Seven best countries for retirees.
When the retirement age approaches, many people start to think about how to spend the rest of their lives happily. Where it is better to live if you retired? Of course, low prices, climate and some other conditions play a role here. So which countries are a paradise for pensioners?
The southernmost country of Central America was on the first place in the ranking of countries compiled in 2016, ideally suited for pensioners. In the magazine where this rating was placed, Panama was described as a country that provides people with the most complete and impressive package of pension benefits and benefits in the world. Among them, you can find discounts on transportation, entertainment, health care and electrical energy. To use all this, you will need a Pensionado Visa, for which you have your own requirements & ndash; you must be more than 18 years old, and your pension should be at least a thousand dollars a month. Local currency & ndash; Panamanian balboa, but they are pegged to the dollar, so that exchange rates will not cause anybody a shock.
Ecuador took the second position in the rating of 2016 thanks to generous retirement benefits, affordable housing and a great climate. Indeed, if you look at the ratings of housing affordability and climate quality, this country ranks first. Ecuador is on the equator, so there you can enjoy 12 hours of sunshine every day throughout the year. Moreover, the highlands of Ecuador, among which there are famous emigrant cities such as Cuenca, Vilcabamba and Cotacachi, are located approximately at a height of a kilometer above sea level, which provides residents with a year-round spring climate.
Malaysia is worth considering because of its year-round sunshine and a variety of & ndash; this country offers you tropical beaches and jungles, but at the same time you can enjoy and the turmoil of the megalopolis of Kuala Lumpur. In addition, the former British colony at the moment is one of the cheapest places of residence in the world. Add to this the fact that English is spoken by very many, the low price of food in restaurants, as well as the unconditional right to own property by foreigners & ndash; and it becomes clear why this country is so attractive for the elderly around the world.
Spain has become one of the biggest victims of the debt crisis of the European Union & ndash; the economy of this country plunged into a recession in 2008, because of which real estate prices fell sharply, and the unemployment rate soared. But still the worst times are behind, the economy of Spain is rising again. The percentage of growth in 2015 was about 3%, which was one of the best indicators in the whole of the European Union. And while the unemployment rate remains high, jobs are constantly being created, and real estate agents are reporting a growing demand for housing, especially in cities such as Madrid and Barcelona. But still, throughout the country, house prices remain at about 40 percent compared to the peak performance that was achieved in 2007, which gives pensioners an opportunity to buy their homes quite cheaply.
Malta is one of the smallest and most populous countries in the world. Its area is 310 square kilometers, and the population & ndash; 400 thousand people. For many people in this southern island European country English is native, so the British come here. More than five thousand British citizens live in Malta, which is located just three or four hours from London. A large number of English stores and supermarkets makes moving here much easier. In addition to the abundance of sunlight and an average annual temperature of about 18 degrees, pensioners are attracted by Malta’s pension plan, which allows people to enjoy the income tax rate of 15 percent.
Portugal beckons with its attractiveness, starting with sunny beaches and golf courses and ending with fishing villages and medieval towns. Given that there are many emigrants here, English is understood almost everywhere. The capital of the country Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world, and is listed as one of the best cities to live in today.
Thailand is known as the country of smiles & raquo; – and this state can really give the pensioners who moved here, many reasons to smile. Firstly, it is a low cost of living, secondly, a tropical climate, and thirdly, a culture where the elderly are highly respected. In addition, the income received by pensioners from abroad is not taxed at all. This country is one of the best rated accommodation rates, and to this can also add quite competitive house prices. In addition, you can safely eat all the time in bars and restaurants, as the traditional Thai lunch here costs no more than one dollar.