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Mallorca 2002 year. Part 4.
The tenth day (22.09.02)
Today we take the car and continue to explore the island. The way on lies to the north-east. First stop & # 8211; Felanitx. The fair is in full swing. A little bargaining shopping. Sasha bargained the belt from 15 to 8 euros, Olya bag from 15 to 10. When buying knives, however, a discount could not be obtained. Having fixed the peculiarities of the local fair on film, we continue our way, which runs along the southeast coast, with the arrival to various coves. Felanitx & # 8211; Read more & raquo;
Although it would be great to go to the DPRK! It’s like in the park of the Jurassic period to get, in my opinion. And here in fact a paradox: earlier for us it was exotic to glance from the North Korean side to South Korean, and now on the contrary! North Koreans built a “propaganda village” opposite to Panmujom with a giant hundred-and-ten-meter flagpole, on which the flag of the DPRK fluttered. Sounds lyrical music from powerful speakers. A plaintive song is pouring about how the divided people suffer, etc. rubbish. They say that Read more & raquo;
They generally smell wonderful. And there are very many of them. Where do not come & # 8211; to the presentation to the National Korean Village near Seoul (, there are dancers, acrobat and rope walkers), to the Confucian school or the taekwondo section – everywhere you find yourself in the dense surroundings of these cute little people. Probably, after viewing my photo album, it will give the impression that in Korea only children live. And what? Children are the flowers of life and the color of any nation. Look at the children, how they are dressed, how to Read on & raquo;
Instruction on Weihai 2007 August.
Hello. I want to give some useful advice to those who are going to go on vacation to Vohay.My and my husband went there to rest in August 2007.
And so, the Dalian-Vaihay tour air 15 drey, in Dalian we are not the first time in this I will not focus on this, everything was pleasant except for the hotel HOLIDAY IN-on 4 * does not pull the full sludge & # 8230; ..
We reached Vohja by ferry, dear tourists, check with your guides about the conditions of the trip, we were accommodated in a 6-bed cabin with 4 Chinese, naturally Read more & raquo;
On the rest in China, and in particular, on the island of Hainan.
On vacation in China and, in particular, on the island of Hainan, I want to speak only in an excellent degree and we decided to submit information about the country in an unconventional form – in the form of a report of the company employees’ trip to the promotional tour. We really hope that you will have a pleasant and useful time reading!
Advertising tour, information tour …. How much in these phrases for the travel agency employee has merged!
That’s how corruptly we rephrase the words of the classic and explain that without these very tours in the tourist business Read more & raquo;
Spring voyage to the Middle Kingdom or the opening of China?
In mid-March, a grandiose exhibition of Intourmarket-2007 took place in Crocus Expo, where I learned a lot of information for myself. From Primorye there were several stands of travel agencies in Vladivostok, Nakhodka and here at the stand of a small tour agency “Mirabel Tour” I got acquainted with the manager of domestic tourism Anastasia who willingly answered all my questions. She also recommended me to visit China and gave a contact phone to their manager for Asian countries. Outbound tourism to Asian countries is engaged Read more & raquo;
Yes, exotic. Yes, far away.
But it was not necessary to choose 3 weeks before the New Year, when many directions are already clogged, and the desire to go to warmer countries is growing every day.
And China, friends, it’s not understandable! A new direction in our Russian travel agencies and a form of manifestation of unlimited diversity in one. Everything seems logical and predictable in our life before crossing the border with this country.
The flight from Moscow to Sanya (Hainan Island) became a strong test. Read more & raquo;
China, August 2006.
I can not share my impressions of the trip from which I returned 3 days ago. I went alone, Beijing-Hainan-Shanghai. I flew to Beijing at 8 am and waited until 13.00 when I would be able to find a free hotel room, apparently the arrival of our group was a surprise to the host party, which slightly overshadowed the first impression of the country. Time for what would like to put himself in order after an 8-hour flight was not necessary, it was necessary to rush to the first excursion. I want to note that August is clearly Read more & raquo;
And China, friends, it’s not understandable!
Yes, exotic. Yes, far away. But it was not necessary to choose 3 weeks before the New Year, when many directions are already clogged, and the desire to go to warmer countries is growing every day. And China, friends, it’s not understandable! A new direction in our Russian travel agencies and a form of manifestation of unlimited diversity in one. Everything seems logical and predictable in our life before crossing the border with this country.
The flight from Moscow to Sanya (Hainan Island) became a strong test. Read more & raquo;
Hong Kong & # 8211; part 5.
15. Lantau Island – the second largest after Hong Kong (Victoria) – the green zone of Hong Kong. Here are small towns, the new Disneyland, as well as several Buddhist monasteries. On a trip to this island, we went from the pier in the Central area. Ferries depart from here every fifteen minutes. The trip lasts about an hour and it’s a good opportunity to see both Hong Kong and Kowloon from the sea at the same time. On the island, near the pier, is a small town, surrounding. Read more & raquo;
Hong Kong & # 8211; part 6.
