Selection of real estate in the south of France.
South Pyrenees and the surrounding areas of Toulouse.
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Search and selection of a house or apartment in France for living and / or investment; Search and selection of land for construction; Assistance with the construction and restoration of real estate in France (live / resell); Consultation on the restoration of French real estate for the purpose of profitable resale; Assistance with the delivery of your property for short-term rent; The scheme of buying and managing a small hotel in France; Tips for selecting a property for investment in Southern France; The market of investment construction (multi-storey houses, townhouses, cottage settlements).
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Why is it worth to buy a property in the region of Ariege?
Ariege is a department in the south of France, part of the South-Pyrenees region. The population is 157 thousand people.
The region is located in the heart of the mountain range dividing France and warm Spain. The sun shines here 300 days a year. The air is always fresh, as well as the water draining from the mountain peaks Pyrenees. The region is favorable for people who have health problems. Here you can both live permanently, and come to rest, or be cured at one of the many resorts located on natural hot springs.
The department of Ariege is an important ancient and historical center of southern France, connected with different royal dynasties of France. The region of Ariege is covered with Qatar half-ruined fortresses, located on the peaks of the mountains at a dizzying height. The vibrations and energy of Ariege leave indifferent neither foreign tourists nor people coming back from all over France and Europe to buy themselves a piece of this paradise and stay alive forever.
In 50 – 70 kilometers from Ariege is located the city of Toulouse. Toulouse & # 8212; it is a city in the south of France, the capital of the South region of the Pyrenees and the prefecture (administrative center) of the department of Haute Garonne and the district of Toulouse. One of the largest cultural, scientific and industrial centers of France; the fourth most populous city (427 thousand people) after Paris, Marseille and Lyon.
In Toulouse aerospace, electronic, information-technological and biochemical industries are developed. Here, in particular, is the main assembly production of the concern of the world aerospace concern Airbus. Toulouse is famous for the fact that parts of the Arian space rocket are being developed here.
I also produce a selection of real estate in this region of Southern France.
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