Residence permit in the EU.
Our activity is to help foreign citizens who are engaged in entrepreneurship in the Republic of Lithuania or own capital that allows them to conduct business on the territory of the country.
The residence permit allows you to stay in the EU for 365 days a year, there are many options on the basis of which this document is issued:
Commercial activity & ndash; if you establish a company in the territory of Lithuania with a statutory capital of at least 28,000 euros, of which you have invested at least 14,000, and one citizen of the Republic of Lithuania is employed by such a company. You have the right to apply for residence permit as an investor, and your spouse and children on the basis of family reunification can file documents with you.
For the procedure, you will need to come to Lithuania to submit documents to the migration service, and arrive two months later for delivery of prints and documents.
The cost of the service is 7000 euros, monthly costs 700 euros.
Attention! Investors who have acquired a Lithuanian company have the right to receive at the embassy of their country a visa D, which is an analogue of residence permits and also entitles 365 days a year to stay on the territory of the EU.
The cost of the service is only 2000 euros.
Work Permission & ndash; a work permit may be issued to an alien if the company does not find a specialist within the month that meets the employer’s requirements in the territory of the EU.
Blue card & ndash; permission for highly qualified specialists, whose salary is at least three average salaries in Lithuania (about 2500 euros).
Ask for advice, and we will help you choose the right one for you.
The residence permit in Poland is issued on the basis of a work permit. To do this you need to come to Poland two times – to file documents, and after 4 months, when the residence permit is ready.
Our company will help to make an invitation to obtain a visa at the consulate of your country.
The residence permit in Poland is issued immediately for 3 years.
The cost of the service is 5000 euros.
Monthly expenses are 500 euros.
We assist in obtaining a permanent residence permit in Latvia on the following grounds:
acquisition of real estate, the price of which is from 125 000.00 euros placement of a subordinated deposit in the bank for five years from 280 000.00 euros.
The residence permit in Latvia is issued for 5 years and allows you to stay on the territory of the Schengen countries without a visa. Document processing takes from 10 to 30 working days. The document is received by the investor and all members of the family. Our company will help you with choosing a commercial property or a bank to place a deposit.
The advantages of living in the EU.
the tax rate on profits in free economic zones for the first 6 years.
concluded an agreement with Lithuania on avoidance of double taxation, among them the USA, China, Russia.
VAT rate when trading with third countries.
minimal salary.
Euro Living is an exclusive office.
Our customers are far-sighted personalities with high ambitions who would like to do business in Europe!