If you are young, strong in health, do not have a profession and most importantly – you do not have the money to get this profession, the best thing you can do in America is to join the army. The benefit of recruiting offices for recruiting into the army on the streets of New York as mushrooms.
They are located in places cheerful and little suitable for such a serious and even harsh business. For example, under the Luna Park on Serv-Avenue. The people there stroll gay, carefree, flushed with beer, sun and attractions. The very place for recruitment. I went to the office to inquire, and now you are no longer a peaceful philistine and a yellow-faced youth, but a defender of the motherland, rookie, soldier.
And then the most important thing is clear: the army is not at all what is shown in movies and commercials. And not at all what the recruiters promised.
It is much easier for those who take this step consciously, precisely following the intended goal. They chose a male hard work, dangerous and troubled, and in whatever country their service was held – this work deserves special respect.
SERGEY BEPPALOV in the US Army since 98 years. He served in the Army and Navy. Fire and water passed. And, in the most direct sense.
– I knew that I would join the army, still on the way to America. The road turned out to be slow. I was born in Birobidzhan, in the Far East. Then, at age 17, he left with his parents for Israel, served there in the Marine Corps. At age 19, one went to Canada. In four years he won a green card, he came to America.
I did not have to agitate. First of all, I went to the nearest recruitment point and tried to pass the test. I failed. English was inadequate. Then a month later he made another attempt. Too has not passed. The third attempt was allowed only six months later. Six months later, I pulled up English and passed.
– What kind of test was it and what requirements were presented to the physical form of the recruit?
– The test itself is uncomplicated. In total, little by little: mechanics, mathematics, logical thinking, English. At first, you are surprised that adults are asked such stupidity. Say: 21 divided by 3 or 8 plus 12. But then you understand what the essence is. Among a bunch of simple examples are puzzles more complicated, all this is given a certain, very short time. So the general impression of man’s intelligence and preparation is very fast.
The same is with English. The texts seem to be similar and simple. But to correctly answer, you need to understand the details of the text, feel it.
With physical preparation and that is easier. The main thing is that you were not disabled, hands-feet in place. The rest – will be corrected.
– The contract is signed, my mother – in tears, girlfriends – in sorrow. What’s next? Where is the freshly recruited recruit going?
– In schools of initial training – simply speaking, in the curriculum. Eight weeks of daily drill and intensive training. The first thing they do is shave the nasal, then they settle on the barracks. The barracks are one large corridor, from the corridor of a room without doors for eight people each, single-tier beds. A box for personal belongings from floor to ceiling. Common shower, toilet, concrete floors, stone walls. No music, TVs, personal time. No cigarettes and presents from home.
Rise to 4.30. Then run and exercise. Shower. Breakfast. Practical and theoretical studies. Snack – combat training. The schedule is very busy, the program is as concentrated as possible. Even because of illness, it is not recommended to get out of the schedule, you will be suspended – will be transferred to the beginning of classes. And who wants to take extra weeks in the school?
– It was difficult to get used after such a free life to such overloads?
– Me – no. I think it is easier for Russians to get used to restrictions. Americans are brought up more democratically – any submission to them is disgusting.
Yes, many frankly did not understand where and why they got, many were in shock from the situation and from the tough schedule. They had very little information before they went. Most of them were frankly deceived by recruiters, they promised golden years. Among recruiters it is found. They need to shove as many people into the army as they have their own plan.
On the other hand, you can not bring down all the recruiters, the guys have not fallen from the moon either – it’s an army, and you can not behave like you want, and everyone will consider you such a good guy just because you went to serve.
– Well, this is the fallacy of youth.
– Why youth? The American army recruits from 17 to 35 years. The bulk of recruits: 23-24 years. I did not meet a senior 32 years old. Seventeen year olds are also few, and they require mandatory permission from their parents.
– If we talk about the average age, it turns out that the American army is not the best staff – people without a profession, those who worked for a minimum in a citizen?
– Absolutely not necessary. Everyone has different situations. Now I have a friend: he recently returned from Iraq. He went to the army, because his wife was on the ninth month, the army paid for them the birth of a child and generally helped to get back on its feet. He still serves.
