Russian, who won Green Sard: Moving to the US was a big mistake.
The 27-year-old Tyumen resident Anatoly Zaitsev came to America thanks to the victory in the diversification lottery, which is annually held by the US government. At first the young man was delighted, but after moving overseas he realized that life outside Russia was a burden for him.
“I applied for a residence permit four times. The lottery of 2014 was victorious for me. Two years later, my right to receive Green Card was confirmed, a few more months – the collection of necessary documents and certificates. Then I saw the United States as a place where my education in the field of information systems will be valued more than in Russia. I did not understand where all this will lead me, “the Russian began his story.
“Like many immigrants from the countries of the former USSR, I settled in the Brighton Beach area of New York City. I had to divide a two-room apartment with a neighbor-illegal, otherwise the money would be enough for only two months of life. In total, I give about 1,300 dollars a month for rent, which is considered quite a budget. This is not counting the payment for the Internet, mobile communications and other things. I was not lucky with my work: I was not interested in my profile, and I still have to work as a handyman, “admits Anatoly Zaitsev.
“Here your laws, your mentality. I work without overtime (processing) at a fixed rate of $ 9 per hour. Money is given out in cash, without any checks. This is due to the fact that the employer arranged me semi-officially, I do not count in the state. With this, there are many problems, especially with the submission of information about my incomes (income received). I do not go to museums or concerts in principle – I’m trying to save practically everything. I perfectly understand that many were more fortunate than me. But believe me, you can count the whole dream of the American dream on the whole of Brighton Beach, counting on the fingers of one hand, “said the Russian.
“All places on well-paid construction sites or production are traditionally owned by the Mexican diaspora. I try not to face them on the street: they are very aggressive and may even be beaten. Just like that, for no reason. They behave much more harshly than the same African Americans from Brooklyn or Queens. To Russians in general is not a very good attitude, even if you behave normally – do not be rude and not rude. Many Americans directly shy away from people who talk in our way. Most of them have this opinion: “All Russians, like the Italians 20-30 years ago, the Mafia.”
“Everybody says – America is a country of hope, a country of opportunities and big money. This is far from the case. Moving to the US was a big mistake. Never before would I have thought that you can become so dependent on your income, count every dollar and keep so tight an accounting that you really can devote half of the Sabbath to it. It’s unbearable. It is unbearable to feel such pressure on yourself. Moreover, the pressure of permanent circumstances, from which you do not depend in any way. Would I like to turn everything back? May be. But there is no turning back. We must try to develop here, “Anatoly Zaitsev concluded.