Residence permit in the EU countries. Myths and reality.
Providing a temporary residence permit in the European Union gives its owners a number of advantages. A residence permit in Europe is a marketing product, often offered by a multitude of firms, as a path to a better future. However, the European residence permit, although an important privilege, does not work wonders. Some of its features are clearly exaggerated, and a number of negative sides are gently silent. This publication will help to take an objective look at the real qualities of the status of a temporary resident of Europe.
Visa-free regime with 150 countries of the world.
Citizens of the European Union travel without a visa to dozens of countries, including the United States, Canada and Australia. At the same time, the status of residence permit is very far from citizenship. Therefore, in order, for example, to visit the United States, its holder will have to visit the consulate and get a visa. Here, the applicant can have certain preferences as a temporary resident of the European Union, and thus increase the chance of obtaining a visa.
At the same time, the visa-free regime with the countries of the Schengen Union, indeed, is a reality for the holders of residence permit. At the same time, do not forget that staying in another Schengen country is allowed no more than 90 days in one half year.
It is not true that obtaining a residence permit in one country of the Schengen Agreement allows you to officially find a job in another. For this purpose, citizens of the CIS countries must obtain a separate work permit. Nevertheless, the holder of the residence permit has the right to conduct commercial activities throughout the European territory. Credit services of banks are easier to use in the presence of residence permit, because the bank requires certain guarantees from the applicants, and the existence of the right to reside in the country is already a step towards the approval of the petition.
The temporary residence permit does not grant the right to free medical education. However, having a residence permit, you can purchase a health insurance policy that will allow you to contact health care institutions. Temporary residents can not study at European universities for free. However, in the presence of free places, it is possible to have free schooling.
The main and indisputable advantage of a residence permit is the right to stay in the country for the entire period of the document’s operation, without the need to leave the territory of the Eurozone. Thus, a competent understanding of the rights and obligations of a temporary resident of the European Union is a prerequisite for the full use of existing opportunities and accurate adherence to existing rules.
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