Someone is going to support the family, someone to escape from the family, and someone to escape from himself.
– By the way, about running. What standards must the soldiers pass at the end of training?
– For each age its own norm. For example, for 25-year-olds it is required to run two miles in 16 and a half minutes, wring 42 times in two minutes and “make a press” 54 times in two minutes.
When you just come to the training, you need to run a mile (it’s not important for how much – just run) and wring 11 times.
– Did your compatriots meet during the training?
– I did not meet any Russian in the training. I had to immediately immerse myself in a foreign world and language. It is not easy. It’s not even in the language, but in the mentality. Americans have very different concepts. What is normal for us, then for them wildly and vice versa. For example, they have a flourishing message for any reason. This is not considered shameful. The system of denunciation is put on stream, informers are all very encouraged, get privileges. And most importantly, the informer does not cause rejection, condemnation of his comrades. Everyone will be careful with him, but in no way will they show their dislike. The Baikot will not be told to him.
And yet, no matter what the politicians say, Americans feel a chill, a touch of fear and danger. Apparently, the remnants of the Cold War, and the cinematography tried. I did not threaten anyone, but I was still apprehensive. Several times he was called a communist.
For example, I had a conflict with one African American. Not on racial grounds – God save. Ordinary human antipathy, this often happens. He was healthy, just huge, but cowardly. And when we went to the shooting range, he said that he did not want to lie next to me, because he was afraid that I would shoot him. Naturally, I had nothing of the kind in my mind either. But he just decided to do it. As a result, three sergeants hung over me, ready to twist me in the same second, as soon as I deployed the machine in his direction. I shot off shockingly, although I usually knock out a very good result. Comments, as it seems to me, are superfluous.
– Now about the vital: how and how to feed an American soldier?
– Fed, surprisingly, well. Even in comparison with the Israeli army. You walk with a walk past the glass window and choose everything that you like. Meat, chicken, salads, hotter than several kinds. We were given even lobsters and crab legs. Here – machines with soda and ice cream. Old residents say that they used to give beer. But since the people of the beer added weight, and also managed to get on with a few cans – the shop was closed.
– And the nightmare of any recruit – hazing?
– There is no hazing here, because there are no grandfathers as such. There are soldiers who undergo eight-week training. In this sense, all are equal. The army is professional, people go into it consciously. There is no feeling of despair and despair. Yes, and the laws are better here, but the assault will not work that way.
Of course, fights and conflicts happen – the system of subordination itself causes irritation. The offended can not disrupt the evil on the one who caused him the inconvenience, for that is higher than the rank. Therefore, he recoups on the one who is the Ambassador. The plot is the same as in our army.
– And the girls – then. After the training. During classes, romance is strictly forbidden. Although the female half of the training is located next door. Sometimes people can not stand it. One pair was caught right in the big garbage container, they had a meeting there in full swing. Two more guys were caught somehow in the female half. They did not do anything reprehensible there, but guys can not enter the territory of girls. Violators forced for an hour and a half to press and swing the press. And still make a “butterfly”: in the jump at the same time throw up your arms and legs. After 50 – 60 times you do not feel either one or the other.
– The training is completed, eight weeks of training is over, what’s next?
– Then everyone goes to different schools, where they pass a narrow specialization. Usually it’s another five to eight weeks. In the American army, you’re not just a sentry with a gun, you have to have a certain profession. I, for example, have another five weeks on the administrator. Then two years I served in the field artillery of the National Guard. This is a reserve army, you work where you want, but subbot and Sunday, as well as two weeks of fees you give the army.
Each state has its own local troops, they guard important facilities (airports, bridges), work in emergency situations, in natural disasters. Now, for example, the national guardsmen are going to send to Iraq. . You can say, through the army, I found a wife. I came to visit an army friend and met a girl from Moscow. We did not part anymore.
– And then you unexpectedly got into the fleet?
“Why is it unexpected?” I went consciously to the fleet.
Firstly, my father served in the Navy, and secondly, I wanted to change the reserve army to a permanent one, so as not to be torn between two worlds: civilian and military. But what I really did not expect, is that I have to start everything from scratch. Nobody told me about this – insidiously, of course, but it was too late to rush. I passed everything from the very beginning. Again eight weeks of training and another nine weeks of special training at a Texas school. And only after that I got a direction on the ship.
