tourists can look at the channel, there is such an opportunity. In order to see one of the greatest technogenic constructions of the 20th century, you will need only 15 USD and half a day of free time. Next & # 8230;
The Old City of Panama (Casco Viejo)
Metropolitan Cathedral in Casco Viejo. Panama City. Panama.
Another no less interesting sight of Panama is the old colonial city of Panama City, which was built by the Spaniards in the image and likeness of European cities. Then it was completely looted and destroyed by pirates led by Henry Morgan, and now slowly restored and included in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. Some buildings survived and they are for 500 years or more. The atmosphere of the colonial city, quiet streets, leisurely life, a bunch of graffiti on the walls and the most interesting footage & # 8212; all this you will find in the old town. Only I ask you not to go there in the evening and at night. ” it’s not safe, take a day off for a walk and you will not regret it. Next & # 8230;
Business center.
The business center of Panama City at night.
Modern quarters of Panama & # 8212; these are dozens of skyscrapers of metal, concrete and glass that rise above the old city and the slums of Panama. These skyscrapers have different purposes: here are located offices, hotels, casinos or simply residential buildings in which the wealthy wealthy Panamanians or expats. Down along the coast across the city stretches the embankment of Panama City, which has become a resting place for many Panamanians and guests of the capital. Evening view of the business center & # 8212; it’s not just a story, it’s a whole gallery of photos that you can do if you’re there. I want to remind you of the danger of night walks in a city like Panama City. But here either pan or disappeared. Next & # 8230;
Bridge of two Americas.
Bridge of two Americas. Panama City.
This is the bridge that connects the two continents: North and South America, is also part of the Pan-American Highway. was built relatively recently and has excellent technical characteristics: the total length of the bridge is 1654 m, the highest point of the bridge is 117 m above sea level. This bridge is located near the Panama Canal and it can be clearly seen from the hill, there is also an observation deck. You can get there from the center by taxi. There and back will cost no more than 20 USD.
Fish market.
The old fish market (Mercado Del Marisco) & # 8212; This is the place where every tourist must visit. Here you can see fishing boats, visit the real fish market and eat fish dishes fairly cheaply. A crowded place, take care of your wallets.
The fish market in Panama City.
Isla de Taboga
The island of Taboga. Panama City.
It’s hard to believe that just a few kilometers from the dusty and bustling city, there are such paradise beaches with excellent sea and serene rest. These beaches are located on the island of Taboga & # 8212; “An island of flowers”, you can get here by ferry in just 15 minutes. Ferries go all day. On the island besides the beaches there is a small town with a church (San Pedro), where there are observation platforms, and on the beach there are all kinds of recreation. Give a day to this wonderful flower island and you definitely will not regret it.