Residence permit in Ukraine for citizens of Bhutan.
Registration of a residence permit is a necessary procedure for a Georgian with the purpose of a long or permanent stay in the territory of Ukraine. Foreign citizens are passing this process under the same conditions as other residents of states with visa-free regime.
It is possible to issue a temporary and permanent residence permit. The latter differs in that it does not need to be reissued, and its term is not limited. The temporary residence permit provides for staying within the country for not more than 90 days, after which it must be left.
In order to become a holder of residence permit, it is necessary to have a complete package of required documents, applications and grounds. The list of documents varies and is adjusted depending on type of residence permits and specific situations.
A view of temporary residence in Ukraine for citizens of Bhutan.
In order to obtain a residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners, first of all, a foundation is needed that will allow the issuance of a residence permit of a certain type. Their list is not fixed, but depends on a certain case. For example, work, study, marriage, family reunion. Next, you need to collect a complete package of documents, the list and list of which depends on the specific situation.
Temporary residence permit acts on the system “90/180” and gives the right to stay in the country for a period of not more than 90 days. The permanent type of residence permit provides more opportunities, but to obtain it you need more valid reasons: marriage with a Ukrainian; children, parents, guardians of Ukrainians; territorial feature.
A view of permanent residence in Ukraine for citizens of Bhutan.
In order to obtain a permanent residence permit in Ukraine, a foreign citizen needs a permit for this procedure in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration”, which is transferred to the State Migration Service.
Nowadays, more and more often foreign citizens face the acute need to reside on the territory of Ukraine for a certain time period or without a time limit. Thus, there are several variants of permits, having received one of which, the foreigner will have the opportunity of long-term stay within the limits of this or that state.
A residence permit is a document that grants a resident of a foreign country the right to stay on the territory of Ukraine and legalizes the location of an alien within the state. It should be noted that obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is only one of several possible ways of legalizing the residence of a foreign resident in the country. Among the procedures that provide similar services, you can also highlight the acquisition of citizenship, the right to immigration and more. We emphasize that the legal force of the above-mentioned documents and the procedure for their execution are not analogous.
View of permanent and temporary residence in Ukraine.
If we talk about the possible types of documents, it should be noted that residents of foreign countries can apply for a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine. The choice depends not only on the need and needs of the foreigner, but also on the availability of the proper grounds and package of required documents.
Thus, the view of temporary residence contains certain restrictions in the process of stay of a foreign citizen on the territory of Ukraine. This is due to the fact that the document works on the “90/180” system. This means that a resident of a foreign country can stay within Ukraine for a maximum of 90 days. After this, the obligatory procedure is to leave the territory of Ukraine for at least the same period of time. Moreover, we should not forget about the mandatory procedure for the annual extension of the validity of the permit.
A permanent residence permit does not imply the existence of the above limitations, however, the procedure for its execution is more complicated and requires a more substantial basis. Among the advantages is the fact that a resident of a foreign country who has issued a permanent residence permit in Ukraine gets the opportunity to freely enter the territory of the state, exit from Ukraine without restrictions, as well as the right to freely cross the borders of the country. Equally important is the equalization of an alien to an indigenous citizen of Ukraine, which manifests itself in the assignment of the rights of a Ukrainian to a resident of another state, as well as in the possibility of finding employment without a work permit. Moreover, a foreigner has the right to an indefinite stay on the territory of Ukraine without a time limit. Equally important is the absence of the need to extend the validity of the authorization after one year from the receipt of the document.
Residence permit in Ukraine: a package of required documents.
First of all, here it should be said that the list of necessary documents for the registration of a residence permit in Ukraine is not fixed and once approved. This is due to the individuality of each case. Thus, the list of documents depends on several factors, the main of which are as follows:
the required type of residence permit; the basis for the registration of the document (family reunification with a citizen of Ukraine, higher education in the country, employment within the state, investment in the state economy, the status of a guardian of the incompetent resident of Ukraine, and others); the purpose of obtaining permission; country-native land of a foreign citizen and other.
However, it is necessary to pay attention to the following point: there is a list of documents that will be required for a non-resident of Ukraine to apply for a residence permit in any case and regardless of the above factors. From them it is possible to allocate such:
passport of a foreign citizen or other document proving the identity of the alien; identification code (if available); a migration card or a “D” visa (in the event that a visa agreement has been established with the home country of a foreign citizen); four photos size 3.5 to 4.5 on matte paper; confirmation of the absence of a criminal record; certificate of payment of state fee; the document on the marriage (if available); documentary evidence of the grounds for the registration of a residence permit; health insurance policy; the application of a resident of a foreign citizen, drawn up according to the model and so on.
