Today the population of Portugal is about 10.3 million people. Unlike many European countries, the bulk of the inhabitants – this is, in fact, the Portuguese. The immigration flow to this country is not so significant as to the more developed states of Western Europe, for example, Germany or France. Nevertheless, in Portugal, a large number of citizens of the post-Soviet space, in particular, Ukrainians and Russians, live permanently.
To move to Portugal for a long period, that is more than 3-4 months, an alien must obtain a residence permit (residence permit). Of course, for this there must be sufficient grounds, for example, study, work, business, family reunification and other reasons. After living in Portugal for more than 6 years, it becomes possible to apply for Portuguese citizenship.
Benefits of residence permit in Portugal.
First, the country is part of the European Union, so the immigrant is provided with visa-free travel across the Schengen zone and many other countries of the world.
Secondly, the price-quality ratio for food, services and, in principle, everyday needs surpasses many EU countries.
Thirdly, Portugal is a beautiful country, with many places for tourism, exquisite cuisine and friendly residents.
For the sake of justice it is worth noting that there are also very unpleasant moments, especially for labor migrants. For example, the unemployment rate in Portugal in 2018 is about 8.5%, and among youth this figure reaches 25%. In addition, average salaries of 850 euros per month (after taxes) are much lower, even in comparison with neighboring Spain and Italy. However, the situation is gradually improving, investment is coming to the country and the standard of living of the population is increasing. Further, we learn how to obtain a residence permit in Portugal in 2018, consider the main ways and requirements for foreigners.
How to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.
The residence permit in Portugal is issued by the local Department of Immigration and Border Control (SEF). At first, a foreigner planning a long stay on Portuguese territory applies to the Portuguese diplomatic department in his country for a special visa – Residence Visa. This document will allow you to stay in the country for a maximum of six months. Within 4 months after the arrival you need to apply for residence permit.
The term for processing a visa can take several months, and a residence permit is issued for 1-2 weeks. Initially, the residence permit in Portugal is valid for up to one year, with the right to extend for a two-year period. After 5 years of residence in the country, it becomes possible to obtain permanent resident status, and a year later citizenship. Of course, for the design of residence permit must be specific reasons.
Residence permit in Portugal for the purpose of employment.
To obtain a residence permit in Portugal, foreign workers from third countries, for example, Russia and Ukraine, must first find a Portuguese employer and obtain a work permit. Due to the high level of unemployment and competition with both local residents and Europeans, this is not so easy.
After arriving in Portugal, you need to get a social security number and tax code. The employment contract must comply with local legislation, and the vacancy is confirmed by the Institute for Employment and Professional Training of Portugal. Initially, a work permit is issued for 6 months with the right to renew. Qualifications, Portuguese language skills and immigrant education will be critical to successful employment.
A separate category is the residence permit in Portugal for foreigners engaged in research activities in Portuguese state institutions, highly skilled workers and holders of the blue card of the EU (Blue Card EU).
Residence permit in Portugal for the purpose of training.
Receiving higher education in one of the universities of Portugal implies the design of residence permit. This will require confirmation from the educational institution of the enrollment of an alien and the ability of the student to cover the costs of study. Perhaps with a scholarship or a grant.
The officially established level of the cost of training in public Portuguese universities is at least 1.3 times the minimum wage in the country, that is, around 950-1250 euros per year. The training programs at the universities of Portugal are presented mainly in Portuguese.
Residence permit in Portugal for the purpose of doing business or investing.
Foreign businessmen are issued a residence permit if they register their own company in Portugal or conduct individual business activities. In the second case, with a high probability, confirmation of sufficient qualification and experience will be required.
Especially for foreign investors from third countries, since 2012, the immigration program “Golden Visa” (Golden Visa), which allows you to issue residence permit in Portugal, including when buying real estate. The minimum requirements for obtaining a residence permit are to stay in Portugal for at least 7 days in the first year and 14 days in subsequent periods. You must also do one of the following:
Invest in the local economy at least 1 million euros, the amount is reduced to:
500 thousand euros, in case of buying shares in local investment funds, which will contribute to the development of small and medium-sized businesses. 350 thousand euros, in case of investing in research and development. 250 thousand euros, in the case of investing in art.
The company creates at least 10 jobs for the local labor market.
Buy property worth at least 500 thousand euros. Under certain conditions, the amount is reduced to 350 thousand euros.
Residence permit in Portugal for the purpose of family reunification.
Close relatives can move to the owner of a residence permit in Portugal:
Spouses and partners. Underage children. Parents older than 65 years, as well as brothers, sisters and adult children, subject to dependency of an immigrant.
In each case, it will be necessary to provide evidence of sufficient living space for the residence in Portugal of all relatives and the financial security of the alien to cover daily expenses.
Documents for residence permit in Portugal.
Depending on the purpose of stay in Portugal, the list of documents for residence permit can be adjusted. Employees of the Portuguese Consulate or SEF will provide the necessary assistance in this matter. Officially, to obtain a residence permit in Portugal, an alien must be provided with:
A duly completed and signed application for a residence permit of a prescribed type. Valid foreign passport. Two color photos. Confirmation of the availability of sufficient means for living in Portugal. Documents proving the ownership of the residential area – in the property or lease. Certificate of absence of previous conviction. Documentary justification of the reason for the provision of residence permits – a certificate of enrollment in an institution of higher learning, a contract with an employer, company registration and so on. Other information if required. For example, a certificate of marriage, registration with social security agencies, information with tax, medical insurance.