Services vnzh in Lviv
For foreigners, one of the most attractive cities in Ukraine is Lviv. This is not surprising, since this ancient regional center is one of the most comfortable for life. For this reason, most foreigners want a temporary residence permit in Lviv.
What is the peculiarity of obtaining this certificate?
To obtain a certificate, you need to have special reasons for this. For example, it may be a marriage with a Ukrainian citizen or related ties with a permanent resident in the country. Often get a temporary residence permit (see on the basis of studies or employment. It is also important to note the following features of obtaining a certificate:
– it is necessary to collect certain documents;
– go to the migration service office;
– wait a certain period for obtaining a certificate.
It is important to remember that the application is reviewed within fifteen days. This means that a foreigner must stay on the territory of Ukraine for the next fifteen days exclusively on legal grounds. Otherwise, he will be refused to obtain a residence permit.
Every foreigner who plans to settle in Ukraine, in particular, in Lviv, is obliged to collect the necessary documents. They include the following references:
– health insurance policy;
– certificate that gives the right to obtain a residence permit;
– a receipt for payment of the public service;
– identity card with translation into the state language.
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