Residence permit in Spain.
The residence permit in Spain, however, like in any other country in Europe, is difficult to obtain, but possible. The lawyers of our company prepare all necessary documents and submit them to the state. bodies of Spain.
There are several types of residence permits in Spain:
student residence: is given out to pupils, students and students of language courses at granting of the corresponding documents; residence with the right to work: is issued on the basis of a contract with the firm that provides the workplace, or when setting up a company in Spain with the participation of employees – citizens or residents of the country; residency without the right to work: is issued to close relatives of a resident of Spain who has a residence with the right to work, to persons married to Spanish nationals or foreigners with sufficient grounds to prove economic independence. These are documentary evidence of the existence of a large amount of money in a bank account, a permanent income, ownership of property, including immovable property, on the territory of Spain.
In order to obtain a residence permit, the required package of documents is collected, some documents are translated, a part is certified by a notary, an apostille or a Spanish consulate is placed.
For the residence without the right to work, the following basic documents are needed:
valid foreign passport and copies of all pages; statement; four photographs of 2 x 3; translated into Spanish, a certificate of non-conviction and state of health; medical insurance; money on the account (about 4 500 euros); copy of the contract for the purchase of housing in Spain. any documents confirming the existence of a permanent income.
For a residence with the right to work – insurance is not needed, but it is necessary to have a business in the country or a pre-contract for work.
In order to obtain the right to study or work in Spain, you must have a certificate of passing the DSE exam, confirming the knowledge of Spanish at an advanced level.
When considering applications, the existence of grounds for granting a residence permit and the absence of reasons for refusal are taken into account. One of the most important reasons for a positive response is the possibility of the whole family living on the territory of the country.
The period for considering an application for a residence permit is usually a few months. The Embassy has the right to verify the identity and other documents of the applicant through its channels. With a positive response, the Consulate of Spain in Moscow issues for 3 months a resident visa of the series “D & quot; . With it, you should turn to the civil administration or the Ministry of Labor, where after 2-3 weeks they give out a residence.
The original residence permit in Spain can be granted to foreigners who are going to first settle or have previously lived in the country and do not meet the requirements established for obtaining a regular or permanent residence permit. Its term can not exceed one year and can be extended no more than for three years.
Foreigners who have proof of legal and permanent residence in Spanish territory for three years can receive a regular residence permit – his extension is also possible for three years.
If you purchase & mquo; square meters & raquo; in order to stay in Spain, one of the main issues is obtaining a residence permit. It should be borne in mind that it is not directly connected with the acquisition of real estate. There are several official ways to obtain a residence permit.
One of the most common ways is to open your business. If you create a company and provide jobs to citizens of Spain (two or three places), it is quite possible to obtain a residence permit. Pensioners after the purchase of real estate can apply for registration of permanent residence. Another option – to get a job in a Spanish company.
The legislation of Spain in the field of immigration is constantly changing. So it makes sense to consult with specialists before taking any action.
Permanent residence (permanent residence)
Permanent residence (permanent residence) means the right and the opportunity to live in the chosen country without necessarily re-issuing a residence permit. A person with a permanent residence status has all the same social benefits and guarantees as a citizen, besides being able to elect or be elected to the government, to serve in the army or the police.
Permanent residence in Spain can be issued by living in the country for five years on legal terms or by marrying a Spanish citizen. If a fictitious marriage is detected in permanent residence, it will be refused. Spain has a free regime for foreign investment, with the exception of those that fall under special regulations and preliminary administrative controls, both individuals – non-residents of Spain, and foreign enterprises can make investments in Spain. However, investment is not a sufficient reason for obtaining permanent residence.
Since 2013, the law allowing for permanent residence (without the right to work) has been passed on the basis of the acquired property worth over 500,000 Euro.
The citizenship of Spain can be obtained by living in the country for at least 10 years. Spanish law adheres to the principle of acquiring citizenship by right of “blood” & raquo; (origin) and by right of ‘soil’ (birth). A child born in the territory of Spain, who for some reason or another has received a different nationality, has the right, upon reaching the age of 18, to apply for the acquisition of Spanish citizenship. Descendants of Spaniards living abroad can acquire Spanish citizenship & laquo; by blood & raquo ;.
