Rio de Janeiro (Brazil): my vacation in Rio, how to get, flights to Rio, attractions.
Rio de Janeiro is considered to be the top vacation spot, and so it has become since the time when ” Brigitte Bardot and Madonna. In general, all bohemians strive to visit there. Do not despair, for ordinary people, the entrance is also open. I’m not talking about the luxurious hotels of Copacabana and the ascent to the world-famous statue of Christ the Savior, there are enough other, no less luxurious places and attractions that you can visit in this delightful city – Rio de Janeiro. So, let’s go.
In order to experience the atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, I bought tickets through the aviasales service, and went on a trip to the country of carnival and an eternal holiday. Despite the fact that Brazil offers various tours, I still decided to go to this wonderful place on my own. And, having bought tickets to Rio de Janeiro, I flew to meet adventures.
Yacht tour to Guanabara Bay.
There is no need for a private yacht to visit this beautiful city. But the holiday in Rio itself provides you with many opportunities. So a small excursion on a sailboat to the Gulf of Guanabara, given the relatively low prices for drinks from the bar, will be a wonderful pastime for the whole evening.
The feel of the tropical breeze and the magnificent views of Rio de Janeiro on the horizon will make you feel like Madonna. Similar excursions include even short-term stops on some small islands in the bay, diving and visiting wild beaches. In general, the impressions for a lifetime from two to three hours of travel will be provided to you.
Not enough, probably, and ten sheets to describe all the charms and attractions of this small town near Rio de Janeiro. Again we return to Brigitte Bardot, who by her youth, hiding from the paparazzi, went to a small fishing village in the then for a quiet quiet rest. It was her presence that helped turn that village into one of the most sought-after places in all of Brazil.
Until now, you can meet the stars of the world community in a simple T-shirt and shorts, drinking beer, basking in the warm sun. And believe me, here you can easily stay in a normal hotel and visit a regular restaurant for such mere mortals like me.
For many years the famous area of Copacabana was considered to be the most fashionable place to relax in the whole of Rio, but for fans of more leisurely leisure without large parties and a round-the-clock rumble, you can be suggested to go further west. in the Ipanema district. Or simply book a tour of Rio, then you can visit many wonderful places. And prices for tours, in principle, acceptable.
My journey here began with a visit to a large hippie market, for which the word “legality” does not exist. Believe me, here you can buy everything to go to nirvana or meet with Bob Marley.
In addition, this region is known for cheap jewelry. For example, diamond jewelry here is sold on beaches, as the same bakery products we have. Separate attention deserves the sunset, which is beautiful enough to watch it on a sober head, but more romantic with Kaipirinha in hand.
Drink tea in Copacabana Palace.
Copacabana Palace is the place where all the famous people of our generation have visited. Yes, it’s too bad to hide, here the Queen herself rested. The hotel itself opened its doors in the distant 1923 and was a special dacha & # 187; for the royal family and all the cream of society.
But, despite the expensive rooms in the hotel, you can simply sit on the terrace, sipping tea with a national dessert, and feeling at the top of the world. A few hundred photos will uniquely adorn your album.
Dinner in the Satyricon.
If you are looking for something more significant than afternoon tea, then I can recommend the place of Satyricon in Ipanema. This classic Italian seafood restaurant, frequented by Madonna, when she is in Rio de Janeiro and the great king of football & # 8212; Cristiano Ronaldo (this guy, judging by his reviews of Rio, visited all the local institutions).
This is certainly not the cheapest institution in the city, but the service here is appropriate, hence this place can be used for pastime as the last evening in Rio de Janeiro.
Climbing the mountain of Christ the Savior.
No visit to Rio will be complete without visiting one of the seven wonders of the world. Christ the Savior, or as it is called here & # 8212; Cristo Retendor, is considered the largest art-decorated statue in the world. The statue of Christ is located on the peak of Mount Corcovado in the Tijuca Forest National Park, from where you can see the whole city. This statue has become an icon not only for Rio, but for the whole of Brazil.
Separate attention deserves a short story about Copacabana. Copacabana Beach is by far the most visited place in Rio de Janeiro, the most popular Brazil, and one of the most famous beaches in the world.
When foreigners think of Rio de Janeiro or Brazil, the beach of Copacabana immediately pops up in their head (and only then, of course, samba, football, beautiful women and their carnivals, the 2016 Olympic Games, the Christ Redeemer statue, the Sugar Loaf and so on).
