Residence permit (residence permit) in Latvia.
KOM-INVEST helps its clients obtain a residence permit in Latvia.
We offer you to get acquainted with the basic information – what is a residence permit, what are the differences between a residence permit and a multi-visa, what services does our company provide in connection with the registration of a residence permit.
1) What is a “temporary residence permit in Latvia”?
The temporary residence permit is a legal status that allows the holders of a residence permit (that is, the owner of the real estate, his wife (or spouse) and his underage children) to live in Latvia without any restrictions on the length of stay in the country. In occasion of other countries: the Latvian residence permit allows its owners to be in other countries of the Schengen zone 90 days within half a year, or 180 days in a year.
The residence permit gives the right to work in Latvia without any additional permits.
2) What is the difference between the residence permit and the Schengen visa?
Possibility (but not obligation) of unlimited residence in Latvia. Opportunity to work in Latvia. The possibility of buying a car and its registration in Latvia in your name. Definition of the term. Unlike a visa, where the visa period depends on the decision of the officials of the embassy, a temporary residence permit in Latvia is assigned for 5 (five) years, with the possibility of extending this term. Possibility of obtaining permanent residence permit in Latvia when fulfilling certain requirements.
3) How does the residence permit look like?
The residence permit is issued as a special certificate – in the form of an identification plastic card. This card shows a photo of the holder of residence permit, his name, surname and date of birth. The validity period of the card is also indicated. The card also has a special chip, on which fingerprints are stored.
4) In what can our company help in obtaining a residence permit?
We will advise you on all issues related to the residence permit. We will develop the most convenient variant of submission of documents. We will help you collect and verify the documents. We accompany you and your family members to the Department of Citizenship and Migration Affairs to file and receive documents. We accompany you and your family members to a medical institution to perform the necessary medical checks. We will assist in obtaining a positive solution to the residence permit.
To get a residence permit, you need to prepare a certain set of documents and perform certain procedures.
Our company summarized the most important information about this in the following sections:
KOM-INVEST company draws attention to the fact that the attempt to independently register a residence permit in Latvia in most cases is unsuccessful. If you do not have experience in obtaining a residence permit, you will not be able to take into account all the nuances. Therefore, you will not be able to carry out all the actions and prepare all the documents as accurately as the KOM-INVEST specialist, who has extensive experience in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia, can do. Accordingly, incorrectly issued documents can cause a denial of residence permit.
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