Dual citizenship in the country is possible only for natives of those countries that have or have special ties with Spain, to which Russia is not included.
OUR SERVICES (all our clients receive a residence permit):
Assistance in obtaining residence permits for owners who have bought real estate in Spain for any amount (with or without mortgages) until 30.09.2013 Assistance in registering a residence for owners who bought real estate in Spain for up to 500,000 euros (with or without mortgages) or more than this amount (payment of own funds does not exceed 500,000 euros) after September 30, 2013 Help in registering the residence for owners who bought property in Spain for more than 500,000 (payment of own funds exceeds 500,000 euros) after September 30, 2013 Help in registering the residence Erez long-term rent in Spain Help in the design of short-term and long-term training visas Preparation of necessary documents for opening an account in Spain Help in opening a bank account in Spain, help in registration of an alien number (N.I.E.) through the consulate Translation and legalization of documents.
accelerated receipt of a certificate of criminal records with an apostille (a week) usual receipt of a certificate of non-conviction with an apostille (month and week) medical service for filing a residence tax certificate insurance for one year assistance with personal income tax and financial guarantees.
Passport with a validity period of at least one year, plus photocopies of all of its pages (children should have separate passports)
Photocopies of all pages of the internal passport.
2 color photos 3,5�4,5 on a white background without ovals.
For adult applicants & ndash; a recent certificate on the absence of a criminal record (or a document substituting it) issued by the competent authority of the country of origin or country / country where the applicant has lived for the past five years; it must confirm the absence of previous convictions for crimes existing in the legislation of Spain. Applicants-citizens of Russia, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia must put on the Hague Apostille on this certificate (when submitting an application for such a certificate, you should immediately indicate that it is needed with an apostille).
A recent medical certificate stating that & quot; the applicant does not suffer from diseases that may harm others in accordance with the rules of the International Sanitary Regulations of 2005; “; These words should be in the text of the reference, nothing else is required.
Inquiries from the tax on the absence of debts on taxes (on adults).
To confirm the availability of funds sufficient for a normal standard of living, including, if appropriate, the family members of the applicant, during the entire period of the intended residence in Spain, without the employment of:
References NDFL-2 for the last 3 years (plus for the last months of the current year). Plus a certificate from the workplace, confirming the position and this income (reference for a normal visa), with the text that the & & hellip; working functions can be performed remotely with payroll & hellip; & raquo ;. For IP & ndash; svid-va IP and declaration for the last 3 years.
The help from the account in Spain (for 1 person from 30.000 euros, for 2 people – from 40.000 euros, for three – from 50.000, for four or more – from 60.000 or more, these are, as a rule, the requirements of the consulate, regardless of legislation).
Information about movements in the Spanish account for the last 3 months or more (actual at the time of submission of documents to the Consulate).
Copies of svid-in about property in Russia (originals will need to be provided on the day of filing)
References from Russian banks, if they have accounts or deposits.
The originals of the marriage certificate, the birth certificates of all children applying for residence permit.
Copy of the contract of sale of real estate in Spain (the original will need to be presented on the day of filing)
In case of long-term lease of real estate & ndash; a copy of the lease agreement, a copy of the landlord’s document, a note of Simpl for rented real estate and, preferably, a residence permit for all tenants.
Insurance for 365 days from the moment when the residence permit is requested.
Medical insurance from Spain (if it is, then insurance in Russia can not be written out).
Samples of all documents – if necessary – can be provided by e-mail. We also assist in the collection of documents (certificates of criminal records, medical and tax).
Translation: all documents must be translated into Spanish and certified by the Consulate General of Spain.
Filing is carried out only personally (enough one person from the family).
Reception: the visa is issued personally to the owner / s of the passport (s) within one month from the date of the notification.
Interview: at any stage of the case, the Consulate General may request the personal appearance of the applicant and, if necessary, conduct a personal interview with him.
The Consulate General reserves the right to request any additional documents.
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