Residence permit in Slovakia.
Slovakia or the Slovak Republic & ndash; The state, located in central Europe, with a total area of 48,845 thousand km . The country does not have access to the sea, but borders on land borders with a number of states: Ukraine, Czechia, Hungary, Austria and Poland. Population & ndash; 5.5 million people, the density of population appears fairly evenly. More than 85% of local residents are indigenous Slovaks, about 10% of the ethnic make up are Hungarians. Official language & ndash; Slovak, Hungarian & ndash; the second formal language in those regions where the number of the national minority reaches 20%.
The state is administratively divided into regions, each of which is endowed with autonomous power. Capital of Slovakia & ndash; Bratislava. It is here that executive and legislative power is concentrated. The president is the head of state, prime minister & ndash; the second person of the country. Executive power belongs to the Government of the Republic.
The continental climate causes a cold but dry winter and a hot, humid summer. The fact that Slovakia in the north and north-west is surrounded by the Carpathians has allowed it to become a prosperous tourist destination for lovers of the ski resort. Modern roads, cozy hotels and the cleanest alpine meadows & ndash; all this attracts many travelers to Slovakia.
About 40% of the total area is covered with forest: on the slopes of mountains grows beech and oak, in the north & ndash; spruce and fir. In the forest area, live like large wild animals (wolves, bears, deer), and small: foxes, squirrels, rabbits. Over the past 50 years, 9 national reserves have been created and this is not all that the nature protection system of the country can be proud of.
Thanks to foreign investments, Slovakia has managed to reorient itself to the European market in a few years. Pharmaceuticals, production of medicines have become one of the priority areas of industry. The rapid growth of the economy made it possible to occupy the 4th place in the post-Soviet space market, among the world powers, Slovakia took the honorary 19th place in the ranking of the most developed countries.
Advantages of the residence permit of Slovakia.
Unobstructed travel across all the Schengen countries and a long stay in the territory of Slovakia.
Ways to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia.
Business in Slovakia. Business immigration to Slovakia should have a basis. An applicant for a residence permit can buy a ready-made business or open one from scratch. An immigrant can be both a director of an enterprise and a private entrepreneur, for this it is enough to only have the status of residence permit. You can start registration of a residence permit right after registration. Together with the main applicant, documents can be filed and all other family members.
What else gives residence permit in Slovakia?
The right to use social benefits intended for children of foreigners (child benefits, insurance and labor pensions).
High level of wages in comparison with the post-Soviet space, average salary in Slovakia & ndash; 1100 euros per month.
The simplicity of the Slovak language allows you to learn it for several months. Google+
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