Residence permit in Portugal (Golden Residence Permit)
The Government of Portugal since October 2012 simplified the algorithm for obtaining a residence permit for applicants willing to invest individually in the Portuguese economy. The program is designed for immigrants from states not included in the European Union. Since 2015, investors have been offered new options for placing capital, including additions to the most popular option & mdash; obtaining residence permit in Portugal when buying real estate.
Conditions and requirements for applicants for the residence permit of Portugal.
To obtain residence permit by means of investments, it is necessary to meet certain criteria. Applications are accepted only from persons who have reached the age of 18. Applicants can not be citizens of EU states. To get a residence permit in Portugal, the spouses and children of applicants have the right to claim. In order to be able to extend the residence permit, the applicant needs to save investments for 5 years.
How to get a residence permit in Portugal: ways of investing.
Despite the availability of options for obtaining residence permits by individual investors, most applicants choose a residence permit in Portugal when buying real estate.
The amount of investment varies from EUR 250,000 to EUR 1 million.
EUR 1 million & mdash; government securities or shares / bonds of Portuguese firms, deposit in a bank. EUR 500,000 & mdash; residential or commercial property. The program takes into account the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in Portugal through investing in real estate located in the regions of historical and cultural heritage and recreating the urban environment or built over 30 years ago (in the latter case, the minimum amount is EUR 350,000). EUR 350,000 & mdash; research in the scientific and cultural sphere. EUR 250,000 & mdash; art production in Portugal, funding projects to preserve the country’s natural heritage. EUR 500,000 & mdash; fund to help small businesses. Creation of jobs in Portugal (at least 30).
Residence permit in Portugal when buying a property.
The property available in Portugal is not a guarantee of the automatic issuance of a residence permit to its owner. Each candidate undergoes a serious security check. Then the applicant must make an advance to initiate the process and file a set of documents (see below) for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal through real estate.
Procedure for obtaining a residence permit.
In accordance with the rules of the Service for Foreigners and Borders (SEF), applications for a residence permit of Portugal applicants are submitted personally or through legal representatives (power of attorney is provided by Henley & Partners).
For registration of residence permit, the applicant must form a package of documents from:
valid passport; proof of legality of entry / stay in Portuguese territory (visa); medical insurance international standard, valid in Portugal; applications for verification of reliability (the result of such a check is the confirmation that the person applying for a residence permit in Portugal was not convicted, has no criminal history); a certificate on the absence of a criminal record (the document is issued by the authorized body of the country of origin or the country where the applicant has lived for at least a year); confirmation of investment activity; documents on the absence of debt, issued by the State Service of Tax and Customs Control of Portugal, the Social Insurance Department (this confirmation is required only if the applicant has organized at least 30 jobs); signed by the investor an affidavit on the fulfillment of the requirements for the minimum period of investment activity and the amount of the invested funds; receipt of payment of state duty.
The process of obtaining residence permits takes about 2 months.
The residence permit is valid for 1 year from the date of issue, twice consecutively extended for periods of 2 years (cumulatively 5 years).
Over the years, a resident must live in Portugal for at least 35 days: 7 & mdash; in the first year, at 14 & mdash; during the second and third. After 5 years it is allowed to apply for permanent residence without additional investment.
Henley & amp; Partners offers comprehensive support for the process of obtaining residence permit for those who plan to buy property in Portugal for the subsequent obtaining a residence permit for the program Golden Residence Permit. Real estate professionals Henley & amp; Partners will select investment objects that meet the criteria of the program in the most popular regions of Portugal.
Acquisition of Portuguese citizenship.
The program does not automatically receive citizenship. However, 6 years after the residence permit of Portugal and subject to the rules, the resident has the right to apply for citizenship. The basic requirements are knowledge of the Portuguese language and confirmation of residency & ndash; residence in the country during recent years with the status of permanent residence. When obtaining Portuguese citizenship, it is not required to refuse passports from other countries. With Portuguese citizenship, one can live and work in any state of the European Union. If the applicant does not meet the criteria for obtaining citizenship, he can extend the residence permit every two years.
Benefits of the program.
Low requirements for the duration of residence (for 5 years it is necessary only 35 days to stay in Portugal without the risk of losing the status of a resident). Visa-free visits to the states of the Schengen zone are allowed. The residence permit obtained through investment gives the right to apply for Portuguese citizenship.
Residence permit in Portugal.
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