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Forum Rules.
The forum is based solely on the mutual love of its regular participants. There is no place for democratic procedures, human rights and concern for diverse minorities. Love and respect replace everything. Therefore, if someone does not like here, then he does not belong here.
2. If you are pregnant – you HERE.
3. If you want to lose weight – you HERE.
4. If you are an innovated member of the EU – you HERE.
5. If you are beaten by a Cypriot husband – you HERE.
6. Ne pishite translitom. Read latin-shaped shkakozyabry – lazily. The absence of a Russian keyboard is not an excuse. Respect other people, use
7. Before asking a question, use the & quot; Search & quot; function. Do not disturb people a hundred thousandth time with the question “How to rent a house”, “What is Pink Slip”? or & quot; And where to insure the car & quot ;. All this was discussed a hundred times, it was already enough to answer the same questions.
8. Account Suspension or Ban occur without warning, the administrator and moderators of the forum are always right, do not try to resist and download the rights. Attacks and insults are kept in private messages and do not pour negative into the masses.
9. We do not pursue attendance, the slogan “is better less, but better” it is quite suitable for us.
10. Announcements about the lease, as well as the sale of something should be with a photo and price, otherwise they will be deleted. Also, ads will be deleted, the author of which will not answer questions of potential customers.
11. If in your intentions to use the forum ONLY for ads – then we are not on your way. But, if you really need to place an ad, then we go HERE.
12. The forum rules are binding for everyone, without exception. If someone does not like something – then pay attention to point number 8.
In this section, everything is related to the pink slip and the sloe.
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Immigration to Cyprus.
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