Sale of real estate in Latvia – a wide offer of different in type and value of objects.
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KOM-INVEST – Your personal guide in the Latvian real estate market.
Buy a business, apartment, house or commercial object for investment in Latvia – in Riga and Jurmala – simply. It is much more difficult to find exactly the object that is suitable for your personal needs, taking into account all conditions. At a cost that will pleasantly surprise you: the best facility at the best price. Moreover, with the maximum attention of the employee of the company to your needs!
If you plan to buy a property in Latvia, our company KOM-INVEST will help you make the right choice. Our goal is to provide you with a maximum of useful information when choosing an object for purchase – an apartment, a house, a commercial property, as well as legally competently and safely conduct a transaction.
The market now has a huge number of sites, real estate companies and private offers for the sale of apartments, houses. In all this variety of proposals is very difficult to understand. Especially in the event that you live not in Latvia and do not know many of the nuances of objects offered for sale, do not know the subtleties of Latvian legislation and taxation.
Unfortunately, it often happens that not very understanding the features of the local market, the buyer buys an apartment because of the “very low price” or “sweet speeches” of the real estate agent, and after the purchase it suddenly turns out that the apartment has “shadow”, unattractive side.
Therefore, to help you make the right choice and help you buy the best object at the best price, we offer you cooperation with our company.
We will analyze each proposed object – an apartment, house or commercial object according to the following criteria:
1. The cost of maintaining this property – utility bills in this facility and comparative indicators in other facilities, so that you have an understanding that it is beneficial not only to buy cheap, but also to keep the apartment or house bought for a long time afterwards.
2. Annual tax.
3. Possibility of leasing and comparative analysis of prices and demand for rental of other offers.
4. Hidden problems, which you will not see when you look. For example, according to the approved construction plan in Riga, a railway will be built near your house.
5. Hidden virtues. For example, according to the urban development plan, a park will be built near the house.
6. The legal purity of the object, the history of its purchases, sales, loans, etc.
7. The possibility of bank and non-bank lending when buying this property.
8. Analysis of the profitability of the location. Availability of infrastructure, transport links.
9. Evaluation of the possibility of obtaining a residence permit when buying this object – does it meet the criteria for obtaining residence permit.
If you are planning a large investment and choosing a commercial property – a house, a hotel, a shopping center, an office or commercial premise, an operating business, it is unlikely to find a suitable offer on the Internet. We will pick up an object for you according to your individual request.
We will analyze the financial attractiveness and profitability of each commercial object.
We will offer an optimal tax scheme when buying and managing an object.
We will attract the right experts – accountants, builders, tax specialists, lawyers, designers.
If you want to get the best quality information about any real estate that you can buy in Latvia, please contact our company.
If you want to help you understand all the variety of offers on the market, please contact our company.
If you want to get maximum offers and options that are right for you, then contact our company, because we have a large database of objects. Also we cooperate with all banks of Latvia (which own real estate objects), with all real estate agencies in Riga and Jurmala.
Our company employs experienced real estate experts and a lawyer who together will help you to make a reasoned rather than superficial choice.
If you want to make sure of the quality of the information that we offer you, then look how systematically and understandably the information on the procedure for buying real estate or on the residence permit on our website is stated.
Did you meet with other companies such descriptions? Serious investments need to be done only with the help of real professionals to exclude all possible risks.