Should I leave everything and go live, work abroad?
I also thought about this issue, throwing everything off and going, and then life introduced me to one remarkable person who already at the age of (military retired) had seen a lot for his life, was in many countries and not for a week, but lived there year by year , that is, people do not know by their hears how they live abroad. In general, he says that Russia is a universal country, everything is possible here – there would be a desire. If nature does not like – then you can go to another point in Russia – it’s huge! And as for the prospects of development in a foreign country, they are insanely small, because for development – it is necessary to know perfectly all the foundations, laws, traditions, language of this country, and this is very difficult to do. If you look at the world as a whole, you can easily see how many countries now “swing” from different hardships (economic crises, wars, cataclysms) and only in Russia everything is relatively calm, which means that one can live and look to the future. To take an example of the economic crisis, it was practically in all countries (so far, some are in progress), but in Russia it was not felt in my way (I heard about the cuts in the factories, but this is a trifle compared to what was happening in many countries) , at least not one of my friends and me in particular, he did not touch. Our country is confident on its feet – it is not developing quickly, but it does not “fly out” either. down .
Therefore, I think that you can leave it only in those cases if you really have, the confidence that in another country you will all be quicker in life, you will quickly find a decent job, solve the issue with citizenship (and without citizenship no one now ), the question of accommodation. How much is developing our country; on how much she is more confident than others standing on her feet, you can judge by the entry and exit from our country of citizens in order to obtain our citizenship. A couple of days ago I read an article on this in the Rossiiskaya Gazeta, and so they enter our country now much more than leave, that is, the people do not run from here, but on the contrary. If we take separately by country, Russia now loses only Germany for leaving our country for citizens to reside there, 2,500 people left the Russian Federation for the last eight months, although there is no year for the year, last year 2900 people came to us from there. In general, the far-abroad scenario is 1 to 2. In our favor: for one left from Russia – two arrived. I think it’s worth paying attention to these figures and therefore think carefully before leaving home.
Many of us leave to work, because it is difficult to work here, and if there is a penny to pay. Young people have a lot of loans, mostly apartments, cars are taken with this money, so at the first opportunity they leave and do not regret. Yes, they miss their families, they come to the couple a couple of times a month for the weekend. So, you yourself should decide, it is worthwhile to you to go, having weighed & quot; for & quot; and & quot; against & quot ;.
And why did you decide that THERE is better? I worked for 2 years in another country. Work in a good European company, z / p arranged, but nevertheless I returned to my homeland.
Another country, people, culture, shops, food, someone else’s ALL The moment of loneliness. Yes, there are new friends and acquaintances, but the real ones stayed at home! Parents and other relatives are also away. There is Skype, phone, but it’s not enough! You will not believe, but a moment of nostalgia! Never from myself did not expect. But sometimes it’s so nice to hear your native language!
But there are also pleasant moments:
Everything will be much easier, you can leave with your family. You can always make money and come back)
It’s not worth throwing anything when moving abroad to work and live.
You need to take with you at least the most necessary, as well as the money that is available.
And before leaving, we must sit down and think carefully: “Do you wait there?”, “Is it better to be there?”, “And are they good there where we are not?”.
If such questions do not interest you, then you can safely go to work and live abroad, taking with you the most valuable.
If this is what you need for peace of mind – then leave. Do not even think about it.
But if you are in doubt, or if you have problems with work, or some kind of uncertainty, then you will not be ready for difficulties abroad. The first time is very difficult.
When a person is ready for such changes – he will quickly find his place under the sun.
If you are here and nothing is holding, and there, there are prospects abroad, then I think yes, even very much worth it.
If I had once had such a chance and opportunity, I would have definitely left, and now it’s too late, little children and husband, and I do not want to leave them.
My sister left and stayed abroad, she does not regret about it.
Leaving, I think, is for young people – it is easier for them to learn the language in perfection, to re-learn. I have many classmates abroad – in the US, Bulgaria, England, Canada. Eh, no one came back, everything was fine-tuned. Especially since we studied at a language school.
It depends on what to throw, because sometimes other people can not live and exist without a human being, and if you do not have people dependent on you, if there is an iridescent prospect abroad, then do not even doubt – a passport in your teeth and a tram!