Turkey is a colorful country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, with ancient architecture, many famous resorts, a comfortable climate and modern infrastructure. According to the local constitution, the country is a secular republic, nevertheless about 99% of the inhabitants are Muslims. The population of Turkey in 2018 is about 81.3 million people.
Despite the known political tension within the state and in neighboring countries, a large number of immigrants are annually sent to Turkey for a long time, which requires a mandatory residence permit (residence permit). The most popular destinations for the move are the largest Turkish cities – Istanbul and Ankara.
The residence permit in Turkey for Russians, Ukrainians and other citizens of the CIS countries in 2018 is a prerequisite for staying in Turkish territory for more than 3 months. To visit the country for tourist purposes or with a business visit for a period of up to 60 days, most foreigners, including residents of Russia and Ukraine, are not required visas or, respectively, residence permit.
Since 2005, the Turkish government is negotiating the entry of the state into the EU. Currently, the process has reached a deadlock, but from this the Turkish economy is no less stable and even developing, and the prices are significantly lower than in Europe, including real estate. In general, life in Turkey has its advantages in comparison with developed European countries.
How to obtain a residence permit in Turkey.
In order to obtain a residence permit in Turkey in 2018, an alien, as before, requires specific grounds. Benefit immigration policy in the country is quite loyal, even if there are certain problems of recent years, including the migration crisis. The residence permit in Turkey is short-term and long-term, the validity period is from 6 months to 5 years. In general, local laws provide for a number of reasons allowing for a residence permit in Turkey.
Studying at universities, conducting research and attending language courses.
Humanitarian causes (issued to refugees or victims of human trafficking).
Short-term residence permit for the purpose of treatment in Turkish medical institutions, as well as when visiting the country as a tourist for more than 3 months.
Important . Turkish authorities provide residence permits when buying property in Turkey.
Usually, to obtain a residence permit in Turkey it is necessary to have an open long-term visa issued by the employees of the Turkish Consulate in the country of the foreigner. After moving within 1-2 months, depending on the candidate’s citizenship, an online application is filled in and the list of established documents is submitted to the Immigration Office (see below). In most cases, initially residence permit in Turkey is issued for one year with the right of extension.
For a full-fledged life in Turkey, including the possibility of buying a car, opening a bank account, making public and other payments, a foreigner must obtain a personal tax number (Vergi Numerasi). To do this, contact the local tax office.
Continuous, and most importantly, legal residence in the Turkish territory for 5 years, will allow you to apply for the citizenship of Turkey. A long-term residence permit or permanent residence in Turkey is granted after 8 years of residence in the country. Absence in the state for 4 consecutive months is the reason for the cancellation of residence permit.
The grounds for the issuance of residence permit in Turkey.
Residence permit in Turkey for the purpose of family reunification.
Close relatives of a Turkish citizen or foreigner legally residing in Turkey have the right to obtain a residence permit for up to two years. Usually this category includes spouses and children, including foster care, who are dependent. For this, the following conditions must be fulfilled:
a foreigner resides in Turkey with a residence permit for at least a year;
financial position allows you to support your family. That is, there is an income equal to or exceeding the minimum wage in Turkey (500 euros), plus not less than 150-180 euros for each member of the family;
in the property or lease a living space, sufficient for the accommodation of relatives;
availability of health insurance;
no violations of the law for at least the last 5 years.
Residence permit in Turkey for the purpose of employment.
Labor migration to Turkey for a long period requires the issuance of a work permit, the opening of a work visa and the receipt of a residence permit. Unfortunately, a large part of the citizens of the post-Soviet space, including Russians and Ukrainians, work illegally in Turkey, respectively, without the design of residence permit. Such activity threatens with large fines and deportation from the country, and even completely imprisonment.
Of course, finding a legitimate job in Turkey is not easy. Not every employer is eager to spend time on the registration of a foreign worker for work permits and other bureaucratic procedures. It is necessary to have sufficient qualifications, experience and language skills (English, Turkish). The average salary in Turkey in 2018 is about $ 1000 per month.
Residence permit in Turkey for the purpose of doing business or investing.
One of the most affordable options for obtaining a residence permit in Turkey for one year with the right extension is the purchase of real estate in this country. This norm is valid from 2013. Requirements to the value of the real estate object is not provided. It is necessary to provide the original and a copy of the certificate of ownership, as well as an extract from the land cadastre.
Another way to get residence permit in Turkey with the help of investments is to open your own business in Turkish territory. Local authorities are quite loyal to foreign entrepreneurs and ensure equal rights with Turkish businessmen. Turkey has a stable economy, developed infrastructure and a transparent tax system.
Residence permit in Turkey for the purpose of training.
The universities of Turkey provide quality education, including in English at absolutely comprehensible prices, about 400-1500 dollars a year. Of course, if you study in public universities. In private universities, payment can reach 20-25 thousand dollars. Foreign students are granted a residence permit in Turkey for one year, followed by an annual extension for the entire period of study. You can work 24 hours a week.
Documents for registration of residence permit in Turkey.
When submitting documents for obtaining a residence permit, the Migration Service of Turkey has the right to demand additional information depending on the situation and the reasons for registration of the status. Nevertheless, the main list of documents can be identified.
The application form for residence permit, filled through a special service on the website of the General Directorate for Migration Affairs of Turkey –, which must be printed and signed. After entering the required information, the foreigner will be assigned a visit date to the Office to provide documentation in paper form.
The original and copies of the pages of the passport (personal information) expires no later than 2 months after the expiration of the residence permit.
At least 4 color photographs of the passport (biometric) sample, made during the last 6 months.
Medical insurance for the entire period of validity of residence permit.
Proof of sufficient funds for a long stay in Turkey. Usually it takes at least 500 euros per month or equivalent in another currency. A certificate from the Turkish bank is accepted.
Documentary evidence of ownership of real estate in Turkey or a notarized lease of a dwelling.
The grounds for obtaining a residence permit (information about the registration of a company, enrollment in an institution of higher learning, a labor contract, etc.).
Payment of administrative fee. Depending on the type of residence permit and the citizenship of the foreigner, the amount is up to $ 100.
Recently, it is often required to provide a certificate from the local police department about the absence of offenses.
In the absence of any documents, a candidate for residence permits in Turkey has a month to provide the required information without the need for a re-application.