– A huge ship, stuffed with super technology, shine, cleanliness and order?
– Haha! Rusty can of 68th year of release. No cabins. There is a corridor with sleeping places, three-tiered beds (very similar to a common car, if someone remembers what it is). Boxes for clothes are small. Dirty underwear dangles right under your nose. Maximum inconvenience. People who served a lot, said that they did not see the worst of the ship. In addition, the ship was also used as a training ground for new captains and assistants. And all tried to merit, naturally, with our blood. Each newly appointed wished to make some breakthrough in his field, put forward the next crazy ideas, and ultimately we suffered.
“And where does the heroic naval service begin?”
– Service on the ship, by and large, begins with the kitchen. Each salad, no matter what his specialty, should after some time work for three months in the kitchen. This is the law of the sea. Recruits wash the dishes, distribute food, prepare food for cooking. Consolation can only one fact: on American vessels potatoes are not to be cleaned, it is already cleaned there. In the process, they must also clean the cabins and always be on the alert. Feed, by the way, in the navy is much worse than in the army: scant and tasteless.
“Do not deserters happen under such conditions?”
“Just before my arrival, one guy escaped from the ship.” But this is rather an exception to the rules. Usually the guys just ask for resignation, some fall into depression. We had a very difficult six-month trip to Africa. There one sailor swallowed the tablets-he really wanted to be sent home. The guy, of course, immediately pumped out. sent to the examination and then disgraced from the army. In such cases, they never meet. This can be understood – let go of one, and on the ship, except for the captain and assistant, there will be no one left.
– It is believed that sailors, regardless of nationality, people rampant and defeated. Americans in this sense correspond to the image?
“They are in full compliance.” First, they are the biggest foul language. If we say: swears like a shoemaker, then in America: swears like a sailor.
During long flights abroad, in all foreign ports the program of dismissal is approximately this: beer – and in a brothel. Doctors know this well and before the ladder carefully put the basket with condoms. After the dismissal usually, make a random check for drugs. On the radio announce the names of those who must immediately come to pass the urine for analysis. It’s called a surprise test. Sometimes the whole ship is checked. Then just someone will hook. Cocaine, heroin, grass. This happens.
– And how to see the world, sights?
– Many of the guys that were with me on the ship, for the first time were outside the states. At the same time, they did not want to go further than the nearest bar with burghers and beer. I do not know why. In this sense, I was a black sheep. It was very difficult to find a couple for a leave.
“What do you need a pair for, do not you?”
– That’s just the point, that it is impossible. Americans have very strict parameters, by which you go to the shore. T-shirt can not be worn, shorts should be stitched and of a certain length. You must have one of your colleagues (it’s very similar to the times of Soviet tourism), there should be no American symbols on clothes, etc.
– The main question: how much is an American defender?
– Salaries as such are not very high. The smallest position is estimated at 1,060 dollars, the highest admiral – about 13 thousand. But there is a whole system of benefits and insurance for the whole family. Issued money for the apartment and food. It makes life easier. In addition, money is charged for risk and work away from the family. For example, if you are in the sea for more than 30 days, then you are owed $ 100 on top. The usual “sea additive” – $ 60 per month. And in the American army it does not matter what exactly you are doing – you are developing a project for three billion dollars or sweeping the floors. I do not know if it’s good or bad, but it’s a fact.
– Is it possible for a Russian person to make a career in the American army?
“In the navy, I did not see any higher officer rank among the Russians.”
I think it’s not just Russians, but foreigners, in general – people born abroad. That is, at some level, “outsiders” can serve the country, but beyond a certain feature they are unlikely to advance.
The same with citizenship. Although Bush said that all those who have served in the US army will receive citizenship without delay, in practice this does not affect the speed of the promotion of documents in any way. For example, I’m still not a citizen. Having received the sacred right to “defend the country”, I did not receive the elementary rights of a citizen.
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I served in the army of the defense of Israel.
Is it possible to pass an additional service in the US?
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