The Victoria Peak is one of the peaks of a mountain chain that divides the island of Hong Kong in half. The road goes up to the most beautiful places, winding serpentine through thick subtropical forests, between luxurious villas and small groups of multi-storey prestigious houses, each of which represents an autonomous state with its own security and infrastructure. For tourists it is more interesting to take advantage of the tram ride to the top by cable car. Wagons with a stepped floor, of course modern, but stylized Read more & raquo;
Beware of some travel companies!
If you want to waste 10 thousand dollars in vain and instead of a pleasant vacation get a total anguish & # 8211; contact the travel company PARADISE. The name itself, which means & # 8220; Paradise & # 8221; promises you a cloudless and full vacation. However, do not rush to believe. Their site states that & # 8221; Paradise & # 8221; & # 8211; a major Russian tour operator & # 8221 ;. Our tour & # 8221; tour operator & # 8221; bought in the company & # 8220; Southern Cross & (we already learned this in China). We turned to PARADISE and bought a tour of Beijing -Hainan-Hong Kong. I wanted to plunge into exoticism. Read more & raquo;
Hong Kong & # 8211; part 7.
It was the last morning in Hong Kong. Today at nine o’clock in the evening we leave this wonderful city. After the rabid rhythm of the days spent in the huge metropolis, the endless race from the island to the peninsula, and then to another island, we got so tired that we decided to finish this visit beautifully and pleasantly – to rest in one of the city parks. In the city of Hong Kong, despite the fanatic crowd, there are two beautiful parks – “Victoria” and & quot; Hong Kong Read more & raquo;
Hong Kong & # 8211; part 1.
1. New Year in Hong Kong. Where we got. It is difficult to write about Hong Kong. For those who were not there, he often appears to be a city – a legend, something fantastic, beyond the reach. Those who were lucky enough to see it, this city evokes a whole range of feelings – from admiration to disappointment, from surprise to irritation.
But, I think, no one remains indifferent to this modern miracle. In my opinion, there is no other such place on earth where on a few scraps of land, ninety percent Read more & raquo;
Hong Kong & # 8211; part 2.
Acquaintance with the Hong Kong service. We were greeted by a huge, marble-lined hall with magnificent illumination and an obligatory pink New Year tree at the entrance.
7. There are always several people in the registration day and night and they replace each other, if necessary. Later, when we were just approaching the counter to take or give the key to the number, one of the clerks immediately escaped to the point where we had to come in order not to give us an extra step. Read more & raquo;
Hong Kong & # 8211; part 3.
A little bit about Hong Kong’s bridges.
These refer to pedestrian crossings through major transport routes. They are almost everywhere above ground. Some of them can be climbed and descended the stairs directly from the sidewalk, but most of the time, these bridges pass through buildings in the lower floors of which there are either large shopping centers, or just a few shops, or restaurants and cafes, or something other.
But the goal is one – to go to the other side of the street, Read more & raquo;
Hong Kong & # 8211; part 4.
The Ocean Park is the second miracle.
11. From the latest news & # 8211; “5.5 billion Hong Kong dollars is planned to be allocated for the reconstruction of the Ocean Park in Hong Kong. After the renovation, it will become one of the world’s greatest theme parks. The works will be completed by 2010, by this time the number of entertainment is planned to be doubled. The park manager said that the purpose of the expansion is not to create competition to Disneyland. These entertainment complexes have a different focus and serve as a complement Read more & raquo;
A new place under the sun.
Hotel �Resort-Intime�, declared as 5 *. In principle, everything is very good, I think 4 * & # 8211; iron. Large rooms, rather big beds (4m wide), 2 times a day room cleaning, bed change on request (you have to put a special bed on the bed).
In the room TV (RTR-planet, other programs are Chinese), mini-bar, balcony, toilet and shower with glass doors (although there are normal rooms with a regular bathroom behind the wooden door), beach towels, a bag, 2 pairs of slippers for each straw and rubber). Read more & raquo;
Travel to Manchuria by train from Krasnoyarsk.
Hearing a lot about Manchuria and China, in general, about what there, really, low prices for almost everything, and especially for eating in restaurants; We really wanted to see all this magnificence with our own eyes.
Having issued, within five weeks, my passport was stolen (because we are going to eat abroad for the first time) the next day, burning with desire, I would rather get on the train with my two friends and our husbands and went to the railway station for tickets to Chita, so read more & raquo;
FEEDBACK on a tourist trip to Weihai (China)
We want to share our impressions of the trip to Weihai from August 9 to August 24, 2005. Three of us went on a trip: I (Lena), my husband (Yura) and my friend (Oksana). My husband and I were newly married and wanted a decent rest. The tour company chose the following tour: via Harbin for 15 days on August 9: departure to Harbin, on arrival transfer by train to Dalian. August 10: Arrival in Dalian. transfer to the boat, departure to Weihai. on arrival transfer and accommodation at the University 4 * hotel. 11-20 Read more & raquo;