Residence permit in the UK.
British subjects and holders of a permanent residence permit (ILR – Indefinite Leave to Remain) can enjoy the rights of visa-free entry to almost 190 countries. The established traditions, the climate close to the domestic climate, the variety of opportunities for development make this country very attractive for Russians wishing to get a residence permit in Europe.
A significant advantage in choosing this country can be considered that the British ILR just one year after receiving this status gives the right to apply for citizenship that allows the preservation of the citizenship of the country of departure. The Russian Federation supports such a regime and does not interfere with the retention of the Russian passport when obtaining a British passport. Therefore, many people ask how to obtain a residence permit in the UK. The legislation of the Kingdom is very consistent, transparent, and a clear ballroom permit system allows you to be well-oriented in your status and promotion stages. In addition, the specialists of Pri fi nance are always ready to advise the client on all issues that are not clear to him, to clarify the legislative details and to bring them closer to getting the desired status.
It is worth remembering that, regardless of the formal way that a candidate for residence permits takes advantage of, he will need to pass the testing of Live in The Uk (on the country’s knowledge, its history and realities). Only persons younger than 18 and over 65 years of age (upon presentation of a passport or birth certificate) and for medical reasons (incapacity) are released from him. Spouses of UK citizens also need to take a test – the British authorities do not intend to impose sanctions in 2015, 2016 for those who did not do it before, but in any case, the exam is worth going through.
Obtaining a permanent residence permit.
In order to receive ILR and one year to apply for citizenship, you must first obtain a legal temporary stay & mdash; Resident permit (Residence permit) – or make investments in the economy of the country in one way or another. The following persons have the right to ILR status:
Citizens who have lived in the country for at least two years as an official spouse or permanent partner of a British citizen; investors who live and work in the country for at least 5 years; professionals from immigration categories who stay in the country for 5 years; persons who have relatives in England and have lived there legally for 5 years; Others who legally reside in the country for 10 years.
You can also get a residence permit if the total stay is 30 years, 20 of them are illegal, and 10 – for officially confirmed. All those wishing to obtain a residence permit in the UK are divided into several main categories, which replaced the former types of visas (there were more than 80). Each of them has its own requirements and different attractiveness. Categories (Tier), which give an opportunity to obtain ILR in perspective:
Tier 1: highly specialized immigrants – general HSMP-subcategory, entrepreneurs (Entrepreneur), investors (Investors), graduates of higher educational institutions of the country (Post-Study Work, replaced the former IGS); Tier 2: for professionals with job offers in the UK; Tier 4: students, but for them you must first change the category to “Graduate”.
If the choice of a category causes difficulties, you can always contact the consulting company “Pri fi nance”. Our staff will explain how to get a residence permit in the UK, help you choose the most convenient way to enter, go through all the stages of registration. The largest demand among the “professional” categories is the Tier 1 program (investor or entrepreneur) and Tier 2 – work permit with the subsequent right to residence permit. The second type, as a rule, is formalized with the participation of the employer, and the possibility of obtaining ILR depends on the characteristics of the contract, career prospects and the like. Therefore, citizens of the Russian Federation, wishing to obtain a permanent residence permit, often use entrepreneurial and investment programs. All these categories, by the way, can enter the country together with spouses and children under the age of 18.
British residence permit under Tier 1 programs.
Recently, the UK has become an increasingly attractive country for Russians. According to experts’ forecasts, in 2015-2016, the positive dynamics will remain. Answering the question on how to get a residence permit in the UK, it is worth noting one mandatory condition – the presence of a visa type D. It allows you to reside in the country for one year with the right to leave and re-enter its territory. You do not need to visit the UK for visa processing – the employees of “Pri fi nance” will help you get them in the country of residence.
The next stage is the preparation of documents. They should be translated into English by licensed specialists, certified in accordance with the established procedure, and signed. To obtain a residence permit in the UK you will need:
Application for the provision of residence permit; certificate showing that there are no previous convictions; medical insurance with a cover of 30 thousand euros; a copy of the page of the foreign passport with a mark on entry into the territory of the United Kingdom; documents for real estate (own or rented); confirmation of financial security – as a rule, it is an extract from the bank about the availability of funds (at the rate of 2000 euros per person); certificate of absence of previous convictions; receipt for payment of state duty.
In order to obtain the status of an investor in the UK, you need to invest in companies registered and operating in the country. It is impossible to attract borrowed funds or place investments through offshore companies. The investment category of Great Britain is interesting because for its reception there is no need to confirm its business experience (as, for example, in Canada), medical examinations, interviews of applicants are rarely conducted, and the time for consideration of applications is short – two months. To get an investment permit in the UK, you need:
invest at least 2 million pounds; be over 16 years of age; provide a valid foreign passport, certificate of passing tests (language and knowledge of life in the country) and a resident card, which confirms the period of residence; fill in the questionnaire for permanent residence; after receiving a residence permit in the UK, reside in the country annually for at least 6 months.
With an investment of 2 million pounds, the status is awarded for 3 years and 4 months, after which the visa is extended for two years, and then documents are submitted for ILR. Apply for permanent residence status can be in three years, if you invest 5 million pounds, and in two – with an investment of 10 million. Buying real estate investment can not be considered, as well as bank deposits: it should be an investment in government debt, or loan capital of companies.
For entrepreneurs who want to get ILR by creating a business in the UK or buying part of an existing one, the procedure is somewhat different. To invest it is necessary not less than 200 thousand pounds, and if the person passes in this category from the “Graduate”, then 50 thousand. The businessman should have a good command of English and has no right to work outside the business. Funds can be either own or attracted from third parties: relatives, investors, and so on.
Stages of obtaining ILR.
Thus, all stages of immigration to the United Kingdom can be represented as follows:
filing an application with the embassy: if it is successfully considered, the applicant, together with his family, is given a residence permit for a period of three years; after the expiry of the term, an application is made for the extension of residence permit in the UK for two years: this is done from the territory of the UK provided that the applicant has lived here annually for 9 months (if there is an intention to obtain citizenship) or 6 months (if the residence permit is sufficient), did not leave countries for more than 90 days and did not seek help from social services; if the period is successfully extended, then at the end of the sentence, the applicant, his spouse (s) and children receive a permanent ILR-status and in a year can apply for citizenship.
At each stage of the applicant lies a lot of legal nuances, complexities and important, but unobvious moments. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken and not to close yourself the opportunity to leave, one should turn to experienced, competent specialists from Pri fi nance. We practice a personalized approach to each client, help you to complete all documents, open the necessary accounts and provide visa support.
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