Russian Immigration.
It is not so popular as marriage with a Muslim, a German, a Jew, an American, but very, very promising. Unsuccessfully, the girls do not take into account this kind of marriage, because it is very, very profitable.
First of all, the number of men in Australia is much higher than the number of women, so even the policy of Australia is aimed at attracting women from abroad. As a rule, they are residents of poor countries – Asian women, well, and our compatriots.
With the Australian husband it is necessary to live two years, in order to obtain a residence permit.
Also, Australian legislation takes the side of a woman regardless of her nationality and basic citizenship. Therefore, wives are often used to this, otszhivaya from their husbands decent parts of their condition and children. Sometimes, to get a positive result, they turn to the police and claim violence from her husband.
P.S. Where to go – it’s up to you. Yes, and if love, then, as they say, it is not a potato, you will not throw it out the window. but the brightness of the senses is still better to turn your head and ask yourself: is it worth it?
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The title of our project “The Russians beyond the Border” is a reflection of the current life of our citizens who have found the strength to go beyond the ordinary and leave their country for the benefit of their own life and family. In the soul and on the passport – we are residents of a great country. And let us be far from each other, but we do not abandon our own! The success that our people have already shared has helped the majority of fellow countrymen to move and realize their dream. Protoptannaya path gives travelers a chance to do without annoying tour operators, and Russian people will help to find housing at a reasonable price without local speculators. Most of our people who live abroad work for themselves, and they are interested in helping and supporting Russian people.
our in Australia.
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