Russian roots of the Hollywood stars.
Among the famous actors and Hollywood stars with a world name, you can find many people from the former USSR, or at least those whose relatives were emigrants from Russia, Belarus or Ukraine.
Natalie Wood.
The queen of Hollywood, who did not hide her Russian roots, was Natalie Wood. Under this pseudonym, Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko became famous. During the revolution, her parents fled Kharkov to Vladivostok, then to China. And from there to San Francisco. There in 1938 Natalia was born. The daughter of a Russian engineer and noblewoman began to withdraw from four years.
Dustin Hoffman.
Hoffman’s parents are descendants of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. They emigrated to the USA from Kiev in the twenties. His father comes from Ukraine, and his mother comes from Romania.
Winona Ryder.
Her real name is Winona Laura Horowitz. And this is understandable, because the parents of Winona Cynthia and Michael Horowitz are descendants of Jewish emigrants from Russia and Romania. And the real surname of her father’s ancestors is Tomchin. The future actress should have been called Winona Tomcina.
Michael Douglas and his father Kirk.
Hollywood actors Michael Douglas and his father Kirk also have Russian roots. The real name of Kirk is Issur Daniilovich-Demsky. His father, respectively, Michael’s grandfather, Hershel Danielovich, left Russia to avoid military service and participation in the Russo-Japanese War.
Jack Pelance.
The famous American actor Jack Palance is a Ukrainian by birth. His parents wore the name of Palagnyuk. Walter Jack Palance is so proud of his Ukrainian roots that he refused to accept the title of People’s Artist of Russia, offered to him at the Festival of Russian Art in Los Angeles. He said: “I’m Ukrainian, not Russian!”
Leonardo DiCaprio.
The Russian roots of him are his grandmother. Russian Elena Smirnova, who, after moving to Germany from Russia, married and took the surname of her husband Indenbirken. DiCaprio himself, in a conversation with Vladimir Putin, added that his grandfather was also Russian.
Liv Tyler.
Actress Liv Tyler does not know much about Russian roots. Grandma Liv had Russian and Indian roots. But the actress was never interested in who exactly was from Russia – great-grandmother or great-grandfather. But the Russian roots of the celebrity made themselves felt, it’s not for nothing that Tyler performed the role of Tatiana Larina in the Hollywood film adaptation of “Eugene Onegin”.
Harrison Ford.
Harrison Ford is half Irish, half Jewish from Russia. His mother Dorothy was born in America, but her large Jewish family came to New York in 1907 from Minsk.
David Duchovny.
David Duchovny’s father is a Russian Jew. His name was Amram the Spiritual. Having moved to the US, he changed his name to Dukovny, so that it would be easier for Americans to pronounce it. However, his son David returned the letter “x” back, giving his name the original sound.
Jennifer Connelly.
Actress Jennifer Connelly was born and grew up in New York. His father came from the families of Ireland and Norway, and his mother’s motherland was Russia and Poland. Jennifer does not like to deal with her Russian roots: she has so many relatives on the maternal line that, probably, life will not be enough to compile a genealogical tree.
Peter Fall.
The mother of Peter Falk, who became world famous after the series “Colombo” – Russian by birth, and in his father a mixture of Polish, Hungarian and Czech blood.
Nicole Scherzinger.
Dark-skinned beauty mother Nicole Scherzinger from Pussycat dolls – half Hawaiian, half Russian. Nicole Scherzinger is Nicole Praskovia Elikolani Valiante. Her Russian grandmother, was originally from Vladivostok. “I consider myself a Russian American, and my friends sometimes call me Pasha!” – once said the beautiful Nicole on tour in Russia.
Peter Ustinov.
The performer of the role of Hercule Poirot, Peter Ustinov, was born in London in 1921 in a family of immigrants from Russia. His first performance on stage took place at the age of 17. After that, Ustinov became widely known in the UK and the world for his directorial and acting work in film, theater and television.
Natalie Portman.
Natalie Portman was born in Jerusalem, but her parents moved to the capital of Israel from Chisinau. When Natalie was three years old, the family moved to the US: first to Washington, then to Connecticut, and then to New York.
Anton Yelchin.