As we already mentioned above, a certain package of documents also depends on the grounds for the registration of a residence permit. Thus, here you can select several categories, one of which are the following:
employment in Ukraine: a work permit (in the case of a temporary residence permit); the document of the receiving party on the acceptance and approval of a foreign citizen for a certain workplace and for a specific position in a particular enterprise; reunification of the family with a citizen of Ukraine: a document on the combination of marriage; passport of a relative who resides in the status of a resident of Ukraine; family reunion with a non-resident of the state who issued a residence permit in Ukraine: documentary evidence of the existence of family ties; the passport of the representative of the host country; documentary evidence and justification for the existence of a residence permit in the territory of Ukraine; receipt of education on the territory of Ukraine: an extract from the educational institution about the residence of a foreign resident in the status of a student at a Ukrainian university; a statement issued by an educational institution.
Residence permit in Ukraine: the procedure for obtaining.
The procedure for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine is quite simple and provides for the passage by a resident of another state of several stages:
Collection and preparation of the necessary package of documents according to the list, which, as we have already noted, is established individually for each specific case in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Appeal of a non-resident state to the migration authorities of Ukraine. In the event that a foreigner resides on the territory of Ukraine, he must apply to the SSC at the place of residence. If the resident of another state is outside the territory of the state, he should apply to the foreign mission of Ukraine. Submitting an application and a prepared set of documents. We emphasize that it is possible to exclusively apply for a residence permit. However, in some situations stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine, this condition is not mandatory for implementation.
Residence permit in Ukraine: non-resident’s rights.
According to the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration” and other legislative acts, a foreign citizen who has issued a residence permit in Ukraine acquires the rights of the indigenous residents of the state, among which are the following:
the right to life: education; right to banking; the right to free medicine; the right to freedom of movement; the right to work without a permit; the right to import into the territory of the state of a car or other vehicle; the right to pension payments, and so on.
However, for a foreigner who has issued a residence permit, there are certain restrictions in contrast to the resident of the state, among which:
the opportunity to elect and be elected; the opportunity to work in state institutions and law enforcement agencies.
Residence permit in Ukraine: reasons for cancellation.
The legislation of Ukraine provides for several situations in which the procedure for annulling the legal effect of a residence permit obtained by a foreign resident in Ukraine takes place:
receipt of the document on the basis of untruthful information, forged documents or documents that have lost their validity; conviction of an immigrant to imprisonment in the territory of Ukraine for a period of more than one year; the conduct by a non-resident of Ukraine of acts that constitute a threat to the national security of Ukraine, as well as public order in the territory of the state; the need for a procedure to protect health, protect the rights and interests of residents of Ukraine; violation by a foreign citizen of the legislation of Ukraine about the legal status of aliens and stateless persons; motivated and justified petition of the receiving party for the cancellation of the residence permit and other.
Residence permit in Ukraine: replacement of the document.
We have repeatedly told you about the need for an annual extension of the temporary residence permit. However, in some situations this procedure is mandatory for a permanent document type. Thus, the residence permit is subject to replacement if there are relevant reasons and grounds, among which are the following:
change of individual data and personal information of a resident of a foreign state; identification of inconsistencies between the data specified in the registration of a residence permit and information recorded in other documents of a foreign resident; the physical unfitness of the residence permit as a result of mechanical damage to the document; replacement of a photograph in the form of residence as a result of the achievement of a foreign citizen of 25 or 45 years of age.
Separately, it should be said that in case of refusal to timely replace the document, the foreigner will have to pay the penalties established by the legislation.
Residence permit in Ukraine: the term and cost of registration.
The duration and price of the process of obtaining a residence permit are personalized for each specific case. This is due to the fact that the time and cost of processing the document are not fixed, but are set individually and depend on a number of different factors, among which are the following: the required type of residence permit, the need for an expedited procedure for obtaining permission, the basis for the residence permit package of required documents and more.
If we are talking about differences in the procedure for obtaining a temporary and permanent residence permit, we emphasize that the latter requires much more time. First of all, for its registration an important condition is to obtain an immigration permit (for one year), and the process of issuing a residence permit takes 7 days. The duration of the receipt of a temporary residence permit is not more than 15 days from the date of submission of the necessary documents and drawing up an application.
Residence permit in Ukraine: acquisition of real estate.
The presence or purchase of real estate on the territory of Ukraine provides significant advantages for foreign residents who claim to obtain a residence permit in the state. This not only allows a foreigner to stay within the country for a long period of time, but also grants privileges in the issue of a residence permit.
An important point is the clarification that according to the Law of Ukraine “On Immigration” and other legislative acts, the availability of real estate on the territory of the state is not a reason for registration of residence permit.
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