Residence permit in Austria:
The receipt of a residence permit in Austria takes place in accordance with federal legislation on aliens within the quotas allocated annually to the federal states.
1. Independent and independent business activities (in own company and as a hired person).
2. Family relations with an Austrian or a foreigner.
4. Private purpose of stay.
5. Other specific reasons.
– guaranteed place of residence.
The acquisition of real estate does not automatically give you the right to permanent residence in Austria, but the availability of a property as a guaranteed place of residence allows you to fulfill one of the mandatory conditions for obtaining a residence permit.
Family relations with the Austrian allow you to obtain a residence permit outside the quota. Family relations with a foreigner give an opportunity to obtain a quota permit for residence. In other words, simultaneously with an entrepreneur traveling to Austria, members of his family (wife, children) can leave.
A person who has obtained a residence permit must register in Austria at a specific address (be registered, Anmeldung).
The primary residence permit is issued for one year and is subsequently prolonged in the absence of violations. After five years of residence in Austria a long-term residence permit is issued.
In Austria it is difficult to immigrate and obtain an official residence permit, which subsequently gives the right to citizenship. Citizenship is rarely given, and dual citizenship is usually not recognized. Even marrying an Austrian citizen is not an easy way to obtain citizenship, since anyone who is not a citizen of the countries of the European Union must return home and apply for a residence permit at a local embassy or consulate. The application can be considered within a year. In general, to obtain Austrian citizenship, you must have a basic residence in Austria for at least 10 years without interruption. This is proved by the registration of the place of residence & ndash; “Meldezettel”.
4 and 6 years of residence in Austria are sufficient to obtain citizenship in case of birth in Austria, refugee and substantial personal and professional integration, the extent of which is decided by institutions dealing with citizenship issues.
Emigrants born or raised in Austria do not have advantages over other candidates.
– you are born in this federal land.
– you have outstanding scientific, economic, artistic or sports successes.
– have proof of professional and personal integration.
Guaranteed citizenship:
– People who have lived in Austria for 30 years.
– citizens who have proven personal and professional integration (after a 15-year stay)
– those who have lived for 10 years – at the discretion of the authorities in charge of these matters.