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Sunday, January 25, 2009.
Immigration to Australia & # 8211; replenishment of the Diaspora descendants of the Russian nobility.
Rospersonal employees take part in conferences, meet with Russian immigrants, receive many stories about life in Australia and give feedback on the quality of this life. Today, more than 68,000 Russians live in Australia, of which about 15,000 were born in Russia and slightly more than half speak Russian. Russian newspapers are being published & Unity & Horizont; and “View” on the state-run SBS television channel six times a week there is the “Vesti” program and there is a Russian channel on the cable TV. This, unfortunately, is all that unites the Russian population of Australia with Russia. And, if adults still somehow try to read and speak in Russian, then it is almost impossible to force children to do it. Boring and there is no need.
– Australians find it difficult to pronounce the word Australia, and Ozzi came up to help them. Now Australia is called Ozzi, and Australians are called ozzis.
– It’s hard for Australians to write the word Windows, and Bill Gates specifically created a program for them Windaz – download ozzis your windaz and do not suffer.
Australians do not take offense at such humor, they, in general, seldom take offense. Tranquility and benevolence can be confidently considered their main national virtues.
– be up to 44 years old at the time of registration,
– confirm your level of English,
– have work experience of 1 year,
– not to have previous convictions and not to be sick with HIV, hepatitis and tuberculosis.
If you turned 45 at the time of filing an immigration application & # 8212; Your immigration statement automatically becomes not valid.
– if you were rated by 60 points on the qualification table and worked exactly for this approved profession the last 3 years out of 4 by the time of application, you get 10 points;
– if you are on the qualification table, were rated at 40; 50 or 60 points, but worked for some other (not even related specialty) that is in this table for the last 3 years out of 4 by the time of application, you get 5 points;
– 6.0 points – get 15 points;
– 6.0 points, but at the same time, your qualifications in the MODL list in the & # 8220; Tradespersons and related workers & # 8221; – Get 15 points.
– 7.0 points – get 25 points.
– 5.5 points and you apply for 475 or 487 visa subclasses (see subclasses here) and are willing to pay for language courses that you will be visiting in Australia – get 15 points. The IELTS certificate is valid for 2 years at the time of filing of the immigration application.
– If, in addition, to this, you have a job offer full-time from an Australian party (enterprise) that employs at least 10 employees for the last 2 years & # 8212; get 20 points;
– If you get a master’s degree in 2 years in Australia, and before that, in one year, you received an Australian Bachelor’s Degree (the general continuation of training, physically staying in Australia lasted 3 years) get 15 points;
– if you received a “Honors Degree” for 1 year, but after receiving a “higher Australian education” (bachelor degree) also for a minimum of 1 year (the total duration of physical training in Australia is 2 years) & # 8212; get 15 points;
– If you defended a doctoral thesis for 2 years of study in Australia & # 8212; then you get 25 points;
– Foreign students who have completed one year in Australia in their specialty after completing their studies in Australia or people who have a visa with the right to work and who have completed an approved specialization for a total of 1 year from the last 4 get $ 8212; 10 additional balls. At the same time, if this specialty was in MODL # 8212; additional 20 points for the “acute deficiency” of the profession (total in the amount of: 30 points for one of these items).
– age & # 8212; up to 45 years;
– Knowledge of English (IELTS & # 8212; 5.0 and above);
– a certificate of qualification confirmation for one of the professions in the qualification table;
– The existence of work experience for this profession is 1 year.
then you, as the main applicant, get an additional 5 points for the spouse.
These 5 additional points are given only once for any one language.
And one more thing: the Young Professionals Employment Program has been put in place, if you are not yet 29, you are entitled to a 40% discount on your expenses.
eh, obsolete infa, schas it is already far from easy.
and Australia is no longer as friendly as before.
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