Service in the US Army: how to get there?
Service in the US Army is absolutely voluntary. It is worth noting that for many foreign citizens the right to serve in the United States of America is a privilege and an excellent way to make a career. Of course, in order to become part of the US armed forces, it is necessary to undergo a series of tests and inspections.
The question of how the service in the US Army looks is considered to be very topical today. What do you need to get to America? What criteria should the soldiers match? What documents are needed? The answers to these questions will be considered below.
Service in the US Army: what are its features?
Why do many foreign soldiers seek to serve in the United States of America? In fact, the American army has a number of interesting advantages. As already mentioned, the service here is absolutely voluntary and such a thing as & laquo; call & raquo; simply does not exist.
Soldiers serve on contractual terms and receive a monthly salary. In addition, the US military is considered a wonderful way to make a brilliant career. Not the last advantage is considered the fact that employees and their families are provided with & laquo; bonuses & raquo ;. For example, they can be exempt from taxes. Sometimes the army pays for the soldier’s education in a higher educational institution, provides medical insurance, food and shelter. It is these things that make the service in the US so attractive.
Service in the US Army: what do you need for this?
If you decide to become part of the armed forces of the United States of America, then you are probably interested in the question of what to do. To begin with, it should be noted that a potential soldier must have a number of physical and intellectual data. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider in more detail how the recruitment into the US Army passes.
The first thing you need to have a soldier & mdash; this is US citizenship or residence permit. This is a prerequisite. An important criterion for selection is age. Service in the US Army is possible for candidates aged from 17 to 42 years. Juvenile applicants must have a written (notarized) permission from their parents. A potential soldier must have a certificate of graduation. Many are interested in whether they take soldiers with a criminal record in the American army. In fact, there is no clear answer to this question, since each case is considered separately, and the commission’s decision can not be foreseen in advance.
If these conditions are not a problem, then you have every chance of getting into one of the units of the US armed forces.
Service in the US Army: what check should be taken?
Of course, every potential employee must pass a test for physical and mental development. Checking the health status and medical examination is simply required. After this, a test called APFT (this is a test of physical development, capabilities and endurance) is conducted.
In addition, every soldier must pass and ASVAB (a special test, through which the level of knowledge and erudition is checked). This is a written assignment consisting of 200 questions. The passing score is not too high, but the number of correct answers determines in which particular unit the candidate can serve.
If a soldier fits all the characteristics, he is offered to sign a contract.
So the service in the US Army for foreigners is quite possible!