Setting up and installing Poker Tracker 4 (Poker Tracker 4)
Every more or less experienced online poker player has at least heard about the features of the Poker Tracker 4 interface – it tracks the players’ actions in real time, and then transfers the saved information in the form of statistics to the server.
Thus, the player before the next visit to the poker room will be able to arm with information not only generalized nature, but also learn how to behave properly with one or another rival. But how to set up Poker Tracker 4 for the most popular poker rooms? Today, let’s talk about the possibilities and rules for customizing the program interface to the most popular poker rooms – 888 Poker and PokerStars.
Set up Poker Tracker 4 for 888 Poker.
One of the most popular poker rooms is very popular among players from all over the world. Players, of course, will be pleased with the fact that the settings of the program interface for this room are as simple and straightforward as possible, and most of them are set by the program in automatic mode.
After the installation of Poker Tracker 4 was completed, you need to open the configuration settings from the program’s interface, on the selected tab, move the slider opposite 888 room to the active position. Next, the installation assistant is activated. In the setup assistant, the user can set the following configurations:
The final folder for downloading poker statistics from a particular room. If you do not care about the final save path, you can trust the interface of the program, which will automatically select the appropriate folder. The program unloads all statistics into one folder, so its path you can detail and do not know. For the correct operation of the pop-up window with statistics, specify your priority location on the table. Setting up Poker Tracker 4 is not without this stage – so the program automatically selects the ideal location for HAD at the table, and with its location, there will be no difficulties. Select the room number by the numbers in the picture. In the next step of the installation assistant, you will need to confirm the settings. If you previously used the previous version of the program, at this stage it is possible to import the previous statistics of the played hands.
Setting up Poker Tracker 4 at 888 Poker from the poker room.
In the room itself, you must specify the settings for saving the history of the played hands. To do this, go from the room interface to the settings folder and select the final way to save the history. Exclusively after setting up such synchronization, the room can transfer statistics to the path you specify through the program interface. The setting is limited simply by putting a checkmark in front of the “save my hand history” field. The final path is determined by the poker room by default, however, you can easily change it at this stage.
Note that if you installed a custom Russian-language version on top of the English version of the poker room, you must delete it and install it after the synchronization with the program.
Setting up Poker Tracker 4 for Poker Stars.
The leader among all available world rooms – Poker Stars, also supports full synchronization with the interface of the program Poker Tracker 4. The installation is the same as in the case described above, almost completely automatic.
Setting Poker Tracker 4 for Poker Stars provides such basic steps:
In the Settings tab in the Poker Tracker 4 interface, you must select the final path in which the program interface should save the history of the played hands. Note that the folder is better to remember – in the future you will redirect the history of the played hands directly through the interface of the room. To synchronize with each poker room, including, and with Poker Stars, the program will require the choice of a player’s favorite place. This ensures the normal operation and configuration of HUD for Poker Tracker 4 – the pop-up window with statistics will work adequately. Choose your favorite seat, depending on the type of table. You must confirm your choice. In the event that the installation of Poker Tracker 4 occurs on a pre-installed version from the third or lower, you must configure the already existing import from the local computer.
Settings from the Poker Stars interface.
To fully synchronize the poker room and the program, you need to make certain settings directly from the poker room. In this poker room feature different settings for fast poker HAD.
The standard setting for importing hands is as follows. Open the settings window in the interface of the poker room. Then select the field for saving poker hands. The folder is set by default, however we recommend setting the same value as for the rest of the import.
This poker room additionally configures the history of saving already played tournaments. In the same settings menu, check the field for saving reports on the played tournaments and select the final import path. Do not forget that the Poker Tracker supports English, accordingly, the room must also be selected by EN.
HUD settings for “fast poker
If you are a true fan of the Poker Stars interface, you need to know the basic settings of the pop-up window with statistics for fast poker games. The program does not automatically configure XAD, it needs to be set separately already in the interface of the poker room itself.
In the configuration menu in Poker Tracker 4 you need to select the field with site settings and import of hands. Before you open a list of available poker rooms. In it, you need to activate the check box next to the activation of XAD for ZOOM poker in the room Poker Stars.
Next, the customization is as follows (all steps are mandatory for execution!):
Activate Poker Tracker 4. Start the Poker Stars window with the client program, enter your own data into the interface. In Poker Tracker, set the active handshake window active in real time. Activate fast poker and take a seat at the gaming table.
Only with such consistency of the sequence, the pop-up window from Poker Tracker will work specifically in the fast poker mode. Before setting up Poker Tracker 4 for fast poker, you need to understand the following features of its work:
The functions of “memory” need to be disabled. HAD works only after importing one hand. After the program is updated, you must repeat the startup actions again. There may be problems with the firewalls.
As you can see, setting up Poker Tracker 4 is much easier than it seems. Have a good game!
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