Serebryakov went to Canada.
Russian actor Alexei Serebryakov (“Bayazet”, “Inhabited Island”) moved his family (wife, daughter and two sons) to Canada, fearing changes in Russia after the presidential elections.
He told journalists about this himself. Asked whether he had moved to emigrate, Serebryakov responded clearly: “You can say so” – and added that he wants his children to grow up and be brought up in a fundamentally different ideology and environment. “Unfortunately, in Russia, no matter how I guard or isolate them from rudeness and aggression, you will not defend it.” It’s in the air. “Ham won.” According to him, he began to think about moving a long time, and the last straw was the summer fires of 2010. “And it’s not even in smog, but the fact that the authorities did not announce the need to evacuate even children,” – said Serebryakov. The actor also said he was afraid of what might happen the day after the presidential election. “The car is running, and, no matter how the elections have passed, there will certainly be a lot of those who will scream about their illegitimacy.” The war of compromising materials, provocation, harassment – all this is disgusting, “the actor said. At the same time, Serebryakov does not plan to leave his film career in Russia.
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