Sergei Menshakov: The most valuable thing for me is the guitar.
We continue to acquaint you with our compatriots living in Ireland. Today on a visit at a heading & # 8220; Interesting people & # 8221; & # 8211; Sergey Menshakov.
It turned out that writing about yourself is hardest. Height, weight, eye color – not a problem. Now this is introduced into the chips. And that’s why he began to write poetry, and then songs from them or how he chose this road to the sea is difficult to explain. Harmless play with words and the desire to say more than sound can contain a sense in another construction of the phrase … And bypassing tables why choose his left side? The song is born when you are alone, but someone else is needed to talk and you can just listen, it will almost be a monologue. If you write or do something with your hands, you need to show it to others and you go out into the light. Then you return to the shade of the trees to listen to their slow whispering. Anything you can do for your whole life with something not your own and not be with everyone with those, answering for something that was not done by you alone … But the guitar will not let you forget who you are. She will remind you. She waits for the time being, to remember the past and to meet tomorrow. Even if you touch the strings extremely rarely – it is the only one that helps your voice to sound in unison with the soul and let you not be a virtuoso. this is not so important. I want to be heard at least sometimes. This is another meaning to be. I would be grateful for the opportunity to show my work. Search on YouTube by the name of Sergey Menshakov. Thank you for attention.
Sergey Menshakov: The most valuable thing for me is the guitar & # 8221;
What does Ireland mean to you?
Ireland is my first country abroad, to which I flew at a conscious age and knowingly, knowing about it basically only that it is almost the only one open to labor emigration. Plus, leprechauns fighting for independence. And he began to master it from the most laborious backwoods, falling more and more into its green background, cloudy elevations. Loving and misunderstood her burrows, tried to learn the language in all available ways, but he could not break himself in this quest. I say, but it is not given to me to explain my feelings to her in her second language, if we consider the helik primary.
[pullquote align = & # 8221; right & # 8221;] Ireland is my first foreign country [/ pullquote]
Your favorite place in Ireland?
There are too many of them and they are almost the same road and are close to me because of a combination of circumstances, people and feelings experienced there for the first time or for the umpteenth time. With each person or even a smell, like the rye kruglyash from the “Cossack”, it’s the Dublin bridges, the local pedestrians there, Saltkhil and Connemara, Strandhill, Roses Point, Giant Kazheuwei, Cliffs of Moher, the Forest Park paths and the Laugh Cay slope, water motive (this is then there the sign of the ban was set). Rather, it is a pre-storm with, preferably warm, forcing to stand obliquely with the legs apart, the wind. His impulses force you to balance. The lungs are almost forcedly ventilated. You’re in relative safety. The waves are already raging and their spray stains the face. Delight and a rise of strength. And more favorite places, this is when you are happy and comfortable behind the warming enveloping seagull tea. And # 8211; road, the very feeling of approaching something, where you are striving at the moment. No matter how she wiggled, framed by bushes and overgrown trees at the edges, sometimes as if in a tunnel, when the hand reaches out to turn on the light of day. These are many points outlined by the coastline of the green island, almost, dreams, in which I have not yet been, but I will. After all, how many more castles and their remains are not surveyed …
Your favorite place outside of Ireland?
And again this is too much where – if not in Russia (because there are too many), then Paris in France (Sacri-Coeur, Montmartre), Australia’s southeast coast – Melbourne (center rectangle), Kandberra (war memorial), Sydney ( bridge and opera).
[pullquote align = & # 8221; right & # 8221;] Most of all I miss my parents and my older sister [/ pullquote]
What are you most bored of while in Ireland?
Most of all I miss my parents and my older sister – it’s about people. And about the rest … It’s like … How does the father meet at the airport every time, not wanting to wait at home … As a mother, not considering the state of health, prepares something tasty and floods the titanium to our arrival … Our modest evening feasts with them and again in a hundred years, all together with his sister – because you do not fly from the other end of the country. Although & # 8211; this is another answer about “what happiness is for you” & # 8211; to see loved ones alive.
What advice would you give to the Russian-speaking inhabitants of the island?
Which one? What kind? Be more human to each other in everyday life, at work or leisure, not focusing on the roots or color of the opposite. Do not carry the negative of the old life into this and even if something here is not the limit of dreams – to be higher and try to do everything yourself on conscience. There are drawbacks everywhere, but we ourselves need to realize that each of us in its place can “change the world for the better”, even without simply scattering garbage …
If you could change anything in the way of life in Ireland, what would it be?
What can be changed in the way of the whole country, if it is most difficult to change something in yourself for the better? If I can change something in myself – I’ll start thinking globally …
What is your life motto?
I did not think to allow myself the motto. Just living, trying not to get worse. ”
[pullquote align = & # 8221; right & # 8221;] Just living, trying not to get worse [/ pullquote]
What is your greatest achievement in life?
Achievements? The world has not been saved, there is not a million either in money or in acquaintances … The question is piled up.
What talent would you like to have?
Most likely I would like to understand people more fully, and even more be able to explain intelligibly.
What is your main disadvantage?
What is your favorite occupation?
At this time, the departure from the reality of life under the crunch of popcorn, if tired of enjoying the creation through the hands or the brain.
How do you spend your free time?
I’m dealing with a camper, a great one, I support the current residential condition of the house, I communicate in intervals.
What website do you visit most often?
Which of your things is most valuable to you?
To what vices do you feel the greatest indulgence?
There is no refreshing because I’m ashamed of gluttony and laziness.
If not yourself, what would you like to be?
Only if the improved version itself. From a utopian dreamer to become a rebel breaking the foundations of all social systems by showing the viability of a model of a just self-regulating and self-developing society, without the need for a radical breakthrough of the old revolutionary tornado. But here’s this little point about laziness …
What are you disgusted with?
Can to scum of various kinds and properties.
What personal qualities do you most appreciate in people?
Honor. I think from this & # 8220; grows & # 8221; all the rest.
When you have a bad mood, how do you try to raise it?
Oppanki … First of all I try, that I would not catch the others. I try to get distracted by business, to switch more often and grope in each concrete case what exactly carries out upward.
What do you do when you are in a good mood?
I rejoice in life, enjoy, high, if there is an opportunity to “infect” the rest.
What does happiness mean to you?
Notice that it does exist (more in small than in large).