To talk about the best time of the year for spending a few days on the Copacabana beach.
The beach of Copacabana is good all year round, as the weather in Rio de Janeiro from January to December is only two or three degrees. In the winter months (do not worry that this is July, August and September), the temperature here on average is 20-22 � C, whereas the water temperature is reduced to twenty degrees.
We can consider this time a full-fledged velvet season. In addition, this temperature keeps here around the clock, and you will not feel the difference if you go to the beach at 12 o’clock in the afternoon and at 2 o’clock in the morning. And you can not worry about all sorts of natural disasters like hurricanes, cyclones or tsunamis. here about this one did not even hear.
Copacabana itself in Rio de Janeiro is incredibly crowded with tourists at any time of the year, not only during the day, but also at night. Here are the figures: 100 hotels per square kilometer, more than 1 million tourists per season, more than 20 carnival days a month and long holidays on holidays, when people from all over Brazil come there. Look at how many hotels there are.
Such an abundance is due to the fact that Rio de Janeiro has quite decent prices for tours, besides there are many different beautiful places, huge beaches and delicious national dishes.
Depending on your income, you can offer several hotels in a different price category. Naturally, Copacabana Palace is considered to be the most famous and steep hotel, and on the whole, no one disputes this. More cheap hotels in the western part of the city, closer to Ipanema.
One of the cheapest places to relax are Windsor Palace and Atlantic Copacabana & # 8212; here rest ordinary mortals or those who are too lazy to spend money on more expensive hotels.
The highlight of Copacabana, of course, is its beach. In addition, I recommend visiting a huge embankment in Rio de Janeiro with dozens of cafes offering Kaipirinya of all colors and varieties.
For those who do not know & # 8212; this is a national Brazilian cocktail. In addition, among the species of Copacabana, you can also recommend the Fort with the same name, which is a mandatory place to visit when you are here.
It is worth noting that there are bicycles available for rent, so that for a reasonable fee you can travel not only the whole of Copacabana, but the whole of Ipanema.
Is it expensive to rest Copacabana?
Copacabana is not the most expensive area in Rio de Janeiro. Nevertheless, Rio de Janeiro itself is one of the most expensive cities in South America, and it is felt regardless of the area in which you will rest.
In fact, prices here are steadily growing every year. Are you planning a budget trip? Then visit Rio de Janeiro off-season, living in Ipanema and as soon as possible.
Well, a few tips from me at last.
1) Do not spend too much money on transfer from the airport. I recommend that you immediately think through the route from the airport to your place of residence, as here local locomotives can bend such prices that you could live here for two days, and you do not even think that it is possible to find cheaper. The cheapest way to get to the other end of the city is # 8212; this is, naturally, a bus. The most expensive bus ride is $ 4. But even if you do not have the opportunity to go on this type of transport, book a taxi directly from your hotel, in any case it will be easier.
2) Do not consider Brazil a third world country.
Of course, favela and extreme poverty in some parts of the Amazon indigenous peoples prove the opposite, but it should be borne in mind that Brazil has already eclipsed the UK’s sixth largest economy in the world. True, and the prices here are appropriate, only a visa fee is 140 dollars.
3) Try to learn a little Spanish.
Take with you not only a Spanish phrase book, but also a Portuguese one. Here lives a huge number of different diasporas from other countries in South America, which, naturally, affects the local dialect. Here is the simplest example: in one store you can buy yourself a chocolate, and in another you will be looked at with staring eyes and give instead of the desired product a bottle of Brahma. Well, when there is a choice where to buy up or go out to dinner, but not always it will be provided to you.
4) Realistically assess the possible risks of being in Rio.
Over the years, Rio has been one of the most dangerous cities in South America, however, this fact has never stopped tourists from visiting it. In general, do not worry about street thefts or possible violence from the local. This is completely wrong.
I do not argue, the city has become much safer than before, and this parameter is growing every year, all the same for the sake of tourists. Even excursions to favelas have become available, but this does not mean that there are no crimes committed in this city. Of course, you do not need to be paranoid, but still do not forget about the rules of being in a big city I recommend on my own. Be careful when you leave valuables at home, it’s best to remove them from a visible place, use taxi services at night, and, of course, trust your intuition.
Have a good time, and try not to spend much.
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