Serbia and the receipt of residence permit by the Russians, Migrants.
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Residence permit in Serbia for Russians.
Serbia is a state with a unique nature and multifaceted national traditions. Hundreds of foreign tourists annually come to this country to relax and enjoy the local beauties. Citizens of the post-Soviet space can visit Serbia without a visa, presenting their foreign passport to the border guards.
If the planned visit exceeds 30 days, it will be necessary to issue a residence permit, called the Serbs as “borax”.
The grounds for obtaining residence permits in Serbia can serve as:
& mdash; business immigration. The recommended field of activity for this purpose is marketing research and preparation of contracts for signing. Validity of the residence permit is 1 year, the subsequent extension is up to 3 years;
& mdash; conclusion of an employment contract. Validity of residence permit is 1 year. with the right of extension;
& mdash; training for higher education. The period of study in universities, and hence the total duration of residence permit for students, is 4-7 years;
& mdash; buying a property. The primary residence permit is issued for 3-6 months with the right of further extension.
After 3-5 years of residence in Serbia, persons with the status of residence permit can apply for permanent residence status. To obtain citizenship, a migrant must live in Serbia for at least 8 years.
The Russians can obtain a residence permit in Serbia in several ways:
& mdash; by purchasing real estate;
& mdash; by means of creation and opening of own business;
& mdash; enrolled in the university of Serbia for education;
& mdash; having signed a labor agreement with the Serbian side.
The main package of documents for any of the options for obtaining a residence permit includes:
& mdash; a statement on the availability of funds on the account (not less than 3.5 thousand euros);
& mdash; certificates of marriage, divorce and the birth of children (if any);
& mdash; Diplomas confirming the education received (if any);
& mdash; certificate of criminal record;
& mdash; medical insurance (the amount of insurance coverage is more than 1 thousand euros);
& mdash; medical opinion about the state of health;
& mdash; documents confirming the registration of an alien at the place of his residence in Serbia (if the migrant does not have his own housing but rents it from the owner of real estate, the fact of renting the living space is confirmed in the local police in the presence of the owner of the property).
The residence permit, as a rule, lasts for a year (an exception for those who have obtained residence permit when buying real estate, for which the term of this document is only six months). Upon expiration of the validity period, the residence permit is renewable.
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