Young actor Anton Yelchin is considered a rising star of Hollywood. He starred in such films as “Alpha Dog” (2006), “Pranks in College” (2007) and “Terminator 4” (2009). Anton was born in St. Petersburg, and when he was six months old, Anton’s parents, professional figure skaters, moved to Los Angeles: “I do not remember Russia,” he explained to me. “But I love you, as well as my relatives, who stayed there.”
Milla Jovovich.
Mila Jovovich was born in Kiev. Her mother, Galina Loginova, was an actress, and her father was a pediatrician from Yugoslavia. The first five years of her life, Mila spent in the Soviet Union.
His father’s parents, Leo Penn, were Jewish immigrants from Lithuania and Russia who came to the United States in the early 1900s. Shawn’s mother is Catholic, of Italian and Irish descent. Such an alliance of a Jew with Russian-Lithuanian roots and Irish Catholics presupposed the expressive nature of children, so it turned out.
Larisa Oleinik.
Less known in Russia, but no less talented is another young American of Russian origin – Larisa Oleinik. She was born in 1981 in California. Her father Roman Oleynik, a programmer by profession, emigrated to America, his mother – an American. The main work in the series “The Secret World of Alex Mack”, for which she twice received the junior award “Emmy”. Comedy Club nannies and “Ten things that I hate in you”, “Drama”, “Time for Dancing”, and “American Rhapsody”, “Let It Be Rain”. ; and others.
Steven Seagal.
Born Stephen Sigal in the family of Stephen and Pat Seagal, was the fourth child – the first boy after three girls. His grandfather on the paternal line came to America as a child with his family from St. Petersburg. Stephen Segal’s mother was of Irish origin, his father had Jewish, Mongolian and Russian roots.
Gwyneth Paltrow.
Father Paltrow was a descendant of the well-known rabbinic tribe Paltrowich from Russia who lived in Minsk. And when they left for America, they changed the name, and it turned out that Peltrow: “The Russians are an amazing people. It’s an honor to be even a small part of such a nation, “says Gwyneth.
Sylvester Stallone.
Sylvester Stallone was born in New York. His father, the hairdresser Frank Stallone, came to the States from Sicily, and his mother – an astrologer, Jacklin Stallone-Leibo- fish was born in Odessa, in a Jewish family. The native of the seaside city was the great-grandmother of the star on the maternal line – the heiress of the rich Rosa Leibovich. The actor says: “I suddenly felt that I had much more maternal than the Italian paternal genes.”
Steven Spielberg.
The grandfathers of Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) were natives of Russia. Who would have thought that the popular director and author of a dozen of the most famous films – a quarter Russian?
It is rumored that the “black pearl” of the world cinema, Whoopi Goldberg, “revealed the Odessa roots. Hmm & # 8230;
. The creators of the film studio “Warner Brothers” were four brothers from Belarus – Voronov (or Warner). Fathers of the film company “Metro Goldwyn Mayer” were – a native of Minsk Lazar Meir (aka Louis Bart Meier) and a resident of Warsaw, Shmuel Goldfish (Samuel Goldwyn).
Oscar-winning actor and one of the main Hollywood scandalists Sean Penn also has Russian roots! His father’s parents are from Lithuania and Russia.
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Since when did Minsk become Russia?
Harrison Ford is half Irish, half Jewish from Russia. His mother Dorothy was born in America, but her large Jewish family came to New York in 1907 from Minsk.
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Tom Selleck, Erika Eleniak, George Gaines. They have Ukrainian roots!
My favorite composer is Mikhail Khaladjan, too, with Russian roots! The music is amazing and he himself is such MACHO not for nothing is called Russian James Bond!
I am Branka Dragicevic from Zagreb-Croatia and my grandfather (from my mother side) was Ivan Tarasovic Pigarev, born 1888. in Belaya Kalitva, Rostovska oblast, Russia. His life was very interesting. I am very proud of russian descent.
Hello. I’m from Rostov, White Kalitva is not far from me, I was there several times. Your grandfather is a good native land! I’m Russian, but I see no difference between the Croats and the Russians. We are all Slavs, which means one people!
Portman is a Moldovan. Everything went to her love.
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My name is Anastasia Ustinova, my great-grandfather is Ustinov.
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And also Helen Mirren, (Elena Mironova) that played the English queen.
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Mila Kunis & # 8212; Jewish roots also exist.
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