Residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship of Hungary.
Hungary & # 8212; a beautiful and original country with a comfortable climate, rich in history and architecture. This is a modern state in the heart of Europe, with a well-developed economy, developed banking sector and fairly low tax rates.
Add to all this a good ecology and a comfortable climate & # 8212; and it becomes clear why so many people want to move to Hungary for permanent residence.
Hungary & # 8212; member of the European Union and the Schengen area. This means that the residence permit of Hungary provides good social guarantees, quality medical care and a prestigious European education in one of the EU countries.
It’s tempting, is not it? Let’s figure out how to get a residence permit in Hungary.
Residence permit in Hungary.
Let us consider the reasons for emigrating to Hungary.
Opening of a legal entity.
Opening your own company is the basis for obtaining a residence permit in Hungary for an entrepreneur and his family members.
Registration of a company in Hungary requires obtaining a license to carry out business activities. The authorized capital of the company must be at least 2000 euros.
Employment in a Hungarian company.
To obtain residence permit for this option, you will have to look for work in advance.
It is necessary to issue a work permit, an employment contract, own or rented accommodation and sufficient financial means for living in Hungary.
Higher education.
Training in higher educational institutions in Hungary is also the basis for a residence permit. And after it is over, there is an opportunity to stay in Hungary and get permanent residence.
The residence permit is issued upon presentation of a certificate from the university about the enrollment of a student and a note on the payment of tuition.
Learning Hungarian.
The study of the Hungarian language in special schools and accredited organizations gives the right to obtain a residence permit for Hungary. Usually the course is designed for 2 years.
There are no age restrictions, it is a relatively inexpensive and simple way of residence permit in Hungary.
Family reunification.
The basis for obtaining a Hungarian residence permit on this type:
marriage with a Hungarian citizen close relatives-Hungarian citizens close relatives of a refugee.
Foreigners who retired have the opportunity to move to Hungary.
To do this, you must have 10,000 euros on the account, have a property in Hungary and provide a certificate of receipt of a pension in another state.
Buying a property in Hungary does not mean automatically obtaining a residence permit.
This opportunity is granted after 3 years of permanent residence in the country.
Documents for residence permit in Hungary.
To obtain a residence permit, you need to contact the Migration Service and provide the following documents:
Completed application, Foreign passport, Confirmation of the availability of funds sufficient for living in the country during the year, Statement of criminal records, Confirmation of the grounds for the residence permit.
Permanent residence in Hungary.
Foreigners who live in Hungary for a period of 3 years and do not leave the border for more than 45 days can get permanent residence in Hungary.
A permanent residence permit gives an alien the right on an equal footing with Hungarian citizens, with the exception of the right to occupy state property. positions and vote.
Having permanent residence, there is no need to renew the residence permit in the country.
Permanent residence for the reunification of the seven does not require the rule of 3-year residence. This applies to under-age children, the spouse and parents of a Hungarian citizen. The 3-year-old rule also exempts persons who have Hungarian citizenship, but who have lost it. Marriage with a Hungarian citizen.
From 2013 to the present day there is a program that provides lifelong permanent residence for investors and members of their families with the possibility of obtaining citizenship in 2 years.
To do this, you need to purchase a state. bonds for at least $ 250,000. Money is returned after 5 years.
Nationality of Hungary.
Hungarian citizenship is issued at birth (parents of the child & # 8212; citizens of Hungary) and after legal residence in Hungary for 8 years.
Citizenship is granted under the following conditions:
knowledge of the Hungarian language, lack of criminal record, possession of real estate, financial solvency.
Documents for obtaining Hungarian citizenship.
In order to obtain Hungarian citizenship, you must provide the following documents:
original and copy of passport, original and copy of passport, photograph, information about relatives, birth certificate, marriage certificate, birth certificates of children, birth / death certificates of parents, grandparents, autobiography.
Simplified procedure.
Since 2011, Hungary has a law on dual citizenship. Hungarians who live outside the country can receive citizenship for 6 months.
For a simplified procedure, the foreigner will need to prove the Hungarian origin, and also to confirm the absence of previous convictions, knowledge of the country’s history and culture, the Hungarian language.
Be vigilant, many firms offer to buy Hungarian citizenship for several thousand euros. Remember that it is not possible to obtain a Hungarian passport for a couple of weeks and apply only to reliable law firms.