Seychelles in the winter.
Someone calls the Seychelles a coconut paradise, some consider it to be the most exotic country with a pristine nature, and some simply want to get there, because the imagination draws the most intricate pictures of recreation. But the Seychelles do not leave anyone indifferent. The only thing that not everyone is able to afford a holiday in the Seychelles, & # 8212; The bright sun and tropical heat in winter are expensive.
In childhood, studying geography, everyone knew that the second largest island in the world is Madagascar. But, alas, not everyone can shine with knowledge about the Seychelles. They are located in the Indian Ocean, near the equator and, if you look at the map, “closer to the north” from Madagascar. And, indeed, the island can be called a paradise. The unusual diversity of the plant world, rugged rocks, colorful underwater world, a great variety of birds, giant turtles – all this amazes imagination. And yet, a people that is unique and unique in the cult of its traditions, in which many cultures are combined: European, African, Indian and Chinese. Is it possible to imagine everything?
The Seychelles archipelago includes 115 islands (both large and small). On the largest island is the capital of the state & # 8212; Victoria and the International Airport.
Seychelles do not cease to amaze tourists. But Seychelles in the winter … This is a separate talk. Of all the months of the year, it is best to visit the archipelago in December. It is December that excels in excellent weather. Take, for example, Mauritius, one of the Seychelles. The climate is tropical, winter showers are not so much, one or two a day, and they are not protracted. And the days are hot and soft at the same time. However, if a cyclone suddenly starts, and at this time they are not uncommon, it can be considered that no luck. And about the tour to the Seychelles in December, you need to worry in advance, because for the New Year and Christmas in this exotic place gathers annually the mass of the people, which significantly affects the price.
But the January weather of tourists can not be very happy: it gets hotter, the humidity increases, and a lot of precipitation falls. However, the sunny days are much longer than the rainy days, and this is also encouraging. The temperature of the sea water rises, unfortunately, it does not bring the long-awaited coolness. It’s hot, very hot!
In February, sunny days are much less. Still, hot and humid. Most rainfall prevails. Short showers do not spoil the good mood, but the humidity from them increases.
So, on what month to stop, choosing the time for rest, decide for the tourists themselves.
Seychelles is a secluded place. And, for some reason, there is an opinion that this is a place of rest for two. Here you can meet many young couples. Entertainment for tourists is very diverse, a lot of diving enthusiasts. You prefer diving to the bottom of all kinds of rest – it means that it’s on the Seychelles that you find a rest for your soul. There is also a rich flora and fauna, which does not cease to amaze nature lovers. And wonderful beaches, where you can enjoy the sea, the sun and freedom. And still peace and tranquility – this is what the Seychelles promise in the winter.
As elsewhere, rest on the Seychelles has its drawbacks. Service could be more qualitative. The slowness of the local population consists of legends, which, of course, somewhat affects the quality of service. But the kitchen is wonderful! The dishes are original. And their taste is unique. And small nuances overlap with a greater than the beauty of the surrounding world.
In the Seychelles, there are certain prohibitions: tourists are prohibited from hunting fish, collecting corals and shells. And, in general, the export of natural souvenirs. And it is right!
Do you dream of resting in Seychelles in the winter? The main thing is to realize what was conceived. Necessarily like it!
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