Residence permit in Spain for pensioners.
How to apply for a residence permit for Spain for pensioners.
Spain is a beautiful country, from which many are simply crazy. The climate of the Mediterranean is simply a miracle, traditional Spanish friendliness has become legendary, society is organized in a civilized manner, and law-abiding visitors of the country are not threatened by any troubles. Therefore, after visiting here a couple of times, many begin to plan to move here at the turn of old age, retiring, and live here in peace and quiet for the remaining years. This goal is quite real, since in order to obtain a residence permit in Spain for pensioners, it is necessary to fulfill only a few conditions: to secure a place for living and regular income for living.
Housing in Spain.
Of course, it is best to buy a home in Spain. Having sufficient funds, it is necessary to remember that housing should not be cheaper than the corresponding average level that the authorities set for each region.
But if you do not have enough money to buy your own house or apartment, it is quite possible to rent your own home and present a rental agreement as proof of your place of residence. Conclude it must be at least a year and necessarily with the right to extend to a five-year period. It is unlikely that you will be able to independently conclude such a contract, taking into account the legal subtleties, so pick yourself an agent who will find the house and the contract will correctly be made.
Means for Existence.
Legislation that determines the procedure for obtaining residence permits in Spain for pensioners requires that they have a permanent income outside their country. This may well be a pension, if its size is not less than ten thousand US dollars during the year. You will need to attach a certificate confirming that the state will pay you such money.
You can also show confirmation of payment of lifetime rent from a state or private organization in the same amount: not less than 10 thousand dollars a year. If, in parallel with the registration of a residence permit for a pensioner, a request is made for the resettlement of his wife or children to Spain, the total amount of mandatory annual income is increased by $ 1,700 for each member of the family. Naturally, the degree of kinship will have to be documented.
Based on the received residence permit in Spain is not allowed to work, however, pensioners who have a high level of security, this is usually not interested. Those who prefer active active life, quite officially can do their own business, open a new one or buy an operating one, having spent some money on this, and receive income. If several local residents are employed in this business, the authorities of the country will all meet you, including issuing a residence permit or extending it.
In addition to confirming the constant cash flow from the outside, it will be necessary to deposit money on a pre-opened account in any local bank in the amount of not less than 50 thousand euros. They can be spent, it’s your money, the government just wants to get confirmation that you have the means to exist, and you will not need anything.
What documents are required.
In addition to a copy of the contract for the purchase or lease of housing and a certificate from the bank about the availability of funds on your account, the pensioner must attach to the request a residence permit:
a foreign passport that will be valid for at least a year, plus copies of all its pages; a common internal passport, too, with copies of pages; a certificate confirming the criminal record to be taken in the country where you lived for the last five years; a medical certificate, from which it follows that you are not required to be quarantined; health insurance for a pensioner and for all members of his family.
Documents must be fully translated into Spanish by a certified translator with a mandatory certification of the authenticity of the transfer in the Consulate General of Spain. All documents are attached to the letter, in which you convincingly ask the consul to provide you with residence permit.
The term of issuance of the primary residence permit is one year, the next extension is possible for two years, later – for another three. In five years you can get a permanent view of the accommodation, which you do not need to renew, and in ten years you can expect to become a citizen of the country.